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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISAPPOINTMENT

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Autobiographyof the worldwide work and the frustration and disappointment of inability to meet the need andBethlehem, 213:of loved ones; for the alleviation of pain and disappointment in minds that cannot understand theDiscipleship1, 115:in which you persist in the face of much psychic disappointment, if I may call it so, and the factDiscipleship1, 170:this word. Let not the glamor of fatigue and of disappointment over world conditions lead toDiscipleship1, 283:has been illustrated for you in your personality disappointment and your group contact as evidencedDiscipleship1, 427:too close a self-analysis, or in the agonies of disappointment. Forget not what you have been toldDiscipleship1, 620:by servers; we know that service means endless disappointment, ceaseless struggle, hard knocks,Discipleship1, 657:Hence your really profound unhappiness and disappointment. What shall be done? How can you changeDiscipleship1, 738:when applied by him evokes resentment and disappointment upon their part, then the indication isDiscipleship2, 88:Society. This incidentally has been a profound disappointment to the Hierarchy. A.A.B. must not beFire, 993:and high aspiration, they are foredoomed to disappointment and even to disaster. All those who seekHealing, 479:first question is, in reality, the expression of disappointment in this series of instructions. ItHealing, 546:grasp this important point, for it will negate disappointment. Disease is not going to disappearHealing, 693:are useless. This should not bring to you disappointment, but simply an attitude of expectancy,Initiation, 78:the best - sickness, opportunity, success, and disappointment, the gibes and machinations ofIntellect, 78:sure, and unfailing in its results. There is no disappointment to the man who is willing to obeyIntellect, 156:day, and, frequently, a sense of depression and disappointment that the high moment has passed,Magic, 54:of effort and temporary pressure peter out into disappointment and a weighty sense of failure. ItMagic, 632:they meet often lack of understanding, frequent disappointment in their fellow workers, and muchMagic, 634:disciples. The sense of time produces glamor and disappointment, whereas the work goes truly [635]Psychology2, 703:for the majority to experience a sense of disappointment, a reaction which was almost equivalent,
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