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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISAPPEARED

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Astrology, 176:of my Life. The two are one. But both have disappeared and naught remains but the deep fire of myAstrology, 665:is a substitute for a planet which seems to have disappeared from view." (Vol. III, 459) ReferencesAutobiography, 27:good points. It may be a good thing that it has disappeared - personally I believe it is - but weAutobiography, 112:into the cesspool. Walter was no help. He just disappeared about his parochial duties. I had a goodAutobiography, 113:Dorothy would be quite all right with her and disappeared. I did not see Dorothy for three days. IAutobiography, 139:race after race of human beings had appeared and disappeared upon our planet and that eachAutobiography, 211:He looked at me, smiled, waved his hand and disappeared. I went to Foster and told him that theAutobiography, 211:of course, and after a year or so this disappeared. It completely vanished and as he was no longerAutobiography, 239:of mankind. Then They left us for a while and disappeared behind the veil which separates the seenBethlehem, 257:the Resurrection to the episode wherein He disappeared from tangible worldly view and entered theBethlehem, 280:one and there another, achieved perfection and disappeared from human view. The divine spark in manDiscipleship1, 605:of the glamor with which you were surrounded has disappeared. Much still remains. However, yourDiscipleship1, 670:the Tibetan's Ashram and close to him, but has disappeared in the chaos of the European war. [673] Discipleship2, 220:of the civilizations which have already disappeared and of the civilization out of which we areEducation, 14:periods some of the bridging forms have disappeared and the gap appears to be there. But it is notExternalisation, 183:forms have played their part, have persisted or disappeared. The sorry history of humanity has beenExternalisation, 202:future will reveal. When the racial problem has disappeared through the recognition of the oneExternalisation, 403:the simple Way to God which He emphasized have disappeared in the fogs of theology and theFire, 795:have to all intents and purposes practically disappeared) will be finished. During the fifth round,Fire, 853:liberation, and whose causal bodies have disappeared, or whose lotuses have "died out" leaving aHealing, 303:of the forms so loved were lost, grew dim and disappeared. The objects of His love slowly fadedHealing, 304:then the creations He had made died [304] and disappeared. He had no lasting success and saw naughtHealing, 478:is still present upon the planet. Only that has disappeared which was an integral part of theHealing, 517:hierarchical intent, as far as may be. That has disappeared with the death of the personalityHercules, 16:another and the bow unto a third. Then, running, disappeared into the nearby wood. The gods awaitedHercules, 98:suddenly, as he travelled on the Way, the lion disappeared and was no more seen or heard. HerculesHercules, 114:he promptly rushed, but rushed too late. She disappeared within the cavernous throat of the seaHercules, 156:spread across the marsh. The horrid birds had disappeared. The soft gleam of a westering sun wasInitiation, 33:came and went, and races of men appeared and disappeared from the earth before it was possible toIntellect, 194:Illumination. All sense of separateness has disappeared. Unity with the Universe, realized IdentityIntellect, 245:in saving. I had to decline the honor, and they disappeared, and nothing has since been heard ofMagic, 145:and lo, the law began to work. Forms arose, and disappeared, but life moved on. Kingdoms arose,Magic, 145:into the light of revelation. Races appeared and disappeared. The forms, veiling the radiant soul,Magic, 406:played their part in group formation, and disappeared, often unaware of their inherent synthesisMagic, 465:preceding ours. Groups of forms appeared and disappeared, and were governed [466] almost entirelyProblems, 131:the human heart. If all church organizations disappeared from off the earth, the sense of God andProblems, 134:have been destroyed; kingdoms and rulers have disappeared in the aftermath of war; ideologies andPsychology1, 101:the surface of our planet have now entirely disappeared and only their fossilized remains are leftPsychology1, 306:on the misuse of the sexual [306] relation have disappeared, and the beauty and consecration ofPsychology2, 47:The battle ends. The glamor and the clouds have disappeared. The light and glory of the Day isPsychology2, 105:which was illusory, ephemeral and untrue has disappeared. The real Man has been gained and canPsychology2, 120:cross, which has upheld him for so long, has now disappeared. The man with the water jar upon hisPsychology2, 171:and God, in love and understanding... His tunnel disappeared. He noticed not its loss. Upon thePsychology2, 248:which he has once had and which seems to have disappeared, and to have retired out of his field ofRays, 34:personality and soul expression of will has disappeared in the blazing light of the divine PurposeRays, 279:is no longer in existence; the causal body has disappeared, shattered at the moment when theRays, 559:of previous civilizations, which have completely disappeared, leaving behind them faint traces ofRays, 625:is no longer there; the monarchy has also disappeared, and only the continuing voice of the VaticanRays, 664:civilizations came and went; races developed and disappeared. In Lemurian days, the indwellingRays, 679:the power of the demagogic approach will have disappeared. The major battle in the world today isReappearance, 63:and the unique simplicity of the Christ have disappeared in a travesty of errors and in a mummeryReappearance, 91:world in which the evidences of war will have disappeared, the physical health of men and animalsReappearance, 140:the simple way to God which He emphasized have disappeared into the fogs of theology (initiated by
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