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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTION

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Fire, 397:force of a Heavenly Man directed in a certain direction. These "shaktis" are as follows: ParashaktiFire, 401:forms (built up of active matter) in a specific direction, and along certain destined paths. It isFire, 492:The next step ahead for science lies in this direction, and should concern the potential force ofFire, 548:force factors, and this is a step in the right direction. Approaching the same question from theFire, 558:centers will correspondingly be seen to vary in direction; He will withdraw force from certain ofFire, 562:reveals: By its color, By its vibration, By its direction, By its keynote, the nature of the innerFire, 566:they are capable of purpose, of coordination, of direction and control. Even though it may seemFire, 617:evolutionary process and in the work of force direction, a relationship to his physical bodyFire, 649:our three worlds of human endeavor. The direction of the force lies here, and not until the nextFire, 649:point of equilibrium for Him be reached, and the direction of the serpent fire be directed higher.Fire, 726:that it grips afresh its egoic expression in one direction, and awakens to planetary realization inFire, 733:merely as a transference of force from one direction into another. Though the unit may beFire, 746:or liberation from form. Creative power. Direction of energy, through an act of the will. FutureFire, 774:stage very little turning of egoic energy in the direction of the Monad, for it has not yetFire, 776:reached a very definite stage in evolution. The direction of force, and its application to theFire, 789:therefore, pile up according to the energy direction around and within the etheric sheath till itFire, 790:is reached. In the one case, through right direction of force, the etheric web no longer forms aFire, 790:also is eventually destroyed through the right direction of force. We will not here take up theFire, 791:of physical man is the result of the fivefold direction of force currents from five centers. ItFire, 791:of his sheaths, and to a close attention to the direction in which his force or energy is turned.Fire, 809:of progress) are yet tending in a wrong direction, may prove disastrous to the higher developmentFire, 809:and social endeavor will take a new and better direction. These facts might be summed up in theFire, 813:lives which he ensouls. This will produce a just direction of individual force, and its utilizationFire, 825:manifestation and the line of love in some direction (low, high, or spiritual) is the line of leastFire, 831:results, and expenditure of energy in any one direction will necessitate an equal expenditure in anFire, 848:and which will serve as indications as to the direction in which the solution of these problems mayFire, 867:is organized. Thus he is brought, through right direction of energy and wise manipulation of forceFire, 868:statements, containing: Hints as to the right direction of the energy, Suggestions as to the basicFire, 871:third tier is being opened come under the energy direction of the Manu, with the two other types ofFire, 892:the aid of living manipulators, acting under the direction of intelligent architects. It willFire, 900:interpreted. The cessation of desire. The direction of fire to the throat center instead of to theFire, 908:This fire owing to its present activity, and the direction of that activity, is responsible for theFire, 930:who are the lesser builders, and who, under direction from the greater builders, form the ethericFire, 942:The "builders" of the human body work under the direction of one of the Lords of Karma from theFire, 951:of the manipulation of mental matter and its direction into forms of some kind or another emanatesFire, 951:process of feeding the dreaded "Dweller." This direction of energy follows the line of leastFire, 952:that one of his main responsibilities is the direction of energy currents from the mental plane,Fire, 954:and thinkers of the human family, under the direction of the Lodge, are engaged in three things:Fire, 955:and workers, of the power of thought; of the direction of thought currents, of the science ofFire, 964:to absorb their vitality and deflect the direction of their vitality, until the three higher wheelsFire, 987:with others, and is himself under the direction of certain group Heads.. For instance, the BrothersFire, 1007:law. When the eye is open, force streams forth, direction is assured, fulfilment is certain, andFire, 1020:longer drives the lesser lives in any specific direction, and the final cycle of work upon theFire, 1053:but the obedient servant of the man's imposing direction; yet within limits man is the controllerFire, 1084:viewing them as a whole, are impelled in one direction. The old Commentary expresses this obscureFire, 1118:revolves around the Jewel, only in a contrary direction to the rapidly circulating outer lotus. TheFire, 1150:Second, to work out some piece of service under direction of his Master. This will involve someFire, 1156:three are not considered as subjects for the direction of egoic energy. They relate to theFire, 1183:directions, and in the knowledge of occult direction comes knowledge of the various hierarchies ofFire, 1229:thought-form, - those of an emanating sound and direction, and that which is [1231] the result ofFire, 1262:system steadily equilibrized in one specific direction. Their main characteristic or attribute mayFire, 1262:attribute may be described as a sense of cosmic direction. The source of energy to which theyFire, 1264:V. THE RAY PATH Attributes - A sense of cosmic direction. Source - The Pole Star via Aquarius.Fire, 1277:side of the scales. * * * These Words of high direction issue from that which lieth upon the... ofGlamour, 6:to destroy, as they build, through a wrong direction of energy, through over-emphasis of energy inGlamour, 6:over-emphasis of energy in some particular direction, or through misuse of energy in work withGlamour, 14:begin to think clearly about them and to see the direction in which they lead you and where, withinGlamour, 28:where the particular tendency in this direction of each of you lies, and whether it is glamor,Glamour, 31:glamor and occasionally sees in a flash in what direction truth for him may lie. But then again theGlamour, 42:the New Group of World Servers, acting under the direction of Christ and His disciples,Glamour, 62:Problem - The Nature of Glamor 4. Through wrong Direction of Ideas. This is due to the fact that,Glamour, 62:misapplication, leading to a wrong use or wrong direction of the idea. Its cause is a small andGlamour, 65:The way of wrong appropriation. The way of wrong direction. The way of wrong integration. The wayGlamour, 86:prana, until such time as there is a definite direction and a higher control - either throughGlamour, 89:training of the body and the organized physical direction of the youth of the world today in allGlamour, 89:hard truth, my brothers? Humanity is under right direction, e'en if (during a brief interlude) theyGlamour, 89:coordination. Astral orientation. Mental direction. Personality alignment. These are all attemptsGlamour, 90:orientation Vegetable kingdom Glamor. 3. Mental direction Animal kingdom Illusion. 4. PersonalityGlamour, 97:and a determination to travel in a specific direction. There follows the resolution (note this wordGlamour, 98:of battle. All his sense of at-one-ment, of direction, of sure and oft-times smug satisfactionGlamour, 98:such groups should work, as a group and under direction of their Master, in piercing the worldGlamour, 98:I will give indication of their tendency in that direction in their personal instructions. TheGlamour, 151:the eye of vision; likewise they own the right direction of the needed force. They see the glamorGlamour, 162:is therefore simpler and, because of this, world direction lies largely in their hands at thisGlamour, 190:the Creator, from advantage point of exterior direction - energy, force and forces are directedGlamour, 204:is intended should be dissipated. The stage of direction. This involves the steady pouring of theGlamour, 204:steady pouring of the light (under intelligent direction) into the dark places of the astral plane,Glamour, 210:man then turns this blended light, under soul direction, upon the world of glamor and upon theGlamour, 216:a searchlight, ready to be turned in the needed direction. The recognition of two aspects ofGlamour, 233:it is intended to do. This is called the Act of Direction. 6. Then follows a pause for a fewGlamour, 239:The Act of Focusing the Lights. The Act of Direction. [240] The Act of Invoking the Will. The ActGlamour, 244:brings glamor to an end; the cessation of divine direction brings death to the physical world. AllGlamour, 247:be motivated and spurred into activity under the direction of the spiritual Hierarchy? Such areGlamour, 247:swept into activity by the breath, under the direction of the inner eye and controlled by theGlamour, 247:be thus used? What forces must be brought under direction? In what manner can they be controlled?Glamour, 250:then he can begin to work with the power of direction, using the eyes as directing agencies. ThereGlamour, 250:in your studies, three eyes of vision and direction at the disposal of the disciple. The inner eye,Glamour, 250:forth into the world of men and through which direction of the personality takes place. The rightGlamour, 251:in the etheric body are brought under clear direction, become the recipients of the establishedGlamour, 251:Next comes what we have called the stage of direction. The soul or the integrated personality is inGlamour, 252:soul and as an integrated personality, assumes direction of his life expression, maya or the worldGlamour, 253:force agents. The two "triangles of vision and direction" in the head reach a stage of organizationGlamour, 256:and successfully employ this form of life direction and reach effective results. This isHealing, 17:active, and this is a great step in the right direction. The tendency to combine psychology withHealing, 43:the process of thus definitely changing the direction of the forces is going on and producing,Healing, 50:Will Monadic 2. Ajna Center 7th Organization Direction Atmic 3. Heart Center 2nd Love-Wisdom GroupHealing, 51:Gastritis. Liver trouble. Aspiration. Right direction. Seventh ray. Organization. Base of the spineHealing, 78:guide the open minded investigator in the right direction. Before passing on to the considerationHealing, 111:expressed) "let the soul's eye turn in another direction" and, in this present cycle, disease andHealing, 122:there is complete soul control and monadic direction, the major directing agent, via the brain, is
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