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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Discipleship1, 763:ray type of the disciple. The response from the disciple upon the physical plane and theDiscipleship1, 763:on in the egoic vehicle and registered by the disciple upon the physical plane, produces eventuallyDiscipleship1, 765:which are totally unimaginable to the average disciple? He is, therefore, when functioning on theDiscipleship1, 766:in the treading of the Path. The more advanced a disciple the more dangerous such emphasis andDiscipleship1, 767:the following terms: [767] "The stage where the disciple is in close touch always; he is beingDiscipleship1, 767:indicates a love-relationship between Master and disciple. The normal reaction is that at last theDiscipleship1, 767:The normal reaction is that at last the disciple has merited the right to be truly loved and,Discipleship1, 767:For another thing, brother of mine, when the disciple reaches this stage he is no longer what youDiscipleship1, 767:is no longer what you understand by an accepted disciple. He is an initiate of high standing and ofDiscipleship1, 767:active and utilized - between the conscious disciple and The disciple's heart center. The heartDiscipleship1, 767:- between the conscious disciple and The disciple's heart center. The heart center in the head.Discipleship1, 768:such an inappropriate word can be used) of the disciple upon that upward Way which is revealed byDiscipleship1, 768:heart." One refers to the Master upon the disciple's ray; the other refers to the Christ, theDiscipleship1, 769:of that call creeps in; only the advanced disciple either brings it through correctly or respondsDiscipleship1, 769:the Master gauges the place and status of the disciple, though there are, of course, many otherDiscipleship1, 770:and complicate the work of the trained disciple. Probationary disciples who receive and respond toDiscipleship1, 770:it through the vision and teaching of a senior disciple. Their service to the Plan is frequentlyDiscipleship1, 772:"Second Coming." And so, from stage to stage the disciple passes, going from light to light, fromDiscipleship1, 780:B. has never claimed to be more than a working disciple, occupied with world work (which no one canDiscipleship1, 780:has reiterated again and again that the word "disciple" is the legitimate and non-controversialDiscipleship1, 780:workers in the Hierarchy from the probationary disciple, [781] loosely affiliated with certainDiscipleship1, 781:the Ashram of her own Master - the work of his disciple. Discipleship1, 787:(as did her own Master) that her major duty as a disciple was to familiarize the public with theDiscipleship1, 788:attention to themselves. To be a probationary disciple, one can be a devotee; the emphasis can thenDiscipleship1, 788:of brotherhood and human need; to be an accepted disciple, working directly under the Masters andDiscipleship1, 790:to the [790] individual - be he a Master or a disciple. They care nothing for personal loyaltiesDiscipleship2, XII:in the new age the field of training for the disciple is in the New Group of World Servers. TheDiscipleship2, 4:and illuminating element in the life of the disciple. Let not your love remain theoretical, butDiscipleship2, 7:clear light" that it is permissible for a disciple to bring into the picture personal sensitivitiesDiscipleship2, 7:rightly adjusted. Why is it necessary for the disciple to intensify his inner link with hisDiscipleship2, 7:the teacher is his Master, not because the disciple is subjected to the imposition by the [8]Discipleship2, 8:The contribution of each may differ; one disciple may have achieved much along the lines of clearDiscipleship2, 8:two lines. What is it therefore which prevents a disciple, as an individual, from having directDiscipleship2, 8:a Master without being dependent upon a senior disciple as an intermediary? What is it thatDiscipleship2, 10:reader. One glance in the direction of the disciple with the thought in mind of ascertaining theDiscipleship2, 11:(based on certain charts) from the senior disciple who has the neophyte in charge. It is in thisDiscipleship2, 12:the need for the intelligent work of the trained disciple. Will you bear this in mind, and apply myDiscipleship2, 12:of the Masters. So much of the thought life of a disciple is occupied with a ceaselessDiscipleship2, 13:The handling of crises is the hallmark of the disciple, and every crisis met and rightly handledDiscipleship2, 18:affects the three centers in the individual disciple and also, and consequently, his astral body.Discipleship2, 19:conscious use of the antahkarana. The accepted disciple never receives any detailed information orDiscipleship2, 19:attention to the fact that they are hints. The disciple either recognized them for what they wereDiscipleship2, 19:constructed of the "rainbow bridge" of each disciple. III. Develop in each of you some measure ofDiscipleship2, 21:and the manipulation of energy by the initiate-disciple, via the centers, via the group centers -Discipleship2, 23:I said, increasingly the individual life of the disciple lessens and his group awareness andDiscipleship2, 24:is one of great difficulty to the average disciple. He is either working constantly under a senseDiscipleship2, 25:unawakened aspirant. The problem of the learned disciple. Ignorance and knowledge must both giveDiscipleship2, 26:which has for its goal the living (by the disciple) of a dual life - a life of active participationDiscipleship2, 28:love and mental activity can serve to pull the disciple through them; this is always possible,Discipleship2, 29:upon us and it frequently brings to the earnest disciple the experience - terrible yet beautiful -Discipleship2, 29:ray, the type and the point in evolution of the disciple. From it you cannot escape. But one errorDiscipleship2, 30:sources of inspiration which indicate to the disciple - struggling on the physical plane - hisDiscipleship2, 30:as a result of interplay. Later, as the initiate-disciple makes progress and as he builds theDiscipleship2, 31:the motivating impulse at the center of the disciple's being." Thus spoke one of the Masters notDiscipleship2, 31:Thus spoke one of the Masters not long ago to a disciple who sought to grasp the synthetic effectDiscipleship2, 33:of complete aloneness can give to the ardent disciple (who craves and rests back uponDiscipleship2, 34:has relation to the "double life pattern of the disciple" to which I referred when I lastDiscipleship2, 34:paralleling activity - the activity of the inner disciple and the work of the outer man. A perfectDiscipleship2, 34:and complicates the problem with which the disciple is faced and which he already regards as mostDiscipleship2, 34:challenging. There is (within the man) the inner disciple, oriented consciously towards theDiscipleship2, 39:they loosen the ashramic tie and eventually the disciple slips into an interlude (sometimes ofDiscipleship2, 43:determination to function as a server and as a disciple brings about a refocusing of all the forcesDiscipleship2, 43:demanded by the soul appears so great that the disciple at times refuses cooperation for fear ofDiscipleship2, 43:and the program of the Ashram with which the disciple is affiliated are unreasonable or - as is theDiscipleship2, 43:not understand the demands upon the Occidental disciple. I have for years endeavored to arouse allDiscipleship2, 44:your equipment. My brothers, let me repeat: The disciple has to take himself as he is at any givenDiscipleship2, 45:is one of the first things that indicates to a disciple that he is being prepared for initiation.Discipleship2, 45:other people. There is much loneliness in a disciple's life which is entirely his own fault andDiscipleship2, 45:to the loneliness which comes when the accepting disciple becomes the pledged disciple and stepsDiscipleship2, 45:when the accepting disciple becomes the pledged disciple and steps out of a life of physical planeDiscipleship2, 46:and the will-to-good which is the goal of the disciple. Goodwill is relatively simple of expressionDiscipleship2, 59:effort and the strenuous activity of the serving disciple which evokes the soul powers, makesDiscipleship2, 59:to the Great Renunciation, which sets the disciple free for all eternity. I am giving you hereDiscipleship2, 63:Kumara is naturally unaware of the individual disciple or aspirant, he is not unaware of theirDiscipleship2, 64:initiates. This is not correct. Every accepted disciple is within the periphery of the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 64:some past life taken the first initiation. Every disciple has [65] been to Bethlehem and has seenDiscipleship2, 65:the emotions and the mental mechanism of the disciple because he is, as yet, unable to achieve thatDiscipleship2, 66:The problem, therefore, of the modern disciple is peculiarly hard, and the Masters bear this everDiscipleship2, 66:you appreciate the keen ability of the trained disciple to react to the harrowing conditions ofDiscipleship2, 66:factors of a more subjective nature to which the disciple is sensitive, and among them are theDiscipleship2, 66:registered pain and through which the observing disciple must move. The glamor induced upon theDiscipleship2, 67:The stimulation to which the lower vehicles of a disciple are unavoidably subjected. This evokes aDiscipleship2, 67:basic changes which evoke the vocation of the disciple. The disciple is occupied with vocation andDiscipleship2, 67:which evoke the vocation of the disciple. The disciple is occupied with vocation and not so muchDiscipleship2, 68:What is referred to is the reaction of the disciple to world evil. This produces uncertainty as toDiscipleship2, 68:hierarchical knowledge in the possession of the disciple. World affairs and conditions haveDiscipleship2, 69:the opportunity to serve which confronts every disciple these days, that your own personalDiscipleship2, 69:This is hard, if not humiliating, for the disciple to remember. The more engrossed he is with hisDiscipleship2, 69:this, barriers are then being set up between the disciple and the life of the Ashram of which he isDiscipleship2, 70:the ranks of the Great White Lodge. What the disciple undergoing initiation (and I choose the wordDiscipleship2, 70:concerns hierarchical recognition of the disciple and does not concern the candidate's fitness. IDiscipleship2, 70:in the emergence of many initiates; no true disciple is exempt from the effects of this planetaryDiscipleship2, 70:then still upon the Probationary Path. When the disciple is in the position where he can passDiscipleship2, 71:spinal center are simultaneously involved, the disciple is then able to take the higher majorDiscipleship2, 71:and be used. For, be not surprised my brother, a disciple can meet the test if he will. AcceptedDiscipleship2, 72:It will offset the usual loneliness of the disciple's way and enable him to realize that he travelsDiscipleship2, 74:seems severed, and others wherein the disciple appears to be making no progress at all and hasDiscipleship2, 74:only in process. He does know what the accepted disciple, admitted freely into ashramic intimacy,Discipleship2, 76:is not done, I - owing to the free will of the disciple - am helpless. Another reason upon which IDiscipleship2, 78:individual matter, known only to the aspiring disciple and myself. Such it must remain for this
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