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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTION

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Rays, 691:between the two eyes, signifying the twofold direction of the life energy of the initiate - outwardRays, 691:divine Life and Source of all Being. Where the direction of the energy is consciously undertakenRays, 691:for he knows that the mind is the agent of direction; he endeavors to concentrate within himself soRays, 691:and his circumstances. They are: Integration, Direction, Science. His task - as he faces it afterRays, 691:his major ashramic service. His keynote is right direction as the result of right reaction toRays, 691:of his own soul. Both integration and direction, he discovers, require [692] understanding ofRays, 698:a control which is related to normal and proper direction from the throat center and to theRays, 710:individual is linked with and comes under the direction of the Spiritual Triad. At the fourthRays, 717:in the revelation of divine intention and in the direction of the thinking and the planning done inRays, 734:any part of our solar system and are under the direction of the Solar Logos. The Avatar ofRays, 767:to upright positiveness. In the secret of direction lies the hidden wisdom; in the doctrine ofReappearance, 20:groups, are working at this time under direction, are closely related and their activities mostReappearance, 45:Earth is so potent and so in line with divine direction, in time and space, that the end isReappearance, 49:moves, already made by the Hierarchy under His direction, are the guarantee that He will come andReappearance, 73:use certain great Words of Power or "Stanzas of Direction" is never lightly accorded. The decisionReappearance, 73:of God are gathering momentum and assuming direction through the agency of the Masters of theReappearance, 95:of World Servers are also standing attentive to direction in every country in the world, united inReappearance, 152:appeal of the other two groups, giving it right direction and power. All these three groups are,Reappearance, 165:that steps have been successfully taken in the direction of right human relations. It is alongReappearance, 173:indeed. All of this has been a step in the right direction and an expression of the divineReappearance, 183:make their presence felt in the world, under the direction of the Christ in Visible Presence? SuchSoul, 111:energy is distributed along subtle lines of direction. These lines are called "nadis" and areSoul, 114:ordinary material nerves, but subtler lines of direction along which the vital forces go. TheSoul, 134:the structure can then be regarded as ready for direction by the soul. The above stages must beSoul, 139:processes. As man evolves, however, the direction of the force changes. We have seen that the forceSoul, 148:the nature of telepathy are tending in the right direction, but this technique of telepathy is asSoul, 157:seem to substantiate this position. This is one direction in which investigation and use of theTelepathy, 50:to a mental thought-form) and its subsequent direction, as an ideal objective, into the world ofTelepathy, 58:so, unless there is a planned reason and direction intended. We respond similarly and asTelepathy, 87:thought-form vitalization and thought-form direction; and only a disciple who has passed throughTelepathy, 91:of the divine will and are entrusted with the direction of energies, with the plan and with theTelepathy, 99:from each [99] substantial vehicle in every direction. This is a point which should be mostTelepathy, 99:is stronger than the mental body and its mental direction. The stage wherein the mental vehicleTelepathy, 149:nature and some in another; some come from one direction and some from a different one, but all areTelepathy, 150:as the aeons pass away, according to the direction or the source from which it comes. The directingTelepathy, 156:self-will, selfishness, separateness and the direction and trend of the life upon the physicalTelepathy, 172:which energy can be distributed, under skilled direction, in order to make a needed impact uponTelepathy, 188:though men are beginning to work outward in the direction of the subhuman kingdoms and to attractTelepathy, 193:the essential purpose of Shamballa and under the direction of the Hierarchy.
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