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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTIONS

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Astrology, 102:have - after the turning of the wheel in two directions - brought release in Capricorn and producedAstrology, 109:upon the man as he progresses in one of two directions. The Nature of the Cross upon which the manAstrology, 268:of energies, coming to him from many angles and directions, and hence the difficulties of the manAstrology, 369:them, they cover the wheel as it turns in both directions. You will note how two out of theAutobiography, 222:is what we did whilst she went off in different directions. I never took the girls to see galleriesBethlehem, 274:lines of contact are clearly delineated in both directions: he is interested not in himself, but inDestiny, 25:exception, or it is being guided in right directions (and this again without exception) by theDiscipleship1, 9:will have to hasten their progress in certain directions and others will have to slow down theirsDiscipleship1, 24:to other workers. This will work out in three directions: In a demonstrated ability to be inDiscipleship1, 67:wise desire to serve and - in obedience to my directions. Time and again, it may return to you forDiscipleship1, 77:vantage point. Upon your blindness in certain directions, I shall seek to throw a light. I shallDiscipleship1, 129:not to tell you your faults or to give you many directions. These you know and follow the trueDiscipleship1, 286:The energy of the man [286] is flowing in two directions. What is needed is the realization that -Discipleship1, 295:you so that you are ever aware of contact in two directions: you are aware of the inner subjectiveDiscipleship1, 332:enables her to cast the light of the mind in two directions. She is largely an expression of theDiscipleship1, 349:and why? "Occult abstraction" takes place in two directions in connection with a patient. What areDiscipleship1, 349:in connection with a patient. What are these two directions? And what is abstracted? Do you believeDiscipleship1, 383:You have sought with diligence to follow my directions and I think you realize that much has beenDiscipleship1, 490:or the "moving lotus," contacting life in all directions and radiating [491] out from a focusedDiscipleship1, 558:which is not so good, and love steadily in both directions. As yet, you love not where youDiscipleship1, 574:effect, producing a release of energy in various directions where it can best be of service.Discipleship1, 636:mind, so that you are caught by glamor in two directions. Your brain being also an expression ofDiscipleship1, 712:of group response. This means response in two directions: To sensed human need, leadingDiscipleship1, 760:said privilege - to direct force in specific directions. When their status is not that, their taskDiscipleship2, 61:strengthened and there is freer access in both directions, there will clearly emerge theDiscipleship2, 95:must necessarily connote self-sacrifice in both directions. Do you want or deem it appropriate toDiscipleship2, 187:of your meditation technique in these two directions. Your entire meditation work is too concrete.Discipleship2, 264:within and that from that point you look in two directions: outward at the personality upon theDiscipleship2, 297:the entire, towards totality. For all these four directions (of which north, south, east and westDiscipleship2, 320:that world that he must begin now to work in two directions in time and space, for the world ofDiscipleship2, 334:and consistent and enduring effort from both directions - soul and personality (and this is anDiscipleship2, 396:make an impact upon him from many and varying directions. He has to learn which energies should beDiscipleship2, 486:to see that your relationship was right in two directions: towards the Ashram and towards yourDiscipleship2, 487:of the three types of work - expressed in two directions: the stabilizing of that expressionDiscipleship2, 487:if you released it whenever possible and in all directions, you would be surprised at the result.Discipleship2, 490:or upward towards the soul. These three directions form a triangle of projected sensitivity. ThenDiscipleship2, 490:Then sound the OM three times, bearing these directions in mind. Take then the word Contact intoDiscipleship2, 490:work will make your life fruitful in all three directions: Then again sound the OM and attempt toDiscipleship2, 545:out and then carry forward right action in two directions: on the mental plane for guidance andDiscipleship2, 590:there. Then look forth imaginatively in three directions: Upward to the world of the soul, to theDiscipleship2, 646:ray mental equipment. Hence the balancing in two directions and hence also the general trend ofDiscipleship2, 694:the [694] emotion, expressed in many and varied directions. Emotional abstraction is the hardestDiscipleship2, 714:results. Why is this? The answer lies in two directions: Your over-active mind flits from this toDiscipleship2, 756:you. You have made steady progress in all directions but have reached a point which it is necessaryEducation, 10:[10] Every child should be studied in three directions. First, to ascertain the natural trend ofEducation, 10:all children will be studied in the following directions. 1. Astrologically, to determine the lifeEducation, 16:we shall make but little progress in right directions and all interim activity will be inadequateEducation, 81:and of abstract truth. Knowledge comes from two directions. It is the result of the intelligent useExternalisation, 561:that aspect of His life is invocative in two directions: towards Shamballa and towards Humanity; toExternalisation, 626:revalued and its usefulness channeled into new directions. The voice [627] of the people mustExternalisation, 662:The stimulation of that activity comes from two directions: necessarily from Shamballa, from theFire, 55:This central point of heat radiates in all directions, using the spinal column as its main artery,Fire, 156:Force flows into the solar system from three directions via three channels: The sun Sirius, TheFire, 160:matter and the penetration of the fire in four directions, its threefold radiation being symbolizedFire, 161:only from the periphery to the center in four directions, but gradually circulating and radiatingFire, 171:brightly, and to cast off rays of fire in two directions, which appear to split the vortex intoFire, 312:and Motion, from which the latter pulsate in all directions, feeding the smallest atom as theFire, 711:he is a king whose car can travel in ten directions, or taking the occult microcosmic sense, he isFire, 711:and perception that connect it with the ten directions. You are thoroughly familiar with the ideaFire, 711:you get ten gates corresponding to the ten directions. The word "Dasaratha" indicates theFire, 843:any more "bud lotuses" the effect was dual, in directions other than the human or the animal. ItFire, 845:kingdom in nature. Transference in one of three directions: To the line of the solar Pitris. ToFire, 887:the greater Builders are forced into different directions in space, being built into the differingFire, 975:originates in the solar plexus, and works in two directions, either via the organs of generation,Fire, 1014:gathers the needed material and energy from all directions and builds it into the necessary astralFire, 1116:plus a definite stimulation of power in two directions. One stimulating influence comes from theFire, 1125:the strictly mahatic. When on that Path two directions are possible to him; one will keep him inFire, 1183:phenomena. These streams pass in different directions, and in the knowledge of occult directionFire, 1217:old book: "This repulsive force drives in seven directions, and forces all that it contacts back toFire, 1221:the angel with the flaming sword turning in all directions. This symbolism is held true in theFire, 1260:wheels revolving at a great pace in opposite directions, and producing a unified whole. TheseGlamour, 2:the soul, on its own level, is reaching in two directions: towards [3] the Monad, and towards theGlamour, 62:starts to work with the idea, distributing it in directions where it is entirely useless; he beginsGlamour, 144:the beams of which can be turned in many directions and focused on many levels. We are however onlyGlamour, 155:Dweller or the personality is then urged in two directions: one, towards the pursuit of personalHealing, 73:the dense vehicle, are emanations from three directions (if I may use such a term): [74] From theHealing, 79:or ill health. The connection is poor in certain directions or aspects of the equipment. ThroughHealing, 81:life pulsates. Quickened, alive, alert in two directions; the two small doors are open wide.Healing, 334:disciple's interest and his service lie in other directions. There are later incarnations whereHealing, 467:a focusing or a polarization in one of two directions; it resembles what might be regarded as aHercules, 13:consciously in progress. The man is torn in two directions. Habit entices him to identify himselfHercules, 31:a son of God. This energy streams forth in two directions (thus the point becomes the line, the OneIntellect, 7:an instrument which we are able to use in two directions. One direction is outward. The mind, inIntellect, 86:the fact of the mind, its relation in the two directions (to the soul on the one hand and to theIntellect, 144:opposite but [144] really complementary directions... On the one hand he is intensely aware of, andIntellect, 210:from that of spirit. He is mental in two directions, and the mind becomes a cohering, unifyingIntellect, 221:physical and the psychical, he is torn in two directions, and gets no peace. Physical sounds andIntellect, 260:and interest should be cultivated in other directions than the line of least resistance - sex.Magic, 26:them and which they manipulate and use) in two directions therefore, standing as they do in theMagic, 65:the law of rhythm. If you are vibrating in many directions and registering thoughts from all sides,Magic, 90:and - after the later initiations - in all directions. We will now, in our consideration of theMagic, 207:effects. They produce results [207] in two directions; on the physical body and on the ethericMagic, 211:solar angel might be regarded as gazing in three directions. 1. Towards the Light Supernal, towardsMagic, 212:process of [212] the planet. These two directions in which the soul looks constitute the world ofMagic, 212:is an interesting relation between these three "directions of contemplation" and the awakening inMagic, 229:streams of divine energy, pulling in opposite directions, and he becomes then aware of the twoMagic, 315:for the good of his soul - for it works in both directions. Magic, 372:considering. Its importance also lies in other directions: Being of physical plane matter,Magic, 415:brain has to be telepathically sensitive in two directions and at will. It must be aware of theMagic, 461:humanity will have to find its outlet in other directions. There is never anything static in the
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