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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Discipleship1, 534:you, as an individual, days of opportunity. A disciple makes his own crises and where a life isDiscipleship1, 534:(at your stage of development) it means the disciple is standing still. It means that his work isDiscipleship1, 535:also have definite times for the life of a disciple. In putting the situation thus before you, myDiscipleship1, 538:plodding, fairly satisfactory aspirant into the disciple whose heart and mind are aflame. Perhaps,Discipleship1, 538:specific life, but it means that you are not the disciple, with everything subordinated to the lifeDiscipleship1, 540:one-pointedness which is such an asset to any disciple, but it also gives a measure of narrownessDiscipleship1, 544:next period of work. NOTE: Temporarily, this disciple withdrew from the group of the Tibetan'sDiscipleship1, 545:constitutes one of the hardest aspects of the disciple's career. You have moved forward upon theDiscipleship1, 552:yet to be able to reach them. In the work of the disciple, the time element counts not. Growth,Discipleship1, 553:strength to enable you to tread the way of the disciple. You can count upon yourself and upon yourDiscipleship1, 557:is still identified with the body nature, the disciple is conscious of fatigue, pain, distress andDiscipleship1, 559:the March 1936 instruction, the Tibetan told the disciple that he needed to learn "in tenderness toDiscipleship1, 560:of greater service than heretofore. If you are a disciple, you must bear in mind that you are suchDiscipleship1, 562:a spiritual self-respect which forbids a disciple to stand anywhere upon the Path, except in hisDiscipleship1, 562:There is no false pride in knowing that one is a disciple. This I point out to you and to allDiscipleship1, 563:know that the minutes mount into hours, as the disciple wrestles with himself in order to regainDiscipleship1, 564:tests and deep distress and anxiety overwhelm a disciple except to stand by in love, send healingDiscipleship1, 569:of purification, from the angle of vision of the disciple. Sixth month...The formulation of thoseDiscipleship1, 571:with thankfulness. NOTE: The perspective of this disciple apparently still remains distorted. SheDiscipleship1, 571:step which transforms an aspirant into a disciple. Discipleship1, 576:yourself and your life problems, your work as a disciple, your relationship with my group ofDiscipleship1, 582:called when defining the career of a disciple within the limits of his task), and bring to yourDiscipleship1, 582:you that a sixth ray astral body (where a disciple is concerned) predicates intense adherence to aDiscipleship1, 583:or a major hindrance. In any case - again for a disciple - any idée fixe (beyond that of a rightDiscipleship1, 588:and to your character difficulties. With a disciple, as intelligently motivated as you are, andDiscipleship1, 593:has been strengthened and the light enhanced. A disciple, at your stage of development, has twoDiscipleship1, 593:about and if they are not so staged by the disciple's own soul, then the Master acts to bring theDiscipleship1, 593:Master acts to bring the circumstance about. The disciple must be thrown upon his own resources.Discipleship1, 593:and will cautiously guard against it. When a disciple first comes into a Master's group (as youDiscipleship1, 593:pour unhindered and simultaneously into the disciple's consciousness. When this takes place, thereDiscipleship1, 593:This must eventually come to an end before the disciple can enter into his real service. ThisDiscipleship1, 594:is something little realized by the average disciple. Whilst this type of experience is going on,Discipleship1, 595:also mine for you. I understand and trust you, disciple of mine. I have little time, in these daysDiscipleship1, 595:be apparent from the above instruction that the disciple was temporarily suspended from active workDiscipleship1, 596:by means of which you can become an accepted disciple, when you return again to this earth. By thisDiscipleship1, 601:of identity. You are at liberty naturally as a disciple to receive communications from any source.Discipleship1, 606:that when older and, therefore, more powerful disciple turns his attention to you, the resultingDiscipleship1, 612:mental plane and gradually become a conscious disciple, but who is not yet working on the levelDiscipleship1, 614:with clarity and with hopefulness. The true disciple has ever to face facts. Let me give youDiscipleship1, 614:the minor tasks, faithfully fulfiled, of the disciple who is free from personal ambition. It hadDiscipleship1, 617:your status upon the Path - that of an Accepted Disciple. This carries with it, its encouragement,Discipleship1, 621:OF MINE: My word to you is as follows: As a disciple, functioning as you do upon the first Ray ofDiscipleship1, 621:you have steadily trodden the lonely path of the disciple. Wisdom is yours and this you use in theDiscipleship1, 621:if it is only one or two people), the Way of the Disciple and that you prepare at least two peopleDiscipleship1, 624:submitted to the suggestions of a second ray disciple, myself. The pressure of work on the MastersDiscipleship1, 625:swept you too far apart. The first ray disciple loves isolation. It is for him the line of leastDiscipleship1, 626:did you not? It is not easy for the first ray disciple to learn attachment (of the right andDiscipleship1, 626:any more than it is easy for the second ray disciple to learn detachment. Disciples on both thoseDiscipleship1, 626:inclusiveness which is expressed before the disciple understands the true nature of inclusiveness.Discipleship1, 628:in personality problems; these hold the disciple fast in prison just as you have been held in yourDiscipleship1, 630:less of the warrior in you [630] and more of the disciple upon the Way of Light. Your ivory towerDiscipleship1, 632:of the personality, and, therefore, power. The disciple works from soul levels which are the levelsDiscipleship1, 637:psychic phenomena." This proved true and this disciple is still sidetracked and hence is notDiscipleship1, 638:of service, but I will never tell you; each disciple must freely come to an understanding of hisDiscipleship1, 645:others. My blessing rests upon you. NOTE: This disciple is still working in the Ashram. Discipleship1, 646:and soul rays (for this I always do with any new disciple) but also to indicate the rays of yourDiscipleship1, 648:its own aura and its own atmosphere, and the disciple must penetrate through this to reality. IDiscipleship1, 649:upon you as always and for all time. NOTE: This disciple had a peculiarly close place to theDiscipleship1, 654:picture you have of yourself as a tortured disciple, with phenomenal difficulties in your life. ButDiscipleship1, 662:of the New Group of World Servers. NOTE: This disciple is still fighting out the battle but noDiscipleship1, 663:The inner are already forged. The life of the disciple moves forward through moments of crisis.Discipleship1, 663:The intensification of aspiration, if the disciple is still upon the Probationary Path, or theDiscipleship1, 663:or the intensification of illumination if the disciple is nearing the Path of AcceptedDiscipleship1, 670:Hierarchy of spiritual forces stands. NOTE: This disciple is still presumably active in theDiscipleship1, 673:Introductory Notes The stage wherein a disciple is contacted by the Master through another chela onDiscipleship1, 673:"Little Chelaship." The stage wherein a higher disciple directs the chela from the egoic level.Discipleship1, 673:Ashram. This is definitely the stage of Accepted Disciple. The stage wherein, having shown hisDiscipleship1, 680:argument and criticism have no real place in a disciple's life for the next few years. A saneDiscipleship1, 681:- that is what is asked of the disciple in the world today, this is what the Hierarchy expects andDiscipleship1, 681:need under the new incoming influences? The disciple upon whom the Master can most confidentlyDiscipleship1, 682:based on past procedure. Ponder on this. The disciple who is sure that he is always right and whoDiscipleship1, 682:hinder the good work. The task of the modern disciple is to sense need and then to meet it andDiscipleship1, 682:of invocation and evocation. The life of a disciple is a gradual but steady moving in towards theDiscipleship1, 682:upon all sorts of subjects. The trained disciple is so preoccupied with the Plan, so infused withDiscipleship1, 682:same vision." In the final stages when he is the disciple who is also the Master, his consciousnessDiscipleship1, 683:life are not the major undertaking of the disciple. [684] They are regarded as incidental andDiscipleship1, 684:therefore, is the contribution and work of the disciple? The group of every Master is distinguishedDiscipleship1, 684:humanity. Therefore, the thought life of every disciple must be conditioned by three factors: ByDiscipleship1, 685:group is a center of energy into which the disciple is precipitated and that its effect upon him,Discipleship1, 685:Those two words cover the life of every disciple. They are singularly descriptive of what isDiscipleship1, 685:and which prepare them for the stage of accepted disciple. The vortex of force into which theDiscipleship1, 685:disciple. The vortex of force into which the disciple is plunged (by right of his own effort andDiscipleship1, 686:of forming; the keynote of the work of every disciple can be summed up in the familiar words:Discipleship1, 686:are dealing with the highly mental type of disciple who believes in the freedom of the human willDiscipleship1, 686:ones arise which I would like to cite. Has the disciple to obey the slightest hint which the MasterDiscipleship1, 686:accepted as true and infallibly correct? Is the disciple wrong when he refuses (if he does) toDiscipleship1, 687:potent in the mind and brain reactions of the disciple. This whole problem of occult obedienceDiscipleship1, 687:between soul and personality or between the disciple and the Master was complete and soundlyDiscipleship1, 687:upon the blindness and lack of knowledge of the disciple. As the rapport becomes more firmlyDiscipleship1, 687:blend and fuse; the objectives before the disciple and the Master become identical, and the groupDiscipleship1, 687:them. It is, therefore, the limitations of the disciple which prompt the question and his fear thatDiscipleship1, 687:suggestion is all that a Master ever makes to a disciple, even though he may make positiveDiscipleship1, 687:Is this vision, which must exist before the disciple seeks admittance into a Master's group, aDiscipleship1, 688:the next peak of attainment for humanity? A disciple becomes an Accepted Disciple when he startsDiscipleship1, 688:for humanity? A disciple becomes an Accepted Disciple when he starts climbing towards the vision,Discipleship1, 688:world are beginning to do. A man becomes a World Disciple in the technical sense when the vision isDiscipleship1, 689:But (upon the path of Accepted Discipleship) the disciple must, get away from this because it isDiscipleship1, 689:of disciples and of world disciples. A world disciple is a man or woman who has made real progressDiscipleship1, 690:each of you who read and understand my words a disciple in truth and in deed. The primary task ofDiscipleship1, 691:so much the how of rendering it; for this each disciple is independently responsible. The Master
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