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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Discipleship1, 736:in the spontaneous, free way of the spirit. The disciple is, therefore, thrown back on aDiscipleship1, 736:is their result a loving expression because the disciple is identified with himself and focused inDiscipleship1, 736:that is said but tell me." The cry of the disciple is: "Aid [737] the work. Forget yourself. TheDiscipleship1, 737:response and the conscious reaction of the disciple. Along with these reactions, the Master looksDiscipleship1, 737:Master looks for an effort on the part of the disciple to be impersonal in his dealings, both withDiscipleship1, 737:self and a sense of proportion which enables the disciple to see his little personal [738] affairsDiscipleship1, 739:and understanding? One of the first lessons a disciple has to learn is to recognize what isDiscipleship1, 739:"hierarchical progression." This enables the disciple to place himself consciously at the point toDiscipleship1, 740:consciously conceited than is the experienced disciple. It was the need for the understanding ofDiscipleship1, 740:of discipleship as our study theme. To be a disciple does not mean that all within the Ashram areDiscipleship1, 740:composed of all degrees, ranging from that of a disciple who is taking his first steps upon theDiscipleship1, 740:the arduous path of training, up to that of a disciple who is a Master of the Wisdom. ThisDiscipleship1, 740:whilst presenting situations with which the disciple must deal. Every disciple is a focal point ofDiscipleship1, 740:with which the disciple must deal. Every disciple is a focal point of power to some degree. TheDiscipleship1, 740:of power to some degree. The more advanced the disciple, the greater the force or energy which willDiscipleship1, 740:necessarily presents situations which the lesser disciple has to handle. The true disciple neverDiscipleship1, 740:the lesser disciple has to handle. The true disciple never does this with intention. The theory (soDiscipleship1, 740:groups) that the leader or some senior working disciple must stage situations in order to developDiscipleship1, 740:the range of the radiation of a Master or of any disciple senior to you, then things are bound toDiscipleship1, 740:sensed and needed changes. Eventually when the disciple's vibration is constant and responsive toDiscipleship1, 741:initiate of a higher degree that an initiate or disciple of a lower grade can be admitted into theDiscipleship1, 741:is described as follows: "The stage wherein the disciple is taught how (in emergencies) to attractDiscipleship1, 741:physical processes of living in the body. A disciple cannot say that now because he is a disciple,Discipleship1, 741:A disciple cannot say that now because he is a disciple, he will not be subject to this, that orDiscipleship1, 742:consciousness. There is, to the mind of the disciple, only life and form and he is learning toDiscipleship1, 742:and into many hearts. This thread enables the disciple (if he has been permitted to learn how toDiscipleship1, 743:[743] The Master * The Soul * * The Ashram * The Disciple An extension of this idea lies behindDiscipleship1, 743:Part VII This fourth stage is only possible to a disciple who has been an accepted disciple forDiscipleship1, 743:possible to a disciple who has been an accepted disciple for more than one life and who hasDiscipleship1, 743:The requirements can be stated as follows: The disciple has succeeded in decentralizing himself andDiscipleship1, 744:longer controls his thoughts and aspiration. The disciple can now work with impersonality, noDiscipleship1, 744:firm action as need and opportunity arise. The disciple has developed a sense of proportion as toDiscipleship1, 744:and the distortion, makes its appearance. The disciple is conscious simultaneously of two states ofDiscipleship1, 745:which he carries out his work and service as a disciple. These two related points are not inDiscipleship1, 745:as they emerge in the consciousness of the disciple upon the physical plane and express hisDiscipleship1, 745:self. These are the requirements which the disciple must meet before he is taught to reach theDiscipleship1, 745:his chela's progress. As the name implies, the disciple at this point is permitted to call theDiscipleship1, 745:or his own benefiting. This signifies that the disciple is capable of handling his life andDiscipleship1, 746:call, for it is the endowed right of the trusted disciple to send it out when emergency demands it.Discipleship1, 746:long cycle of the outer relation of the accepted disciple upon the periphery and finally within theDiscipleship1, 746:which distinguishes the accepted disciple; he is decentralized and engrossed in the fulfilment ofDiscipleship1, 747:must take. The major tasks of the Master when a disciple first enters his Ashram is to make himDiscipleship1, 747:decentralization. This involves the shift of the disciple's consciousness from himself to the workDiscipleship1, 747:or are you engrossed with your own position as a disciple, with your own spiritual problems, andDiscipleship1, 748:a center of invocation and when the individual disciple becomes a chela on the thread, it is as theDiscipleship1, 748:techniques are, however, taught directly to the disciple by the Master when he recognizes hisDiscipleship1, 748:of living light. This the Master projects as the disciple's service evokes a response from him.Discipleship1, 748:evocation, however, increases its potency as the disciple builds the antahkarana between theDiscipleship1, 749:an interview with the Master. At this stage, the disciple is called a chela within the aura." It isDiscipleship1, 749:connotes almost complete at-one-ment between the disciple and the Master's group. He has alreadyDiscipleship1, 749:those connected with any group affiliation the disciple may rightly hold upon the physical plane,Discipleship1, 750:how difficult is the process of absorbing a new disciple into an Ashram; he has to be taught toDiscipleship1, 750:of emotional disturbance which distinguishes the disciple who is focused in a "mind held steady inDiscipleship1, 750:efforts to the unimportant task of helping a disciple. [751] An accepted disciple, therefore,Discipleship1, 751:task of helping a disciple. [751] An accepted disciple, therefore, advances - if I may so expressDiscipleship1, 751:is contacted by him and he becomes an accepted disciple in full waking consciousness. The Master isDiscipleship1, 751:via the personality. It might be stated that no disciple becomes a chela on the thread until he hasDiscipleship1, 753:stages of discipleship is the existence in the disciple of qualities, radiatory activities andDiscipleship1, 753:when they have evoked a response and drawn the disciple to the periphery of the sphere of activityDiscipleship1, 753:still greater potency the same qualities in the disciple, occultly pulling him closer to theDiscipleship1, 753:of the Ashram. It is at this point that the disciple awakens to the realization that his threeDiscipleship1, 754:as there exists, in the consciousness of the disciple, the ability to respond to the quality andDiscipleship1, 754:I would point out that in this way, the disciple begins to make a significant contribution to theDiscipleship1, 754:contribution to the life of the Ashram. Each disciple who penetrates into the aura of the MasterDiscipleship1, 754:and radiant. Within that aura the initiate-disciple carries forward his work, standing at theDiscipleship1, 755:radiations as far as the responsiveness of the disciple is concerned: The radiation which comesDiscipleship1, 755:response from the embryonic abstract mind of the disciple when the antahkarana is being built andDiscipleship1, 755:is made between the Master and the awakening disciple as follows: The manasic permanent atom of theDiscipleship1, 755:as follows: The manasic permanent atom of the disciple. The knowledge petals of the egoic lotus.Discipleship1, 755:the light." The throat center. The brain of the disciple upon the physical plane. This is all of itDiscipleship1, 755:it necessarily relative but the moment that the disciple has established this line of approach toDiscipleship1, 755:response is made it results eventually in the disciple becoming the chela within the aura. TheDiscipleship1, 756:vibratory activity of the Master reaches the disciple and draws him finally within the aura is: TheDiscipleship1, 756:atom, or the intuitional vehicle of the advanced disciple. The love petals of the egoic lotus. TheDiscipleship1, 756:into the physical consciousness of the disciple along the following lines: The atmic permanent atomDiscipleship1, 756:"influential emanation" is that which draws the disciple into his aura - not in this instance [757]Discipleship1, 757:there is always at a given moment some one disciple who is being trained to take the Master's placeDiscipleship1, 757:important work. As you know, I was the senior disciple of the Master K. H. and when I became aDiscipleship1, 757:and my place in his group was taken by another disciple on the second ray; two disciples are neededDiscipleship1, 758:aura, we have seen that the true pledged disciple who has reached the stage of being an acceptedDiscipleship1, 758:who has reached the stage of being an accepted disciple passes from point to point within theDiscipleship1, 759:a long time. The force usually dispensed by a disciple, until the channel stage is automatic andDiscipleship1, 760:personality). The time has to come when the disciple can, at will, distribute the ashramic andDiscipleship1, 760:It has been said (esoterically) that "when the disciple can distribute the four forces and makeDiscipleship1, 760:twenty-eight belong to the seven and when the disciple works with seven, he normally andDiscipleship1, 761:into esoteric groups. The advanced accepted disciple has always his own group which he gathersDiscipleship1, 761:work. I would remind you of this. The gauge of a disciple's capacity lies in his influence -Discipleship1, 761:towards the center. The centers, as used by the disciple in his unfolding progress, are dependentDiscipleship1, 761:clear at this point that the Master never uses a disciple's centers as distributing agencies forDiscipleship1, 761:is no form aspect or vehicle which can hold the disciple a prisoner or any way limited. After theDiscipleship1, 762:of the highest occult training and when the disciple is in the Ashram itself, the centers areDiscipleship1, 762:process because it is through them that the disciple learns the nature of energy, its distinctionDiscipleship1, 762:to the Master in the task of training the disciple for hierarchical work. This necessarily involvesDiscipleship1, 762:he is concerned and this is a point which the disciple is very apt to forget. The soul isDiscipleship1, 762:Master's aura and from thence transmitted to the disciple. The channel or channels of directionDiscipleship1, 762:The Master. The Ashram. The soul of the disciple. Humanity. The disciple. [763] The antahkarana.Discipleship1, 762:Ashram. The soul of the disciple. Humanity. The disciple. [763] The antahkarana. The three higherDiscipleship1, 763:from the universal (as far as the individual disciple is concerned), to the particular, i.e., theDiscipleship1, 763:is concerned), to the particular, i.e., the disciple in a physical body. The detail of the descentDiscipleship1, 763:process will be affected by the ray type of the disciple. The response from the disciple upon the
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