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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Discipleship2, 78:all of us. A Master has to know and gauge the disciple by the work which he does in the furtheringDiscipleship2, 78:in the furthering of the Plan, and not by the disciple's reaction to his aspiration. The attentiveDiscipleship2, 78:the existent phase of divine expression in the disciple's daily life. By what else can the onlookerDiscipleship2, 78:By what else can the onlooker gauge it? The disciple is therefore under constant dualDiscipleship2, 80:K.H.'s disciples is now to function as senior disciple in my Ashram, because A.A.B. is no longerDiscipleship2, 81:testing and trial, and the more advanced the disciple the greater has been his problem, involvingDiscipleship2, 82:all over the world have sought to do. Every disciple has been tested; unsuspected weaknesses haveDiscipleship2, 83:the Master K.H. in which A.A.B. is a worker and disciple. I seek now to make a few comments anentDiscipleship2, 85:follow the rules and live the outer life of a disciple. It is the books which bring people into theDiscipleship2, 87:the rules of the Ashram and the dual life of the disciple are emphasized. This is a school whereinDiscipleship2, 88:which are the outstanding hallmarks of the disciple. One thing I would however like you clearly toDiscipleship2, 90:that the aspiration and the development of a disciple (usually stimulated by some senior disciple)Discipleship2, 90:of a disciple (usually stimulated by some senior disciple) has enabled him in thought andDiscipleship2, 91:brings him to that [91] point prematurely. The disciple is, however, there; the next move is (asDiscipleship2, 91:you say) up to the Master; he must then give the disciple the opportunity to move closer, if theDiscipleship2, 91:avoided and is one of the tests of an accepted disciple's fitness for "ashramic sharing." [92]Discipleship2, 93:is doing well, but he is an old and trained disciple, and about him no anxiety has been needed. TheDiscipleship2, 94:to you, therefore, as an individual and pledged disciple. As long as your state of awareness laysDiscipleship2, 95:like to share your emotional reactions with a co-disciple? Are you interested in his? If so, why?Discipleship2, 95:yourself from the personality reactions of a co-disciple; you welcome them and absorb them and -Discipleship2, 97:They can be regarded as being put to the disciple by his own soul and will mark - if correctly andDiscipleship2, 97:The answers should convey the truth, as the disciple sees it today and not in the light of hisDiscipleship2, 99:your efforts in relation to your work as my disciple during the coming remainder of your life?Discipleship2, 103:most carefully to remember. The devotion of a disciple to some particular Master is of noDiscipleship2, 103:(without any reservations, as far as the disciple involved is concerned) to the furthering of theDiscipleship2, 105:in deep reflection the plans unfold, and each disciple and initiate sees occultly where he isDiscipleship2, 105:of the constantly developing perception of the disciple-initiate, and it (in its turn) is a part ofDiscipleship2, 105:the occult sense) from Shamballa. The moment a disciple can share in this constant unremittingDiscipleship2, 105:lines of thought, he becomes what is called "a disciple who shall no more go out."[106] AnotherDiscipleship2, 114:awakening to the higher issues of life makes the disciple sensitive to the higher "psychic giftDiscipleship2, 115:fact must be most carefully recognized by each disciple. I would have you ponder most earnestlyDiscipleship2, 119:and in the unfoldment of the individual disciple. You will have noted, I am sure, that in theDiscipleship2, 121:presentation within the life experience of the disciple of the interrelation and eventualDiscipleship2, 121:therefore, emerge into the consciousness of the disciple and at this point in his training theDiscipleship2, 121:the soul establishes increasing control over the disciple. The relation between the two pointsDiscipleship2, 121:totally awakened as is the case of the pledged disciple, prior to the second initiation. TheDiscipleship2, 130:the "double life pattern" of the pledged disciple. He carries on with the lower mind and the higherDiscipleship2, 131:your brother to become a better occultist and disciple. That is his concern, his soul's concern andDiscipleship2, 133:the soul (if such a word is permissible). The disciple has therefore to learn the esotericDiscipleship2, 133:the triplicity of the Ashram, the soul and the disciple himself, with the square representingDiscipleship2, 133:all of them have to be mastered factually by the disciple - theoretically, visually, practically,Discipleship2, 133:apprehended will bring about changes in the disciple's life, in his service, and therefore in hisDiscipleship2, 134:a state of waiting and attentive quiescence. The disciple has - as oft I have told you - to masterDiscipleship2, 135:of The Ashram, The soul on its own plane, The disciple upon the physical plane, whilst the squareDiscipleship2, 136:[136] realm of soul and into the heart of the disciple. Thus is the Triad formed; then are theDiscipleship2, 137:this will invoke the creative imagination of the disciple, and this, in its turn, will beDiscipleship2, 137:illumined mind. A second stage comes when the disciple, having considered the Ashram as outlinedDiscipleship2, 137:attention to yourself, the soul, the conscious disciple in preparation for that expansion ofDiscipleship2, 138:It is with these highest aspects that the disciple is asked to cooperate. Discipleship2, 138:- Part V It is not possible for the individual disciple in any Ashram to cooperate in all phases ofDiscipleship2, 139:presupposes an immediate mental focusing of the disciple at the very beginning of his meditationDiscipleship2, 140:A statement made by you, the soul, the disciple, to the personality: [141] "In the center of theDiscipleship2, 141:behind this meditation would develop in the disciple's consciousness a realization of a livingDiscipleship2, 141:the chain of Hierarchy reaches the individual disciple, leading him to a later realization that heDiscipleship2, 142:was to bring to light the fact that the disciple (as an outpost of the Ashram as a functioningDiscipleship2, 142:of their disciples from this symbolic angle. The disciple who reaps the benefit of this lastDiscipleship2, 142:objective of this meditation was to bring the disciple to the point where his interest (evokedDiscipleship2, 143:or yours in assigning needless exercises; the disciple who faithfully and with a definitelyDiscipleship2, 145:study the idea in connection with yourself, the disciple, active in service and the Master's work,Discipleship2, 146:STAGE FIVE - The Transmitter of Ideas. As the disciple, you have realized that a knowledge of truthDiscipleship2, 152:into the group awareness of the dedicated disciple. I sought to help you set up a facility ofDiscipleship2, 153:all the centers in the etheric body [153] of the disciple. This results in the ability of theseDiscipleship2, 154:of all this into its highest possible terms, the disciple and the initiate are learning theDiscipleship2, 154:under the Law of Free Occult Obedience. But the disciple or the initiate must not remain foreverDiscipleship2, 156:the impressions to be received by the attentive disciple. The word "diverse" here employed is notDiscipleship2, 156:of the planetary Logos. Achievement, for the disciple, consists (along this line) in a sequentialDiscipleship2, 156:these words mean still another thing to the disciple affiliated with and functioning consciously inDiscipleship2, 157:the initiation which you (again as an individual disciple) should take. The final stanza of theDiscipleship2, 157:"which disciples know and serve." The word "disciple" is an inclusive word, in the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 157:grade of human aspirant from the newly accepted disciple up to and inclusive of the Christ Himself.Discipleship2, 165:and disciples. That of the more advanced disciple (as far as I can) and of the Hierarchy. First,Discipleship2, 171:many cases, just as before, he over-shadowed his disciple Jesus; through this over-shadowing ofDiscipleship2, 171:and the potency of the over-shadowed disciple will be amazing. One of the first experiments he madeDiscipleship2, Here t:mantram which is called the Affirmation of a Disciple. It has been used by disciples in theDiscipleship2, 176:to the personality, made by you the soul, the disciple: "In the center of the will of God I stand.Discipleship2, 177:its emphasis, which now has no relation to the disciple - as had the earlier three; they relatedDiscipleship2, 178:both the vertical and the horizontal life of the disciple; this meditation is, again, built upDiscipleship2, 178:the factual nature of your dual life as a disciple. This the superimposed Crosses show. [179] GiveDiscipleship2, 179:Age; therefore it is essential that every disciple (aspiring to the service of humanity) shouldDiscipleship2, 181:understood and perfected, prepares the disciple for the work which he will later do as a Master orDiscipleship2, 181:of love as it blends with the forces of the disciple's own ray; that, in turn, colors somewhat theDiscipleship2, 182:second meditation is only effective when the disciple can work with the heart center in the head.Discipleship2, 182:the head. As soon as this becomes possible, the disciple realizes three things: The relation of theDiscipleship2, 182:the first esoteric triangle of energy which the disciple creates. Later comes the creation of aDiscipleship2, 184:has been stabilized and fully accepted, the disciple then becomes a Master; he is now ready toDiscipleship2, 184:an alignment or unimpeded relation between: The disciple and Humanity - The throat or creativeDiscipleship2, 184:or creative center in the planetary sense. The disciple and the Hierarchy - The heart center of theDiscipleship2, 184:- The heart center of the planetary Logos. The disciple and Shamballa - The head center of theDiscipleship2, 184:was the first one given by me which carries the disciple into the true world of esotericism. ItDiscipleship2, 185:an Ashram. It is therefore intended to teach the disciple how to absorb energy and what toDiscipleship2, 185:and of attitude." So much of the life of a disciple, even when he has been admitted into an AshramDiscipleship2, 185:Exactly the reverse is intended; all that the disciple essentially is upon the inner planes has toDiscipleship2, 185:same time demonstrates its essential unity. The disciple becomes outwardly effective. His AshramicDiscipleship2, 185:consciousness and his power to function as a disciple or an initiate must be blended with hisDiscipleship2, 185:Each of these meditations carries the practicing disciple on to greater insight, or should do so,Discipleship2, 186:a correct sense of timing. This will prevent the disciple from taking precipitate or prematureDiscipleship2, 187:masses of men everywhere does not concern the disciple. His work lies primarily with the advanced,Discipleship2, 188:and an intense focusing. The trained disciple can therefore use this Invocation on several levelsDiscipleship2, 188:It must be used in that way. When the trained disciple or the aspirant in training uses it, he willDiscipleship2, 189:Position It is an occult truism to say that the disciple is crucified upon the Fixed Cross of the
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