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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRTY

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Autobiography, 59:to save the soul of a perfectly wretched, dirty little soldier. He was what in England is called "aAutobiography, 64:the entire contents had been stolen and filthy, dirty rags substituted in their place. Fortunately,Autobiography, 109:the most awful voyage I ever took - a small, dirty boat, four in a cabin, and meals at long tablesAutobiography, 122:keeping is hunting the eggs, and that's a dirty job. But I did manage to feed the family, and theAutobiography, 130:day when the lunch bell went, a great, hulking, dirty, elderly man - whose appearance was terribleAutobiography, 131:I don't like your drying your hands on that dirty rag in the women's room. I've got the other halfAutobiography, 131:other half and will hang it up when this gets dirty." He turned on his heel before I had time toAutobiography, 161:Ellison was making friends with a fat and very dirty child, making mud-pies in the back yard.Autobiography, 177:living with me to act as a chaperone and prevent dirty gossip. One of the things I have attemptedAutobiography, 185:boys are all that you say, but what about the dirty little English and French and Dutch girls - forExternalisation, 578:regimes, free from graft, selfish ambition and dirty political maneuvering. In the achievement ofPsychology2, 495:of the race. These range all the way from the dirty ideas and the bestial filth, drawn forth at
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