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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCARDING

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Destiny, 109:place, but that the modern disciple should be discarding the old methods and steadily learning toDiscipleship2, 101:and you face eventually and inevitably the discarding of the vehicle, to hold increasingly on toDiscipleship2, 278:in evolution, plus experience in the process of discarding the outgrown and unnecessary - no matterDiscipleship2, 412:of buddhi or of pure reason. This led to the discarding of a hint as a means of mental unfoldmentDiscipleship2, 417:and this the initiate must know within himself, discarding all but one. Loyalty must give place toDiscipleship2, 437:of Revelation is through the discovery and the discarding of his own personal, or rather,Discipleship2, 488:to assume an inner attitude of planned, quiet discarding of the physical body, keeping, the wholeDiscipleship2, 489:on the subtler levels of awareness. You are not discarding the physical body permanently, thereforeDiscipleship2, 514:real concern. I tell you that you need haste in discarding impediments upon the Way but am assured,Discipleship2, 589:new forms and by means of the intelligent discarding of old modes of religion, government andExternalisation, 124:and expression with a view to its final discarding as a means of arriving at desired ends. Fire, 1049:the form is negated, and leads to its eventual discarding. Simultaneously with this, the highestHealing, 347:itself of these potencies in the process of discarding a vehicle on some plane or another. It mightHealing, 412:will be no question in anyone's mind that the discarding of the physical body will leave a manHealing, 460:still occupying the etheric vehicle, though the discarding of the dense physical body has to allHealing, 680:realize from the context that this refers to the discarding of the physical body, it is useful toHealing, 684:way; it concerns only the "passing over" or the "discarding of hindrances" by very advancedIntellect, 5:blend and that it should be possible for each - discarding the non-essentials - to arrive at aIntellect, 24:- a reversion which will not involve a discarding of mass education. In this way, we may ultimatelyMagic, 136:withholding of opportunities and the ultimate discarding of the instrumentality of the group as aMagic, 457:the vague and misty idea to its essentials, discarding all vain imaginings and the formulations ofPsychology1, 183:will be no question in anyone's mind that the discarding of the physical body will leave a manPsychology1, 324:are being subjected to a housecleaning, to a discarding of the rubbish of old and worn-out ideas,Psychology1, 327:of the higher atoms of the three bodies. The discarding, as a result of this stimulation, of thosePsychology2, 58:that material, building it into tentative forms, discarding it at will, gathering together againPsychology2, 161:are readily and easily made which lead to the discarding of that which imprisons or impedes thePsychology2, 582:They have been brought to the point of discarding the old ways and yet the new techniques of livingRays, 310:nation, [310] preserving only the essentials but discarding the distortions. This fourth word isReappearance, 104:instinctively, men had hoped and sensed that the discarding of the physical vehicle was not the
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