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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTING

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Glamour, 243:however, works there; he becomes a conscious directing agent; he creates upon the physical planeGlamour, 250:with the power of direction, using the eyes as directing agencies. There are, as you have gatheredGlamour, 251:- in the majority of cases - a distributor of directing soul energy. The disciplined reorientedGlamour, 252:working through the higher triangle, becomes the directing agent, illusion is dispelled. The mindGlamour, 253:body into activity through the medium of the directing agencies in the head and through the centersGlamour, 257:so intensely preoccupied with the process of directing breathing and so expectant of someGlamour, 264:the ring-pass-not of the three worlds, the directing energy produces results as outlined in thisGlamour, 270:dissipating potency of distributed light and the directing power of light energy. Only fiveHealing, 96:to the physical brain and there becomes a directing agent of the life force, you will usually haveHealing, 96:thought alone and unaided. Thought can be the directing agency of forces and energies which canHealing, 121:upon and through the nervous system, via the directing brain. Those which are related to theHealing, 122:soul control and monadic direction, the major directing agent, via the brain, is the vagus nerve,Healing, 125:those around him, but he remains impersonal, a directing agency only and an understanding soul.Healing, 159:to the plan, the ajna center becomes the directing agent or the distributor of the blended energiesHealing, 160:will work in synthesis, governing and directing the whole man. As the pineal gland is returned toHealing, 165:we have the analogy to the spirit aspect the directing will, the monad, the One. The brain with itsHealing, 172:forces, when highly developed) is a great directing and distributing agent, so the solar plexusHealing, 182:the medium of the third aspect, but under the directing will of the first aspect. It is the centerHealing, 187:only to the energy of the head center and the directing will, centered in the 1000-petalled lotus.Healing, 190:to be found in the three major interlocking, directing systems. [191] You have, therefore, threeHealing, 215:disciple is consciously active in the work of directing the energies to the centers and therebyHealing, 219:system. This will necessarily involve the right directing of thought to a center, or the withdrawalHealing, 284:basis for the two fundamental methods used in directing energy in diseased areas. They produce, inHealing, 287:point of concentrated attention becomes the directing agent for the healing force or prana. ThisHealing, 370:modes of dispersing a disease. The power of directing definitely the magnetic currents radiatingHealing, 474:body. They are the agents par excellence of the directing impulses of the soul, reacting to theHealing, 474:counterpart of the brain. They respond to the directing Word, react to the "pull" of the soul, andHealing, 475:around that door for the final "pull" of the directing soul. All has been proceeding under the LawHealing, 527:of his equipment, using the hands as a directing agent. In this way the disease can be healed,Healing, 554:and the man is not in the habit of consciously directing energy to the center and the area itHealing, 554:work, focused as a soul in his head center, but directing the needed energy and controlling theHealing, 557:subtle constitution of man and of the methods of directing energies from one point and location toHealing, 559:of consciousness, but consciousness is ever the directing factor in every expression of theHealing, 571:energy of the lower mind. In between these two directing eyes is to be found the ajna center, whichHealing, 571:the ajna center, which is like a third eye or directing agent for the blended and fused energies ofHealing, 571:manasic energy. The ajna center - focusing and directing point for all these energies. [572] In theHealing, 581:the healer can then use the ajna center as the directing agent for this "dispelling radiance." ItHealing, 582:of creative vitalizing and finally of creative directing. In these three words: placing,Healing, 582:In these three words: placing, vitalizing, directing, you have the results indicated as to whatHealing, 582:this healing exercise of placing, vitalizing and directing becomes an almost instantaneous andHealing, 598:in the evolutionary cycle - he is insistent upon directing. There is also a secret meaning hereHealing, 603:as he channels energy into some center, prior to directing it to a center in the patient's body,Healing, 627:approach, but by the much more prosaic method of directing streams of energy, via certain centers,Healing, 631:sphere of influence of some greater thinking, directing energy. The healer's faith and theHealing, 698:and will hold the energy there because it is the directing agency. He will endeavor to gather intoHercules, 22:of the spiritual will and to use it in the directing of his life. He experienced the workings ofHercules, 131:legs is a symbolic representation of the soul directing the ungainly body. This relationship inInitiation, 30:head centers to the body corporate. They are the directing agents and the transmitters of theInitiation, 38:the head of affairs, controlling each unit and directing all evolution, stands the KING, the LordInitiation, 43:crust, of raising and lowering continents, of directing the minds of statesmen everywhere so thatInitiation, 60:throughout the world, [60] transmuting and directing, and the present rising tide of democracy hasInitiation, 60:and the present rising tide of democracy has his directing hand upon it. Out of the democraticInitiation, 72:center, and his is the responsibility [72] of directing the energy which may pour through him intoInitiation, 113:hearing, or through attention to the inner voice directing and controlling, and called the "voiceIntellect, 157:method from that of the mystic. His is the directing of the intellect to the object of its search;Intellect, 163:the brain, and the soul in its turn, guiding and directing the mind through the intuition, andMagic, 18:or elaborated. They serve simply as sign posts, directing man along the path whereon future signMagic, 43:we have the analogy to the spirit aspect, the directing will, the monad, the One: [44] The brainMagic, 159:which he is ensouling with his own vitality and directing with his will. The time has come for thatMagic, 193:centers in these cases, but because there is no directing intelligence it will run riot and we thenMagic, 268:detached from it, and acting solely as the directing agents. Learn to work on the plane of mind.Magic, 310:then again be relegated to its old function as a directing agent of the purely instinctual animalMagic, 496:rational entity, self-conscious and [496] self-directing; he is aware in varying degree of theMagic, 518:work. In them he consciously uses energy, directing it as he sees fit; in them, he consciouslyMagic, 571:at any given time have undertaken the work of directing, by the power of their thought, the forcesMagic, 572:which will enable him to further the work of the directing agencies. Meditation, 112:brain or mental activity is to the body, - the directing organizing factor, the instrument of theMeditation, 201:who work under the Manu, manipulating nations, directing their attention to government andPatanjali, 311:do without food indefinitely, whilst through directing energy to that portion of the great nerve inProblems, 146:human relations and as they become known as the directing Agents of [147] God's will; He will comeProblems, 180:recognize these principles as their personal directing ideal, and who will endeavor to apply themPsychology1, 46:Himself, and hence colors all manifested forms, directing all consciousness in all forms in allPsychology1, 133:the application of the Finger of God in its directing and forceful work, we have the cyclicPsychology1, 255:directed, controlled thought, controlling and directing the animal consciousness. It is not donePsychology1, 421:cycle, the two rays of Power and Love are directing their energies to Vulcan and Jupiter, whilstPsychology2, 66:stage of control known as Samadhi. 8. When the directing Agent in the head, deliberately and by anPsychology2, 85:the adaptation of the laws governing matter and directing material energy to the service and thePsychology2, 233:is intelligent self-consciousness, guiding and directing the activity of the integratedPsychology2, 341:pass up and down through the centers from the directing center in the head. Whilst this process ofPsychology2, 351:becoming slightly responsive to the soul, the directing Intelligence. Psychology2, 420:in the brain) and thus controlling the body, directing its activities and expressing itself throughPsychology2, 434:conditioned by the centers. The solar plexus, directing and controlling certain aspects of thePsychology2, 439:an increasing tendency to leave people to the directing purpose and guidance of their own souls,Psychology2, 479:effort be directed to focusing his attention and directing his interest upon the physical plane orPsychology2, 479:the physical plane or the mental plane, thus directing it away from the intermediate plane.Psychology2, 488:guidance" and an understanding of the possible directing agencies to which the poor and ignorantPsychology2, 581:being and the brain must become the seat of the directing agency in its place. Speaking againPsychology2, 597:back and driven out of the physical body by the directing power of the mystic's thought. Christ,Psychology2, 612:the pituitary body and the pineal gland) are the directing agents for all the activities of the manPsychology2, 620:proceed upon its way and live its life as a self-directing agent even when the leader passes overPsychology2, 701:and it has known that the soul is the directing factor; some dim idea of the goal and of thePsychology2, 737:general trend of the evolutionary urge; they are directing world force into the desired channelsRaysFrom this central position the real man, the directing agency will direct and guide all hisRays, 40:they essentially are, and he knows that - as directing agencies and as transitory gods - they noRays, 66:the consciousness of the planetary Logos. The directing mind of the initiate indicates within theRays, 103:to create that form), the Life, the Breath, the directing energizing Will. It is the will that, inRays, 179:factors" in manifestation, organizing substance, directing the multiplicity of lives and beings whoRays, 192:but the light was there and likewise the two directing eyes. But only one can use, project and sendRays, 245:when the Hierarchy will again be exoterically directing the Plan upon the earth and aiding mankindRays, 270:consideration: The ajna center, embodying the directing energy of that body of activity which we
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