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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTION

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Astrology, 21:(slowly and laboriously) to work in the opposite direction. He then passes through the signs fromAstrology, 89:at this stage not only rotates in a specific direction, but literally turns upon itself, forming aAstrology, 103:however, to be determined in every case, is the direction in which the man is progressing aroundAstrology, 105:also be dealt with in two ways, according to the direction in which man is traveling upon the wheelAstrology, 106:of the period wherein the soul changes its direction, its purpose and its method, and finallyAstrology, 108:he passes again into Pisces, from the opposite direction to his usual procedure, having earned theAstrology, 140:and are the result of "right and conscious direction" of the emanating center, the soul, then theAstrology, 146:Crosses, which involves first, mutation, then direction, and finally initiation. Increasingly,Astrology, 175:The keynote of the Archer is aspiration and direction, and both are expressions of human goals butAstrology, 182:Interplay. Sagittarius - Ambitious desire. Direction. Orientation. Virgo - Material life. TheAstrology, 184:not in any case be negative lives or lacking in direction, event or purpose. This is particularlyAstrology, 185:into harmony. The definite pattern and direction of this process has to take form upon the MutableAstrology, 190:one of the major underlying themes is that of Direction. The Archer is guiding his horse towardsAstrology, 190:is aiming at some specific goal. This sense of direction or guidance is characteristic of theAstrology, 190:recognition; when this faculty of sensitive direction is rightly developed it becomes, in the earlyAstrology, 190:and this is, in the last analysis, the ordered direction of God's thought. There is no trueAstrology, 190:direction of God's thought. There is no true direction apart from thought, and I would have youAstrology, 190:they can achieve no real comprehension of the direction of God's Plan unless they work with a phaseAstrology, 190:own lives which is subject to their own mental direction. Then and only then, can they understand.Astrology, 195:Pole star which is at this time a major "star of direction." Direction, will, purpose and plan areAstrology, 195:is at this time a major "star of direction." Direction, will, purpose and plan are all connectedAstrology, 196:to make its presence felt and a sense of right direction or guidance is registered by the discipleAstrology, 197:You have therefore: Polaris - The Star of Direction - governing Shamballa. Later, another Pole StarAstrology, 202:and the processes of stabilization and right direction, we must precede the Capricornian experienceAstrology, 220:which is not the Self) is turned in the reverse direction and the urge towards liberation and theAstrology, 229:The "scales tip back and forth" in either direction or - as it is sometimes expressed - man swingsAstrology, 232:and the consequent tipping of the Scales in one direction or another until either desire orAstrology, 233:self-directed in conduct and attitude. This self-direction may lead them in either direction uponAstrology, 233:This self-direction may lead them in either direction upon the wheel of life, following eitherAstrology, 235:will tip the scales in the desired and desirable direction. Of this there is no question of doubt;Astrology, 265:of Balance. The emergence of the sense of self-direction and equilibrium. It is the point ofAstrology, 278:- Test - Trial - Fixed Cross. Sagittarius - Direction - Mutable Cross. Aquarius - Service - FixedAstrology, 283:aspect in another way or in the reverse direction. The disciple enters the sign under the influenceAstrology, 289:truly developed self-conscious man not only is direction, purpose and plan present, but also aAstrology, 297:the center in the initiate's body through which direction and control come. Astrology, 317:signs is most interesting in one particular direction. You have, as you know, the Crab, theAstrology, 328:rapidly coming about) there will be a shift of direction and force to that major ray, the secondAstrology, 339:and through the signs of the zodiac is in the direction of form expression that the result of theAstrology, 354:When there is facility of mental approach in any direction and in connection with the manyAstrology, 365:aspects of struggle: unconscious and under the direction of the form; and conscious, or under theAstrology, 365:of the form; and conscious, or under the direction of the soul. There is also the harmonizing ofAstrology, 371:The great triplicity of desire - aspiration - direction (will) are only three words which endeavorAstrology, 388:is the energy of the soul expressing itself as direction, progress, and conformity to the Plan.Astrology, 390:inner man reorients and assumes an unchangeable direction. You might here ask why I deal here withAstrology, 396:and alterations in character, quality and direction take place. It is a dangerous sign because theAstrology, 398:throat and sacral centers; to show that right direction has been achieved and that there is noAstrology, 408:unattainable. When the orientation and "pointed direction" of the Earth's pole has again beenAstrology, 482:parlance. This Pointer is a "major star of direction" because through it (in this world cycle)Astrology, 483:They produce, in humanity, conscious evolution, direction and the founding of Shamballa upon theAstrology, 495:- the liberation of the initiate. II Sagittarius Direction expression of the intuition. CancerAstrology, 497:astrologer to indicate soul possibility and direction, versus the personality opportunity, offeredAstrology, 541:tremendous demand upon the world thinkers for direction and guidance. Thus the nebulous structureAstrology, 554:Cross is becoming increasingly aware of its direction and influences and does not respond asAstrology, 554:Cross. He does not "mount this Cross of Right Direction" in a technical sense until he has attainedAstrology, 559:of responsibility, self-awareness and right direction. His orientation is now "the spirituallyAtom, 6:we can define them, that we can point in the direction in which mystery lies, and that the light ofAtom, 70:it is apparent to us that there is purpose and direction underlying everything, [71] when weAtom, 152:or trend, of certain stars is in a specific direction; others argue that the distances are so vastAutobiography, 1:out in this story is the fact of this inner direction of world affairs and to familiarize moreAutobiography, 88:I felt a traitor. My heart was pulling me in one direction and my head was saying most emphaticallyAutobiography, 89:Master is a busy executive and His job is world direction. He never runs around talking sweetAutobiography, 185:army officers, who have given them no sense of direction, no sense of responsibility and no trueAutobiography, 231:them the Masters of the Wisdom, under the direction of the Christ, are working out gigantic plansAutobiography, 234:for we shall sit down together under the loving direction of Christ when brotherhood will beAutobiography, 234:justice and kindness prevail on earth. Under the direction of the world disciples and their helpersAutobiography, 246:groups which claimed to be working under Their direction. They were made responsible for theAutobiography, 262:They work in the planetary Hierarchy under the direction of the Christ - has been widely presented,Autobiography, 272:wisdom and will not take the form of concrete direction, commands and orders or the shifting ofAutobiography, 274:disciples. Their influence penetrates in every direction, disrupting and disturbing the old schoolsBethlehem, 3:development is a trend in the counter direction, and materialistic philosophies and doctrines ofBethlehem, 90:in that term - coherency, integration, position, direction and the rhythmic running of our solarBethlehem, 165:the first time, what lay ahead of Him, and the direction in which His service to the world wasBethlehem, 205:his development he places his love in the wrong direction, and turning his back on the love of God,Bethlehem, 250:of the elements of nature, and the undeviating direction of His purpose, that led Christ from pointBethlehem, 254:and the immediate result is chaos. But the new direction is assured, and nothing car arrest theBethlehem, 265:yet all the time the guidance, leadership and direction have been given them. Christ blazed theDestiny, 11:God for the planet and for humanity assume right direction and proportion. In this way, the newDestiny, 28:These mediums will, however, only be used under direction, after careful training and only twice aDestiny, 78:"grounds the first ray" and leads to the power direction which is given them. Ray 2. - Love-wisdom,Destiny, 107:clearly their objectives, but differing in their direction and their emphasis. One group, under theDestiny, 120:turned to the Plan, to the use of the will in direction and guidance, and to the nature of dynamicDestiny, 125:yet understood though some steps in the right direction are being taken. There must eventually be aDestiny, 128:disciple has to learn is the nature, control and direction of energy; he does this by working withDestiny, 128:to work automatically and dynamically under soul direction. Discipleship1, 34:which are forming in the world today, under direction of the Masters. They will gradually makeDiscipleship1, 36:with thought matter and with the reception and direction of thought currents. They are also workingDiscipleship1, 56:may be temporarily so strong in some one direction that he may lose sight for a moment of theDiscipleship1, 61:the various groups which may be working under my direction to attend to their own individual groupDiscipleship1, 65:it is the impression of ideas and not imposed direction which is the group ideal - a very differentDiscipleship1, 67:then - as a group - proceed with the stage of direction. Having carefully in mind the person to beDiscipleship1, 89:process which is the first step towards the direction of energy. The visualizing of pictures isDiscipleship1, 90:an act of the will at this time) in any desired direction - that is, to certain centers in aDiscipleship1, 90:in a certain order. This process of energy direction can become a spiritual habit if disciplesDiscipleship1, 90:of focalization. A process of distribution or direction. The disciple learns to do this withinDiscipleship1, 91:the thought energy of the mind gives life and direction to this form. It embodies purpose. TherebyDiscipleship1, 101:for channels and for those who will work under direction upon the earth can call forth all that youDiscipleship1, 129:directions. These you know and follow the true direction instinctively even if at times you chooseDiscipleship1, 131:one, however. It is this that has led you in our direction and has enabled you to link up withDiscipleship1, 209:vehicles, the personality note or the direction of the soul, producing impression in varyingDiscipleship1, 237:See to it that steady progress is made in that direction. With an aspirant as tried and focused as
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