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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Discipleship1, 5:his shoulders the destiny or the karma of the disciple. That condition no longer holds good. TheDiscipleship1, 5:frankness speak. I know my disciples, for no disciple is admitted into an Ashram without deepDiscipleship1, 7:who I am. You know me as a teacher, as a Tibetan disciple and as an initiate of a certain degree -Discipleship1, 8:is not the perfecting of the individual disciple in the group. I regard this statement as basic andDiscipleship1, 9:New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part I Every disciple has to learn to subordinate his own ideas ofDiscipleship1, 9:is the dominant factor in the thoughts of each disciple, and desire for personal growth and forDiscipleship1, 9:side. As souls you are of vital moment. Each disciple in the group of any Master may have manyDiscipleship1, 11:and in love, they will then help their fellow disciple to change the undesirable condition. I countDiscipleship1, 12:to transmit your soul ray quality to a fellow disciple, stimulating him to greater courage, toDiscipleship1, 13:meditations are each individually suited to the disciple concerned and vary according to ray, pointDiscipleship1, 14:the angel of the Presence, contact with some disciple and eventually - when your life and work andDiscipleship1, 16:suggestion, for that is all I seek to give. The disciple must be left free to follow a suggestionDiscipleship1, 18:I do not say that they act as links between the disciple and his Master for that is a directDiscipleship1, 21:adherence to such rules is ever expected. The disciple grows through intelligently adapting hisDiscipleship1, 26:scale just as it happens in the life of every disciple. Just as a man shifts his focus ofDiscipleship1, 26:might be called the astral principles of the disciple. This is the belief, [27] in plain language,Discipleship1, 27:is the belief, [27] in plain language, that the disciple regards that his point of view is entirelyDiscipleship1, 27:This again feeds pride and tends to make the disciple believe himself to be an authority andDiscipleship1, 29:vision, brother of mine, makes the way of the disciple easier and hence I have enlarged somewhatDiscipleship1, 30:in so far as [30] you seek to contact me as a disciple in my group will the measure of your successDiscipleship1, 35:carrying forward under the Plan. The individual disciple must not look upon his work as a marvelousDiscipleship1, 41:in might prove too strong for the individual disciple to handle alone, but the force is shared byDiscipleship1, 41:is complete group at-one-ment. In this way, each disciple can serve the group and his objectiveDiscipleship1, 43:the subject. As you all know, I am a second ray disciple, an initiate of a certain standing - theDiscipleship1, 46:he give me something which will make me a better disciple? Will the meditation which he may give meDiscipleship1, 47:These are ever the hallmark of the true disciple. It is spiritual sensitivity which must beDiscipleship1, 48:against impersonality. It is hard for the disciple - during the process of his early training - toDiscipleship1, 48:reaction from others; he wants to be known as a disciple; he aches to show his power and his highlyDiscipleship1, 48:in a weak or stupid way (from the angle of the disciple) and making apparently serious errors inDiscipleship1, 48:Bhagavad Gita express this truth, telling the disciple to mind his own business. Discipleship1, 49:Hierarchy may seek to make upon the mind of the disciple. It is for this reason that I am trainingDiscipleship1, 50:the elimination of hurry. All these powers, the disciple must eventually develop, but the processDiscipleship1, 50:to as "turning one's back upon the world." The disciple faces the world but he faces it from theDiscipleship1, 52:"a bringing forth into the light." An accepted disciple is one who is in process of preparation forDiscipleship1, 53:Morya and Kut Humi and myself, their servant and disciple. Through the first method, the New GroupDiscipleship1, 55:of real detachment that the best work of a disciple is done. The disciple comes to realize thatDiscipleship1, 55:that the best work of a disciple is done. The disciple comes to realize that because of thisDiscipleship1, 55:can be done depends (as far as the individual disciple is concerned) upon his inner power to liveDiscipleship1, 56:activity, based on ancient habits. For the disciple and for the success of his work, an astral bodyDiscipleship1, 56:the goal. It should be remembered that when the disciple is fully occupied in living the life ofDiscipleship1, 56:terms, therefore, express quite frequently the disciple's situation where his lower nature isDiscipleship1, 56:unaffected by any outer conditions. The disciple learns to live with his physical liabilities underDiscipleship1, 56:problem may be the hardest. But only the disciple can handle his own self-pity and free himselfDiscipleship1, 57:the "don't care" spirit which will affect the disciple's attitude to other people. It is theDiscipleship1, 57:of the integrated thinking personality of the disciple towards the astral or emotional body. ItDiscipleship1, 58:VI The teaching has always been given that the disciple or the initiate must adapt himself to, andDiscipleship1, 58:time as new a concept to the aspirant and the disciple under training as is the teaching which IDiscipleship1, 58:oft in the waking consciousness of the accepted disciple, has now to be grasped, used and masteredDiscipleship1, 58:his waking consciousness and physical brain. The disciple in the past sought to establishDiscipleship1, 58:they are by the conscious mind and brain of the disciple. This, therefore, involves true knowledgeDiscipleship1, 58:This, therefore, involves true knowledge of the disciple's inner group relation, spiritualDiscipleship1, 58:penetration to the inner life of a brother disciple and the consequent fusion in theDiscipleship1, 59:fusion in the heart-mind-brain [59] of the disciple, simultaneously, of all that is known on bothDiscipleship1, 63:or condition in the case of a Master and his disciple and between the senior disciples in any groupDiscipleship1, 64:of mentally impressing the mind of some [64] disciple or sensitive person. It is then their task toDiscipleship1, 66:(or even discussion of the work with a fellow-disciple) can shatter the delicate thought-form whichDiscipleship1, 68:realized and consciously registered on the disciple's mind and brain. There are other groups whichDiscipleship1, 69:bear in mind that the task before the modern disciple is to carry forward into the New Age the ideaDiscipleship1, 71:me in the same sense as an individual accepted disciple is an outpost of his Master's consciousnessDiscipleship1, 72:which untiring spiritual work demands. The disciple learns to pay no attention to these recurringDiscipleship1, 77:yourselves. One of the first lessons which a disciple needs to learn is that where he thinks he isDiscipleship1, 77:hence the glamor which often overcomes a disciple. In this connection, my brothers, I will admitDiscipleship1, 77:and one which is quite ordinary in the life of a disciple. It may serve to carry its lesson and itsDiscipleship1, 78:satisfaction with myself as an aspirant and a disciple. This I violently denied and was grievedDiscipleship1, 78:for initiation and something which every disciple must perforce learn. There is, therefore, theDiscipleship1, 82:if there is one single mode or means whereby a disciple can begin to approximate this seeminglyDiscipleship1, 82:be of assistance. The hall mark of the pledged disciple and a quality which should increasinglyDiscipleship1, 83:the work. One of the things most needed by every disciple is to apply the teaching given to theDiscipleship1, 83:to your attention the fact that an accepted disciple is not in reality one who has been accepted byDiscipleship1, 83:a complete reversal or distortion. An accepted disciple is one who: Has accepted the fact of theDiscipleship1, 83:much pain and much disillusionment. A disciple is trained in certain important [84] matters and notDiscipleship1, 84:to a Master. These factors of importance to a disciple are: The whole subject of humanity - itsDiscipleship1, 84:and the opportunity immediately presented. A disciple is one who seeks at all times to aid humanityDiscipleship1, 84:progressive identification with the soul of the disciple, with the soul of the group, with the soulDiscipleship1, 84:insight, practicality and inspiration to the disciple as he works on the outer plane of expression.Discipleship1, 84:One of the major undertakings of the accepted disciple (or, as I would prefer to term it, theDiscipleship1, 84:(or, as I would prefer to term it, the accepting disciple) is to transform himself from aDiscipleship1, 86:dual life - objective and subjective - of the disciple whilst the more formal meditation would aidDiscipleship1, 87:disciples in a group and between the individual disciple, the Master and the larger Ashram. It willDiscipleship1, 87:and the larger Ashram. It will also make the disciple sensitive to the higher "gift waves." TheDiscipleship1, 87:of reality, of synthesis and of relation in the disciple's consciousness, they are then of realDiscipleship1, 87:- indicate the goal and the problem of the disciple, plus the resultant effect of conscious,Discipleship1, 88:I would remind you also that the life of the disciple is ever a life of risks and of dangers,Discipleship1, 88:of the most difficult periods in the life of the disciple and quite one of the longest from theDiscipleship1, 90:At that point, energy is gathered by the disciple and then directed with intention to one or otherDiscipleship1, 90:A process of distribution or direction. The disciple learns to do this within himself and later toDiscipleship1, 90:It is also used by the Master in awakening his disciple to certain [91] states of consciousness,Discipleship1, 91:a triple line of energy when the soul of the disciple is utilizing this creative process in someDiscipleship1, 92:or the focus of the effort is to be found in the disciple "standing at the midway point." Will heDiscipleship1, 92:earlier and vacillating experience wherein the disciple vibrates between the higher and the lowerDiscipleship1, 92:He is able to do nothing because it is the disciple's own problem. He can only endeavor to enhanceDiscipleship1, 92:waiting responsively for the decision of the disciple, functioning in his mental body. Only theDiscipleship1, 92:functioning in his mental body. Only the disciple can act upon the mental level of consciousness atDiscipleship1, 92:on the Threshold inserts himself between the disciple and the light from the open door and renewsDiscipleship1, 92:from the open door and renews activity. The disciple either awakens suddenly to a wider grasp ofDiscipleship1, 93:Guru, or Teacher, in the East would teach his disciple by the giving of a hint. If you have readDiscipleship1, 93:the emphasis laid upon the relation of Guru and disciple that it did not find expression in wordsDiscipleship1, 93:and make exoteric what the Master taught his disciple in the ancient days when the fundamentalDiscipleship1, 93:consciousness had been somewhat grasped by the disciple and the particular had been alsoDiscipleship1, 93:out in its rightful place and manner by the disciple. The old rule ever remains an unalterable rule
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