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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTLY

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Healing, 626:therefore, ignores the gland involved and deals directly with the center which conditions theHealing, 656:of trouble. Approach is made via the head center directly to the point of difficulty, and towardsInitiation, 30:his own plane. This planetary head center works directly through the heart and throat centers, andInitiation, 69:easily accessible. Initiates receive instruction directly from the Masters or from some of theInitiation, 104:evolution, both deva and human. Among those directly connected with our Lodge of Masters in itsInitiation, 104:his aura. This great Existence is only contacted directly by the adept who has taken the [105]Initiation, 144:Logos of our scheme, the force comes more directly to the initiate than at the first twoInitiation, 144:of the Masters. The work of apprehension is thus directly aided. This concentration in no wayInitiation, 158:(according to the syllable involved each Word is directly connected with the triple AUM, andInitiation, 189:aeons, to the cosmic planes. One group passes directly to Sirius, and the remaining two groups passInitiation, 189:to Sirius, and the remaining two groups pass directly after initiation to the cosmic planes, withIntellect, 26:it as "the apprehension by the mind of reality directly as it is, and not under the form of aIntellect, 149:soul, the condition of illumination supervenes directly upon the stage of contemplation, and mightIntellect, 161:racial or individual, but drops into the mind directly from the superconscious, or from theIntellect, 163:is the apprehension by the mind of reality directly as it is and not under the form of a perceptionIntellect, 214:of the body nature, and the brain can be directly impressed by the soul, via the mind. The brainMagic, 179:is first the higher clairaudience that speaks directly from mind to mind. This is not exactlyMagic, 180:a method, however, sometimes used but - unless directly used under stimulation applied by a MasterMagic, 193:(if I might express it in mystical language) directly out of the realm of feeling and of desireMagic, 194:is the energy of the spiritual man, and comes directly from the Monad, via the soul. Up to theMagic, 196:simply passes through the throat center and goes directly to the sacral center, and thus bringsMagic, 345:the astral body. The mental types have to call directly on the Ego, for always the higher must beMagic, 389:the elementals of the fire. These are directly under the control of the Lord Agni, Lord of theMagic, 576:in the hands. The hands do their work either directly, or through the projection of a steady flowMagic, 578:flow through those who in some degree either directly (by right of initiation or of advancedMagic, 589:the first time in world history, can now work directly with the centers in the body of humanity.Meditation, 55:be called the "cry of Man." Each of the sounds directly called into manifestation one ray, with allMeditation, 74:major and four minor) and that these centers directly correspond to one or other center in theMeditation, 89:only being done to a few in each country, and is directly under the eye of a Master, focusingMeditation, 95:of will, reach a point in meditation where they directly inhibit the processes of the lower mind.Meditation, 98:a higher. It is also the body that connects most directly, as has been oft-times said, with theMeditation, 119:the Path. His meditation, therefore, should be directly under the guidance of his Master, and anyMeditation, 144:development of group consciousness very directly concern all who will read these letters. It is theMeditation, 157:followed out - will do two things: They will act directly on his emotional body, driving outMeditation, 158:body arise within that body itself. A few arise directly in the etheric body, but at this stage ofMeditation, 159:These forms, built up in meditation, will act directly on the pranic channels that go to the makeupMeditation, 159:much of the present disease in that body, either directly or through causes set up on the emotionalMeditation, 179:devas of a very high order. Mantrams that directly call the attention of one of the deva lords of aMeditation, 192:personal, - if I might so express it - or acting directly in a stimulating sense on the centers ofMeditation, 199:too large) then the Nirmanakayas will be able to directly contact the physical plane, and so actMeditation, 200:when large numbers of the human race are more directly aligned with the egoic body, you will seeMeditation, 200:moment in the calendar when a funnel is created directly between the earth and the supreme RulerMeditation, 245:Similarly, mental trouble has to be dealt with directly from the causal level, and necessitatesMeditation, 283:will be superseded by the sea of glass, which directly reflects the higher intuition, and mirrorsMeditation, 294:to inner spiritual development, and that are directly concerned with the work of a Master with HisMeditation, 302:center of the planet, Shamballa. At that place, directly under the eyes of the One InitiatorMeditation, 302:Hierarchy. There will be found the Chohan Who is directly responsible for the various endeavors,Meditation, 302:and the Heads of the various occult schools are directly responsible. All proceeds under law andMeditation, 330:is based on the preceding curriculum and deals directly with individual development. It covers thePatanjali, 16:powers of the mind in [16] relation to that not directly perceived. This is, for the occultPatanjali, 157:ether, air, fire, water and earth. These are the directly involved effects of the unspecific orPatanjali, 179:the head, reorganize the vital airs and act directly upon the pineal gland and the pituitary body.Patanjali, 221:conveyed in this sutra can only safely be given directly by the teacher to the pupil, after aPatanjali, 301:upon the door of the sun, the yogin should directly perceive all this." Constraint is a termPatanjali, 318:to the so-called rational mind, it may act directly, as full illumination, the 'vision and theProblems, 56:structure already erected and should deal more directly with the world of meaning. InternationalProblems, 146:sense also that He will over-shadow, inspire and directly guide and personally confer with HisPsychology1, 181:intuitive and thinkers who will be able to work directly in the world of concepts and bring throughPsychology2, 298:fifth ray mental body relates him definitely and directly to the mind aspect of Deity, whilst hisPsychology2, 420:its individual merits and preferably by dealing directly with the real dweller when he is "at homeRays, 30:When the blazing light of the Monad is focused directly upon the personality, via the antahkaranaRays, 65:accomplished by initiates and Masters, working directly in the three worlds, or from higher levels,Rays, 85:the third initiation, the more rapidly and directly will the individual's karma be worked out.Rays, 117:enough, the first expression of recognition - directly accorded - that the Great [118] Lives atRays, 120:in the world today that the Shamballa energy is directly impinging upon the human consciousness andRays, 120:impinging upon the human consciousness and directly producing results. The destroyer aspect of theRays, 134:of the Hierarchy as the Heart of God (directly related to the Heart of the Sun) in physicalRays, 176:is present, supporting and attentive. He stands directly behind the initiate so as to arrest andRays, 250:the books put out by A.A.B. for me or who are directly and consciously in touch with my Ashram. AnRays, 318:of the Antahkarana; this Way leads straight and directly from one great planetary center to anotherRays, 411:members of the Hierarchy, could not influence directly the more developed human beings or trainRays, 415:energy coming from the sun, Sirius; this enters directly into the Hierarchy and carries with it theRays, 422:and a Master can now pass on to this sixth Path directly and without entering the deva evolution.Rays, 433:can be registered and held which comes directly from the Council Chamber of the Lord of the WorldRays, 471:influence with full awareness, and finally directly. This process constitutes the individualRays, 472:[472] The other two threads relate themselves directly with the Triad, and hence eventually withRays, 473:place, and Monad-Soul-Personality are being more directly related than has hitherto been possible.Rays, 544:who can begin to register impressions coming directly to him from the Master. Aspirants must notRays, 695:relation, as a soul-infused personality, is now directly with the Monad. He feels bereft and is aptReappearance, 6:we know - transmitted the divine energy of love directly to our planet and in a most definite senseReappearance, 167:which could be given to the Master's work are directly and [168] seriously curtailed; he is soSoul, 15:the layman's belief that in general, he himself directly feels why at one time he has one attitude,Soul, 15:for the most part, he knows and understands directly why he is inclined to do one thing in aSoul, 15:In his view, then, he is experiencing directly and truly much of that dynamical context, theSoul, 38:no ducts, and their secretions are absorbed directly into the blood stream. These are known as theSoul, 39:glands.' Their secretions are absorbed directly into the blood, and into the streams of nutrientSoul, 60:begun. "These physical properties do not appeal directly to the senses, and are thereforeSoul, 64:no sense organ for its appreciation, we only directly apprehend matter. Matter we apprehend clearlySoul, 88:soul in man, a divine non-corporeal soul directly implanted by God, which united with the materialSoul, 129:proceed to study, correct and perfect them. Work directly upon the glands and the nerve centersSoul, 129:and experience to work with intelligence directly upon the centers and thus be able to control moreSoul, 131:apply a recognizably dangerous method and work directly on or through the centers ? Is there aTelepathy, 86:the Ashram with which he is to be affiliated. Directly from the Master. From the Spiritual Triad,Telepathy, 104:and the earnest occult student is to record directly in the brain impressions from the SpiritualTelepathy, 154:focal points in the etheric body when entering directly within the circumference of the denseTelepathy, 157:is constructed and the higher three are directly related to the lower three, then the soul is noTelepathy, 157:unison and rhythm. Then - corresponding to the directly related Monad and Personality - the headTelepathy, 157:thousand-petalled lotus, the brahmarandra, is as directly related to the center at the base of the
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