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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Statement:1934 Suffice it to say, that I am a Tibetan disciple of a certain degree, and this tells you butAstrology, 23:has always told men. It might be stated that the disciple has to become consciously aware of theAstrology, 27:and with individual man - average man, the disciple and the initiate. We shall enter into noAstrology, 50:man is concerned whilst he is in training as a disciple and upon the Path od Discipleship Note: ItAstrology, 58:other is the Path of Illusion. This carries the disciple around the path from commencement in AriesAstrology, 59:again the study of the two horoscopes of the disciple under inspection - one of the soul and theAstrology, 60:but not present in the consciousness of the disciple of advanced degree. That is the major point toAstrology, 61:until in Scorpio he becomes the triumphant disciple, having found himself in Leo. Then comes theAstrology, 61:Renunciation. From the standpoint of the pledged disciple and initiate who traverses again the PathAstrology, 65:man, and still a third effect upon the disciple or the initiate. As the various energies and forcesAstrology, 65:as the mass of humanity is concerned. But the disciple, who lives above the diaphragm, responds toAstrology, 67:Saturn, are related to Ray 3. The one-pointed disciple becomes the initiate. The Initiate Aries andAstrology, 67:into the inclusive consciousness of the disciple. The Triumphant Disciple I would call attention toAstrology, 67:consciousness of the disciple. The Triumphant Disciple I would call attention to the fact that inAstrology, 68:Rulers in 3 Tabulations Constellation Orthodox Disciple Hierarchies 1. Aries Mars Mercury Uranus 2.Astrology, 70:to those controlling the personality life. The disciple and the initiate respond distinctively toAstrology, 70:a very different type of chart to that of the disciple and initiate. It will require a differentAstrology, 70:planetary centers. At the first initiation, the disciple has to contend with the crystallizing andAstrology, 84:or the changing form, the Cross of the Disciple or the eternal soul, and the Cross of the Spirit.Astrology, 89:ceased to influence the spiritual man and the disciple. Average man is primarily conditioned in theAstrology, 90:Aries to Taurus, via Pisces, and then - as the disciple, coming under other influences - travelsAstrology, 91:the result of the great tests which every disciple eventually undergoes as he reverses the wheel ofAstrology, 106:the Sun and Mars, for the initiate and the disciple culminates his career in any of the signs withAstrology, 106:the great wheel, both as a personality and as a disciple, headed towards the final liberatingAstrology, 107:stage of Renunciation is experienced and the disciple or initiate renounces all for the love ofAstrology, 121:the selflessness of the illumined and intuitive disciple. Sagittarius - This is now the sign of theAstrology, 121:- This is now the sign of the one-pointed disciple. The life of fluid response to matter becomesAstrology, 128:Discipleship and of Probation. The task of the disciple is to understand their significance in aAstrology, 129:moving rapidly towards the position of the World Disciple, and intuiting this, he suggests NeptuneAstrology, 132:of the vision with which Jupiter rewards the disciple, and the experience which Vulcan confers.Astrology, 143:of the soul. In Scorpio - In this sign, the disciple undergoes those tests which will enable him toAstrology, 144:consummated and concludes the experience of the disciple upon the Fixed Cross. The man then takesAstrology, 148:active today, presenting to the world disciple those difficult situations and crises which willAstrology, 148:of which humanity may be aware. The individual disciple has always been faced with theseAstrology, 166:whole as it neared the stage of being the world disciple, and vast numbers relatively stood uponAstrology, 167:vision appears before the eyes of the astounded disciple. The great experiences upon the variousAstrology, 176:in Leo to the one-pointedness of the disciple in Sagittarius and thence to initiation in Capricorn.Astrology, 177:intuitive and focused attitude of the pledged disciple. The "returning arrow of the intuition," asAstrology, 178:human ambition, to the struggle of the aspiring disciple or initiate in order to achieve the neededAstrology, 180:Path and is called the experience of the disciple in the depths or the valleys. Astrology, 181:Discipleship and is called the experience of the disciple upon the plains of Earth, for the pathAstrology, 185:the ambitious selfish man into the selfless disciple. All this has perforce to be initiated uponAstrology, 185:side of unfoldment, and esoterically the disciple who finds himself in incarnation under theAstrology, 185:the task of the Fixed Cross and the goal of the disciple. It is in connection with the planetsAstrology, 185:of the complexity of the forces with which every disciple has to contend and the significance ofAstrology, 187:of the many energies which pour through the disciple as he arrives at the final stages upon theAstrology, 187:in this sign, primarily in the life of the disciple. Harmony through Conflict is ceaselessly activeAstrology, 188:situation, and the forces playing upon the disciple are of a momentous nature - provided that theAstrology, 188:which marks the difference between the disciple and the average man. Astrology, 189:a field of energy wherein the one-pointed disciple can finally become the initiate. This is the setAstrology, 189:the path of discipleship or who is already a disciple - pledged or under observation - will profitAstrology, 190:of the enlightened man, of the aspirant and disciple, and this is a growing recognition; when thisAstrology, 191:is also symbolically true. In Sagittarius, the disciple has two things to discover within himself;Astrology, 191:in the earlier Sagittarian experience of the disciple, but they become more developed and potent asAstrology, 191:and no exaltation. This fact indicates that the disciple has to walk an even way between the pairsAstrology, 192:reasons, esoterically speaking: [192] First, the disciple has definitely to cease identifyingAstrology, 192:before the sign Capricorn is entered by the disciple and preparation for initiation begins. AsAstrology, 193:May the words of this final injunction to the disciple carry meaning to the heart and mind. Astrology, 196:right direction or guidance is registered by the disciple upon the Path, and such guidance (whenAstrology, 199:Fixed Cross and leaves the Mutable Cross. The disciple for the first, second and third initiations.Astrology, 199:its implications and effects in the life of the disciple. [200] Aquarius relates humanity to theAstrology, 203:and the nature of the tests to which the world disciple, humanity, is today being subjected may beAstrology, 203:to the Plan thus becoming the one-pointed disciple in Sagittarius. The three major tests are againAstrology, 204:In Scorpio - Hercules became the triumphant disciple. In Taurus - The Buddha achieved victory overAstrology, 206:past and begin to engross the attention of the disciple. One is memory and the other is, as aAstrology, 207:recognizes itself as the Dweller and - as a disciple - begins the battle between the pairs ofAstrology, 207:tests and trials are ever self-initiated; the disciple puts himself into the positive orAstrology, 208:no escape from the environing conclusions of the disciple's family, friends and group that he is aAstrology, 208:family, friends and group that he is a disciple. From that angle he is meticulously watched; heAstrology, 209:planet conditioning the unfoldment of the disciple. Mars is the dominating factor in the tests andAstrology, 209:dominating factor in the tests and trials of the disciple, prior to the experience in SagittariusAstrology, 210:as far as the reversed wheel is concerned. The disciple has now to demonstrate the strength,Astrology, 212:nature uninvolved; hence again the need for the disciple to carry his physical nature, hisAstrology, 213:theme, the suffering and the dire testing of the disciple, the value of the individual conflict andAstrology, 214:The reference here to Sagittarius is clear. The disciple - after the death of the personality andAstrology, 215:Mars which ever rules the path of the individual disciple, and today the world disciple, humanityAstrology, 215:of the individual disciple, and today the world disciple, humanity as a whole, stands at the veryAstrology, 219:in Scorpio and the experience in Aquarius the disciple emerges on the physical plane into theAstrology, 220:the Path of Return becomes so strong that the disciple submits to tests, reverses - at tremendousAstrology, 221:of Scorpio and its energies in the life of the disciple. Scorpio is one of the four arms of theAstrology, 222:of the intellect and the focusing of the disciple's attention upon the physical plane (the world ofAstrology, 222:subrays of the ray upon which the soul of the disciple is found; hence the necessity to ascertainAstrology, 222:the life. In the case of the horoscope of a disciple, he should do the same, endeavoring toAstrology, 222:that emerges clearly, the man is obviously a disciple and the esoteric planets will then govern hisAstrology, 224:the scientific mind, which, at this stage of the disciple's career, means that he can begin to liveAstrology, 224:and this - when developed in the life of the disciple - in its turn produces an understanding ofAstrology, 225:influence fades out. Extremes ever meet in the disciple who stands at this midway point or at theAstrology, 225:way in Scorpio to the selfless attitude of the disciple; ambition gives place to the executiveAstrology, 226:which take place in the life of the disciple who submits intelligently to the tests andAstrology, 227:Path appears and of the goal towards which the disciple must ultimately direct his steps. This PathAstrology, 227:extent that in the dire need of the man (not the disciple, at this time) a call to the soul hasAstrology, 229:light pours in. The Path of Discipleship. The Disciple. Sagittarius - Inspiration - Preparation forAstrology, 229:the human and, secondly, to the aspirant or the disciple. His focus of interest and his aim is soulAstrology, 230:in Scorpio, the directed, controlled life of the disciple in Sagittarius, initiation in Capricorn,Astrology, 239:That in the past prepared the world probationary disciple, humanity, for the path of trueAstrology, 239:That in the present is preparing the world disciple to take initiation. During the vast interimAstrology, 271:(the Christ principle) says to Arjuna (the world disciple, or developed form aspect): "HavingAstrology, 272:over matter in the guise of the triumphant disciple. Spirit and matter (Aries), soul and bodyAstrology, 273:of discipleship and the manifestation of a solar disciple. Hence the two energies which come fromAstrology, 276:individual to the mass of humanity and of the disciple to the group. These triangles warrant most
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