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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTIVE

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Destiny, 144:at Shamballa. Their capacity is advisory and directive but not authoritative. This may be regardedDiscipleship1, 759:organized formulas which are then available for directive processes. Being, at this stage,Discipleship2, 163:have, therefore, impersonally and with a "vivid directive of pure intent," penetrated from theDiscipleship2, 304:use of these formulas in such a way that a directive is given. I know not how else to express it.Discipleship2, 347:already been given: [347] Energy - Thought - Directive Energy. Will - Expression - Immolation.Discipleship2, 478:of the Diadem. Then reflect quietly upon the directive power of the soul: Working within theDiscipleship2, 553:I gave you an instruction which through its directive injunction covered the remainder of your lifeExternalisation, 586:he is coming to resemble the Masters Whose life directive is not hierarchical possibilities butGlamour, 203:to planned efforts to meet desire, involving the directive use of the mind. Thus the line ofGlamour, 228:and a relationship is established because the directive magnetic force of each soul is alwaysGlamour, 255:the occidental is positive and needs the directive force of the soul and can produce it with veryHealing, 97:it should become a steady but subconscious directive agent and nothing more than that. The healingHealing, 378:to the use of light by the power and the directive agency of thought will come at the end of thisHealing, 424:the basic activity of creation. The impulsive, directive force is the mind of God, of the planetaryHealing, 431:and other causes, come under a totally different directive process; they may not even involve theHealing, 431:the destructive processes of war, is under the directive and cyclic intention of the planetaryMagic, 211:not how to express this more clearly. What that directive force may be, what is the secret of BeingPsychology2, 62:of the brain and the nervous system. 2. The directive activity of the soul, or its authoritativeRays, 179:devas in "their serried ranks" are the directive agents of the divine energy which implements theRays, 184:devas in their serried ranks. The supervisory, directive work of the Hierarchy, carried forward byRays, 395:its expression in the creative process under the directive of Shamballa; They have to learn to workRays, 403:through the Triangle - the projection ensuing Directive work under the Law of Distribution -Rays, 404:it involves also a poised attention and directive power, permitting the inflow of energies fromRays, 691:of the Christ. There are three words which are directive words for the disciple as he handles hisSoul, 69:first time, demonstrate conscious purpose and directive will. The three states of man's nature,Telepathy, 89:of God"; he can then be trusted with some of the directive potency of the Ashram itself. HisTelepathy, 157:life upon the physical plane. It is [157] this directive instinct which, when turned to higher
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