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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISAPPEARING

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Destiny, 46:ever the first to manifest in germ) is rapidly disappearing or is being absorbed into the newerDestiny, 125:of animals will also die out and are today disappearing, and hence the increasing emphasis upon theDestiny, 147:the pitch dark nights of olden times are fast disappearing. Light has also descended on the earthDiscipleship1, 504:the first indication that the glamor of pride is disappearing. I have confidence and trust in you,Discipleship2, 4:reaction to each other's knowledge is rapidly disappearing from among you. That is good. The growthDiscipleship2, 46:make progress upon the Path) you will find it disappearing. If you therefore feel lonely, you mustDiscipleship2, 262:the present effort of the disciple. Glamor is disappearing; illusions are being dissipated; theExternalisation, 278:is the law governing the appearing and the disappearing of great and active energies which pass inExternalisation, 359:will stand revealed. The result will be the disappearing of illusion. [360] The combined work ofExternalisation, 427:familiar landmarks of their comfortable world disappearing; they dislike the results of the war asExternalisation, 573:been completely broken; Judaism will be fast disappearing; Buddhism will be spreading and becomingFire, 1033:brings about the [1033] periodical appearing and disappearing of all existences, great or small. ItGlamour, 167:will stand revealed. The result will be the disappearing of illusion. The combined work of theseHealing, 61:the first to devastate the race. Tuberculosis is disappearing. The attention of the experts is nowHealing, 236:matter what [236] statistics may say) they are disappearing among the more controlled areas of theHercules, 86:across the horizon in the light of the day, disappearing again into the darkness. Our word,Magic, 312:around our sun, but which are nevertheless fast disappearing. Our moon will join their number whenPatanjali, 317:breaking forth into the mind consciousness and disappearing almost instantaneously. But they comeProblems, 20:separativeness and its paternalism is rapidly disappearing as the war and labor emphasize essentialProblems, 36:forty years of age, has crumbled and is fast disappearing The old values are fading out and what wePsychology2, 88:to its first major expression during this slowly disappearing age, the present age, the PisceanPsychology2, 88:dominant world law governs the appearing and the disappearing of universes, of solar systems, ofPsychology2, 570:and changing process of appearing and disappearing forms (some quite nebulous and some quiteRays, 86:has so grossly imprisoned the human spirit is disappearing, the rocky grave of humanity is breakingRays, 309:is also found to be true in the emerging and disappearing of rays and races. Death, in the lastReappearance, 108:that real church from us is now in process of disappearing and Christ is on the verge ofTelepathy, 150:energies entering in, passing through and disappearing from (ceaselessly aeon after aeon) the form.
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