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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Astrology, 276:of the equinoxes, whilst the life of the disciple, focused in the soul consciousness, is governedAstrology, 277:activity of Sagittarius and becomes the earnest disciple, it [278] is possible for him to rule hisAstrology, 278:Alpha and Omega. In the life of the disciple, Virgo and Pisces stand in the same relation. PiscesAstrology, 282:be traced to the fact that the form life of the disciple [283] is influenced in one way by theAstrology, 283:in another way or in the reverse direction. The disciple enters the sign under the influence ofAstrology, 283:decanates of Aquarius, from the angle of the disciple, are Saturn, Mercury and Venus. It is in thisAstrology, 283:is beginning to mount the Fixed Cross of the disciple, thus reversing its progress upon the circleAstrology, 284:by astrologers; this is that, in the case of the disciple, Mercury and the Sun are interchangeableAstrology, 284:and the Sun are interchangeable terms. When the disciple becomes aware that he is himself Mercury,Astrology, 284:of rulers is the truly esoteric one. When the disciple knows Saturn as the God who offersAstrology, 284:Let Matter reign." Later, upon the wheel of the disciple, the voice emerges from the Virgin HerselfAstrology, 298:and when this is the case, it indicates that the disciple is now ready for the second initiation.Astrology, 298:of esoteric stimulation which awakens, in the disciple, the power of abstract thought. InAstrology, 299:a man and to which it brings him, as a humble disciple. Later, when the new world religion isAstrology, 300:and necessity of meditation as practiced by the disciple and the initiate. This may not be apparentAstrology, 307:adequately forward in the life of the advanced disciple. This is one of the reasons why Leo is aAstrology, 313:In the last analysis, it is only the initiated disciple who can fathom the true meaning of theseAstrology, 319:influences of Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio - the disciple begins to demonstrate the capacity toAstrology, 319:the stage of transition. Such is the way of the disciple. The hierarchical center is affecting himAstrology, 320:to the conscious wisdom of the initiated disciple. These nine signs are strictly expressive ofAstrology, 321:man; it is with this stable tendency that the disciple has to [322] wrestle. In the mass mind (ofAstrology, 322:the major difficulties and great problems of the disciple is his extreme sensitivity to impactsAstrology, 331:environment will be different to those of the disciple or initiate and these again will differ inAstrology, 333:[332] [333] Sign Undeveloped Man Advanced Man Disciple Initiate 1. Aries, Keynote: Aries turnsAstrology, 333:duality Higher unity The Monster The Fighter The Disciple 9. Sagittarius, Keynote: Sagittarius, theAstrology, 333:9. Sagittarius, Keynote: Sagittarius, the disciple becomes the Savior in Pisces Self-centerednessAstrology, 338:anti-clockwise (Aries to Pisces, via Taurus) The Disciple and Initiate. Libra-Aries The achievedAstrology, 347:but eventually - when casting the horoscope of a disciple or an initiate - the esoteric astrologerAstrology, 360:produces the terrific experience of the disciple and which, at this time, is one of theAstrology, 365:Towards the end of the evolutionary process, the disciple begins to respond consciously to theAstrology, 367:Ponder upon this statement, for in Gemini, the disciple can come to some intelligent grasp of whatAstrology, 368:changeable man becomes the self-directed disciple, one-pointed in effort, yet preserving all theAstrology, 368:interest to the initiate or to the advanced disciple to realize that in this sign no planet eitherAstrology, 370:forth "Let instability do its work" but for the disciple the Word is uttered by the soul itself: "IAstrology, 370:results are marked in the life of the advanced disciple. Astrology, 370:- produces changes and opportunity for the disciple. We come also to the sign which is called "theAstrology, 370:the subjective man is impelled by desire, or the disciple is driven forth upon the path of returnAstrology, 374:and the world religion, so humanity, the world disciple, is beginning to come under the influenceAstrology, 375:of men and as will or directed purpose in the disciple or the initiate. It manifests asAstrology, 379:undeveloped humanity, or from the angle of the disciple wherein the path of zodiacal progress isAstrology, 380:aspect reversing itself upon the wheel. Then the disciple (an expression of the Christ life in itsAstrology, 380:into the House of Labor." From that house, the disciple in due time arrives at Capricorn where heAstrology, 381:energies: Desire - aspiration - will. Man - the disciple - the initiate. Materiality - duality -Astrology, 387:clarity. One of the first opposites which the disciple has to grasp is that of the subjective andAstrology, 389:the soul to the pull of the form. Gradually, the disciple learns to distinguish between theseAstrology, 389:and Gemini are (from the standpoint of the disciple and initiate) purely subjective in theirAstrology, 390:which distinguishes the initiate from the disciple. This, at the third initiation becomes a fixedAstrology, 391:three initiations to make this clear to the disciple. Looking at the matter from another angle:Astrology, 394:desire. Such is the goal of the Taurian disciple. [395] Through the three other arms of the FixedAstrology, 395:situation which faces the man - particularly the disciple or the initiate - who is born in thisAstrology, 397:gives the clue to the processes whereby the disciple must bring about certain basic changes. TheAstrology, 413:the great zodiacal wheel just as the individual disciple does; the point of reversal and the signAstrology, 414:and it might be said that the task of the disciple is to become consciously aware - like a detachedAstrology, 421:ajna center Planetary heart From thence to: Disciple's head center Disciple's ajna centerAstrology, 421:heart From thence to: Disciple's head center Disciple's ajna center Disciple's heart center andAstrology, 421:Disciple's head center Disciple's ajna center Disciple's heart center and eventually control: TheAstrology, 422:and application - to the life of the individual disciple. Necessarily, these energies have aAstrology, 422:systemic and planetary significance but these no disciple can as yet grasp; personality has to beAstrology, 423:the radius of the Earth, reach the individual disciple, again via certain major planetary [424]Astrology, 427:and when the energy is finally grounded in the disciple's center, you will notice that it is then aAstrology, 427:Head center Initiate Egoic purpose Heart center Disciple Egoic love Ajna center Aspirant SpiritualAstrology, 427:of spine Initiate Personal Will Solar Plexus Disciple Personal desire Throat center AspirantAstrology, 431:within the greater Whole (the individual human disciple. A.A.B.) likewise responded to the tripleAstrology, 431:to voice and rolling forward on the OM. The disciple, hearing that sound, lifted his head; anAstrology, 438:is non-existent; for the aspirant and the disciple occultism is rapidly becoming a source andAstrology, 438:Mercury in combination are dualities which the disciple learns to resolve and in the process ofAstrology, 438:unison bring about those changes which "lift the disciple out of the waters, wherein he is rapidlyAstrology, 439:there is little to be found in even the advanced disciple with which to reach real understanding.Astrology, 440:responsive to this Shamballa force than is the disciple or the aspirant because they are moreAstrology, 448:the case of the spiritually oriented man and the disciple, it is the first decanate under whoseAstrology, 450:- itself a planetary center. The individual disciple will, therefore, respond to this CapricornianAstrology, 450:if wrongly handled. Right response will lead the disciple nearer to the door of initiation; wrongAstrology, 451:Shamballa force (particularly in the case of a disciple on Rays will be of a personalityAstrology, 451:yet come when it is safe for the aspirant or the disciple to relate the head center and the base ofAstrology, 451:and naturally and through the development of the disciple can and should be permitted to takeAstrology, 451:center must inevitably take place provided the disciple fulfils two conditions. He can then becomeAstrology, 452:a treatise on the individual training of the disciple but am attempting to demonstrate the fact ofAstrology, 466:of the Pleiades) enable the Probationary Disciple to pass on to the Path of Accepted Discipleship.Astrology, 466:about that focusing of energy in the life of the disciple which makes it possible for him toAstrology, 469:and not individually. Only theoretically can a disciple take note of this fact. Second, theseAstrology, 472:related to the unfoldment of the individual disciple. These are: Sagittarius, Libra, Taurus, PiscesAstrology, 472:has at long last brought humanity, the world disciple, to the very door of initiation. For over twoAstrology, 474:integrated man to that of the accepted disciple and from the experience of intellectual expressionAstrology, 474:from the preparatory stage of accepted disciple to that of the Master and the still higher grades.Astrology, 475:Libra, Taurus, Pisces and Aquarius) enable the disciple to escape out of the human kingdom into theAstrology, 475:include three out of the seven) which bring the disciple from the stage of self-hood to that of theAstrology, 476:upon the final stages of the Way in enabling the disciple or initiate to utilize the experienceAstrology, 476:peculiarly active in the life of the advanced disciple and initiate, the influences fall into twoAstrology, 478:consciousness and form. Until, therefore, the disciple can express in himself the integratedAstrology, 480:as they play their part in the life of the disciple through the medium of their distributingAstrology, 480:in nature - the only two which are. When the disciple grasps the meaning behind this triplicity, heAstrology, 485:usefulness which is the hallmark of the pledged disciple. The influence of these threeAstrology, 490:comes the testing of humanity, the world disciple. Ray V - Leo: This sign produces the growth ofAstrology, 491:potent from the esoteric angle of the individual disciple or initiate. Libra is also foundAstrology, 494:rays, according to the soul ray of the serving disciple. The whole problem is one concerning ourAstrology, 495:- Aspiration - the key to the testing of the disciple. Capricorn - Illumination - the liberation ofAstrology, 497:is concerned: The reversal of the life of the disciple upon the Wheel of Life, by means of whichAstrology, 498:events; to live the group life of the pledged disciple and the mass life of humanity; to fulfil hisAstrology, 506:aspects are in process of intimate relation. The disciple brings about this relationship within hisAstrology, 510:much light upon the problem of the probationary disciple when considering the exoteric rulers and
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