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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTLY

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Astrology, 15:reaches us through these constellations and not directly. Astrology, 131:requires now no mediator but deals directly himself with his emanating source. Mercury is then metAstrology, 147:is much to think out here but little more can be directly indicated, as the curious fact of thisAstrology, 200:the Earth (non-sacred) and Uranus (sacred), are directly the product of this third ray activity.Astrology, 202:one of the zodiacal signs and - in rare cases - directly to a planet. The latter case is, however,Astrology, 340:of conflict, rule Cancer so potently, both directly and indirectly. They control the form and theAstrology, 363:of form. We have here considered the rays which directly affect our planet, the Earth, which areAstrology, 375:personality desire or am I working and planning directly under soul urge and incentive? This shouldAstrology, 393:or into humanity as a whole. The two rays which directly affect the sign are, as we have seen, theAstrology, 395:the Taurian person is under the influence - directly or indirectly - of all the seven rays for theAstrology, 439:Shamballa. Its potency is naturally felt more directly in the triangle of the Hierarchy than inAstrology, 486:organizations and movements which indicate to directly the awakening of the Christ consciousness inAstrology, 574:via the Hierarchy, which he is in a position directly to approach. I touch here on grave mysteries.Atom, 36:which it energizes or actuates. This brings us directly into the field of psychology, becauseAutobiography, 163:unseen person who was speaking so clearly and directly to me then said that he would give me timeAutobiography, 195:be a school for those who can be trained to act directly and consciously under the Masters of theAutobiography, 202:life and the regulation of the sexes openly and directly with the young people, and I see that timeAutobiography, 256:human need. To be an accepted disciple, working directly under the Masters and active in world workAutobiography, 277:Hierarchy. He learns that the Hierarchy can be directly contacted and known by those who undertakeBethlehem, 201:- The Crucifixion These thoughts bring us directly to the central problem of sin which is (in theDestiny, 28:those forces and potencies which are directly changing the current of men's thoughts, which areDiscipleship1, 89:goes on in a more focused manner and in the area directly around the pineal gland. The pineal [90]Discipleship1, 174:and steady and your life tendency has been directly oriented towards your goal; but your rhythm, orDiscipleship1, 185:possible, for that will make the exercise more directly useful, and, therefore, constitute a moreDiscipleship1, 356:read. You will receive the needed instructions directly. Follow them with care and watch for theDiscipleship1, 441:self-imposed. The second, emanating more directly from the soul, has caused you at times a certainDiscipleship1, 486:straight forward seeing only that which lies directly ahead, so does the sixth ray fanatic. When,Discipleship1, 715:to warrant the Master himself doing anything directly with the aspirant. The stage is one of pureDiscipleship1, 724:(under direction of their Master) in working directly with the aspirant upon the physical plane,Discipleship1, 748:Master. These techniques are, however, taught directly to the disciple by the Master when heDiscipleship1, 788:human need; to be an accepted disciple, working directly under the Masters and active in world workDiscipleship2, 28:from me. I can, however, approach them more directly, as the limitations imposed by the physicalDiscipleship2, 40:between: [40] Teaching which comes to you directly from your own soul, via your mind. InstructionDiscipleship2, 104:is that he has earned the right to communicate directly with the Council at Shamballa and thus toDiscipleship2, 122:energy, manas or mental energy is related more directly to the throat center. Thirdly, it might beDiscipleship2, 131:an old Book of Rules for disciples. Some are directly from me, your Master, and are applicable toDiscipleship2, 321:I would like at this point to call more directly to your attention the three stages of revelation;Discipleship2, 398:unified soul-infused personality may function directly under the inspiration of the Spiritual TriadDiscipleship2, 547:sounding of the OM. Seek not to use the light directly for the clarification of problems, teachingDiscipleship2, 570:good of your group brothers, that you will see directly that which I - in love - seek to make clearDiscipleship2, 597:the field of the world and those Masters who are directly responsible to the Christ for the neededDiscipleship2, 706:yet ever staying within. I am speaking thus directly to you, my co-worker, because the future holdsEducation, 49:structure already erected and should deal more directly with the world of meaning. InternationalEducation, 115:intuitive and thinkers who will be able to work directly in the world of concepts and bring throughEducation, 146:be enumerated as follows: The life thread comes directly from the monad or the ONE. This thread isEducation, 146:the seat of life. The consciousness thread comes directly from the soul. It is anchored in theExternalisation, 72:has this Shamballa energy made its presence felt directly: the first time, when the great humanExternalisation, 76:fear and pride. With them we who are connected directly with the Hierarchy have to deal, but youExternalisation, 107:first time is making its impact upon humanity directly and is not stepped down, as [108] hasExternalisation, 157:the initiates and the Masters link Themselves directly with Shamballa and use the Great InvocationExternalisation, 270:not be deemed wise for the Lords of Liberation directly to contact humanity. They will moreExternalisation, 327:human affairs in every country in the world - directly or indirectly - and the breaking down of theExternalisation, 438:kingdom. At other times, it makes its impact directly upon the Hierarchy, and is then transmuted orExternalisation, 484:human affairs in the future. Those who will be directly affected, if the plans go as desired, areExternalisation, 522:also, and can go to them in a new sense and more directly. May Shamballa help us." It is realizedExternalisation, 525:inflowing Shamballa forces are being absorbed directly by humanity and by certain of the subhumanExternalisation, 536:can now reach Humanity, the third major center, directly, and therefore has two points of planetaryExternalisation, 554:"the Center where the Will of God is known," directly to the new group of world servers, via thoseExternalisation, 620:which could be given to the Master's work are directly and seriously curtailed; he is soExternalisation, 644:working in the World of outer affairs and those directly responsible to the Christ for the desiredExternalisation, 645:of certain potent men, this energy reaches them directly, and is not stepped down for them throughExternalisation, 689:entirely upon the astral plane, and is impressed directly and guided in detail from the cosmicFire, 74:Ray, in its relation to the fire of matter, is directly influenced and adjusted in its working byFire, 517:entity who may be utilizing it. They work directly with the permanent atoms of men, and produceFire, 586:than on any other. Many come into incarnation directly on to this plane, and it is here that theyFire, 623:vehicle, and mental units, and are therefore directly impressing themselves upon the devas whoFire, 637:of the first subplane, the atomic. This emanates directly from the first aspect of Brahma, or Agni,Fire, 656:primarily because his physical permanent atom is directly energized by them, being a part of theirFire, 668:archetypal plane. This seventh order of devas is directly under the influence of the seventh Ray,Fire, 674:dependent upon Their cosmic astral life which directly affects the systemic astral, or the physicalFire, 674:liquid, and gaseous - and each is acted upon directly from the corresponding cosmic plane. TheFire, 682:man. They form part of his lunar body. They are directly linked with the highest spiritualFire, 684:body of man receives, and transmits prana directly to the physical body, and that the vitality ofFire, 752:by the planetary Logos, and He works directly as the Initiator (in relation to man) through SanatFire, 752:Activity, - Sanat Kumara, being thus concerned directly with the ego on the mental plane, and HisFire, 845:men. They will in their higher grades pass directly into the animal evolution of the next cycle andFire, 901:hence the astral plane can, and eventually will, directly reflect the buddhic. Fire, 925:in the three worlds of human endeavor, producing directly dense physical manifestation. All theFire, 943:in connection with these Lords, but is only directly in touch with an agent of the sixth group andFire, 947:now of a distressing nature in the world can be directly traced to the wrong manipulation of mentalFire, 976:scientific thought creation than through the directly physical plane means. This is becoming moreFire, 986:the desired results. The dark brother works directly with substance itself, and with the lesserFire, 1010:lotus above the top of the head. This center directly affects the pineal gland, and the interplayFire, 1028:the nature of the atom. When he can pass more directly in his thoughts to the discussion andFire, 1112:Plane of Mind e. There is the energy reaching directly to the knowledge petals from the manasicFire, 1205:being. Or, to word it otherwise, energy flows directly from: The solar Logos via three great cosmicGlamour, 67:propensities of the mind, so that light can flow directly, and without any deviation, from theGlamour, 83:may seem, the "calling in of the soul" to deal directly with glamor may (and frequently does) leadGlamour, 228:name is called, the other group members look directly into the eyes of the one named, who rises andHealing, 37:phenomenal expression is concerned; they work directly upon the physical body through the [38]Healing, 52:body from the astral plane, which are received directly from the soul and are therefore aHealing, 153:that thread which links monad and personality directly (and finally independently of the soul)Healing, 199:the many differing aspects of ill health can be directly traced to the condition of the centers, asHealing, 208:by a Master of the Wisdom can consequently be directly traced to His full control of the centers,Healing, 240:the energy stored up by the centers which is not directly related to the endocrine system; itHealing, 521:purpose. All occult teaching, which emanates directly from the Hierarchy, contains within it theHealing, 538:healer in the New Age does not and will not work directly with the physical body at all; being anHealing, 616:history, transmitted the cosmic energy of love directly to the physical plane of our planet, andHealing, 616:this to your attention because this truth is directly related to this seventh law. We have seen, inHealing, 617:of hormones, and this the glands transmit directly into the blood stream. It is not my intention to
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