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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Discipleship2, 189:he lives in the recognition that the life of the disciple is hard and its exigencies areDiscipleship2, 189:this meditation is intended to teach the disciple to create - with deliberate intention - his ownDiscipleship2, 189:and the horizontal position of the practicing disciple. In this meditation you therefore have: TheDiscipleship2, 190:polar opposite, i.e., achievement. The trained disciple works always from the angle of achievement,Discipleship2, 190:he assumes as regards himself, the serving disciple, and the work to be done. The Horizontal LifeDiscipleship2, 190:As a result of his successful vertical life, the disciple feels himself at-one with all life in allDiscipleship2, 190:there is also no realization of difference, the disciple can "tune in" on the life in all forms,Discipleship2, 190:is based on innate divine tendency; that of the disciple is based on knowledge and receptivity toDiscipleship2, 190:provide a most interesting chart for the disciple's life. This meditation, therefore, provides aDiscipleship2, 190:provides a complete and rounded-out form for the disciple to follow; it will suffice him for manyDiscipleship2, 191:crosses: To these two symbols of the life of the disciple I seek at this time to add another one,Discipleship2, 192:long limb of the triple cross symbolizes to the disciple that he must go down into the very depthsDiscipleship2, 192:summit of the cross portrays the "place of the disciple's consciousness." His life of reflection,Discipleship2, 193:the Path from the highest point attained by the disciple to the lowest point of service. You willDiscipleship2, 193:and cross each other. This point represents the disciple's personality, into which the higherDiscipleship2, 193:created through the power of thought by the disciple, but - in time and space - they have no trueDiscipleship2, 195:because the antahkarana is a realization to the disciple, and because the mind is oriented towardsDiscipleship2, 195:ray characteristics can pass at will; the disciple will increasingly register the "things of theDiscipleship2, 195:time function in the three worlds as a serving disciple. With this simple presentation of theDiscipleship2, 196:ray characteristics can pass at will, and the disciple will increasingly register the "things ofDiscipleship2, 196:efficiently in the three worlds as the serving disciple. In this paragraph you have indicated theDiscipleship2, 196:meditative way of life of the individual disciple in relation to his own soul, and later to theDiscipleship2, 198:Mind; it leads to a conscious alignment of the disciple's centers and also of the three planetaryDiscipleship2, 198:receptive and distributory in nature. In the disciple it is the agent which creates or builds theDiscipleship2, 198:(the center between the eyebrows) which, in the disciple, is the prime agent for the distributionDiscipleship2, 203:efforts to think and to work. The accepted disciple in this group work is in conscious rapport withDiscipleship2, 204:and purpose of the Rainbow Bridge which each disciple is endeavoring consciously to build. It isDiscipleship2, 205:efficiency of the Ashram or of the individual disciple, because two or more lines of thought andDiscipleship2, 205:possible. This is another lesson which the disciple learns. Later again, the disciple in the AshramDiscipleship2, 205:which the disciple learns. Later again, the disciple in the Ashram becomes aware of the meditationDiscipleship2, 205:and controlled by the Christ. The aspiring disciple becomes conscious of a vast meditational rhythmDiscipleship2, 211:Ashram is a center of meditation to which every disciple, initiate and Master contributes. I wouldDiscipleship2, 221:on Meditation - Part XIII The sixth ray disciple is active also in organizing the mysticalDiscipleship2, 229:passes through my hands? Am I handling it as a disciple of the Masters should handle it? P A U S EDiscipleship2, 233:(if you could but realize it) each initiate and disciple finds his place and sphere of activity andDiscipleship2, 233:the very highest initiate to the least important disciple. You might here ask: What is the value ofDiscipleship2, 233:of the meditation and contribution of a new disciple, unaccustomed to ashramic patterns of thoughtDiscipleship2, 234:The meditation, therefore, of every grade of disciple and initiate has its use, for by theirDiscipleship2, 244:the theme anent the attitude of the accepted disciple towards his Master and towards the generalDiscipleship2, 244:consider the immediate steps ahead which the disciple must take, where he is and with whatDiscipleship2, 247:in this latter connection I may give. The disciple, when he becomes an accepted disciple (and thisDiscipleship2, 247:give. The disciple, when he becomes an accepted disciple (and this through the Lodge's recognitionDiscipleship2, 249:on all the time within the mechanism of the disciple or initiate. The death proceeds with itsDiscipleship2, 249:"the formula of liberation." If you were a disciple who had access to the archives whereinDiscipleship2, 249:to each other, contain the formulas which the disciple has to interpret and integrate into hisDiscipleship2, 250:two reactions in the consciousness of the disciple - and when a group of disciples are working withDiscipleship2, 252:esoteric values and realities which the modern disciple manifests. He can and does perceive thatDiscipleship2, 253:vision and the starting point, now the modern disciple perceives likewise many of the intermediateDiscipleship2, 253:He sees himself, and that - for aeons - the disciple has ever been able to do. But now he alsoDiscipleship2, 255:the imparted theories which have guided the disciple's thinking hitherto must become practicalDiscipleship2, 255:are today faced. Just as the attitudes of the disciple to daily living and to world happenings areDiscipleship2, 255:in the world of meaning, so the initiate-disciple develops an attitude to living processes and toDiscipleship2, 256:body provides no hindrance to the initiate - disciple, but provides a medium of facile contact withDiscipleship2, 256:soul body at a later stage of development. Every disciple has to discover for himself and alone forDiscipleship2, 257:reactions are automatically evoked in the true disciple and in the true group within the Ashram:Discipleship2, 257:you to arrive at contact with the "Point." The disciple starts on the periphery of the Master'sDiscipleship2, 257:is essentially a process of revelation. For the disciple who is being prepared to take anDiscipleship2, 258:particularly where the probationary disciple is concerned. Discipleship2, 259:to be taken and the ray of the prepared disciple. These are: 1. The Stage of Penetration. ThisDiscipleship2, 260:place and humanity is consequently served. Every disciple who arrives at a recognition of theDiscipleship2, 260:which blinds the mass of men. The sixth ray disciple takes far longer over this stage ofDiscipleship2, 260:and manifests through Shamballa. Just as the disciple has to do two things: polarize his positionDiscipleship2, 262:contact marks the present effort of the disciple. Glamor is disappearing; illusions are beingDiscipleship2, 263:the mind (the major conditioning factor in a disciple's life in the early stages of his training)Discipleship2, 263:initiate, the soul registers consciously for the disciple who can identify himself with the soul,Discipleship2, 263:are concerned with the six relationships, as the disciple succeeds in establishing them. These sixDiscipleship2, 263:unconscious and it is only gradually that the disciple wakes up to the fact that by quietDiscipleship2, 265:solar or human. The Eye that Knows. This is the disciple who, from stage to stage, reactsDiscipleship2, 265:is limited in the neophyte, deepening in the disciple and profound in the Master, but it is allDiscipleship2, 265:the eye that knows." These are the eye of the disciple and the eye of the personality. There is aDiscipleship2, 268:them are, however, possible of discovery by the disciple in training at this particular time,Discipleship2, 268:These points of revelation appear when the disciple realizes that initiation is not a process ofDiscipleship2, 268:The stage of Precipitation. The approach of the disciple to the entire subject of initiationDiscipleship2, 269:physical disciplines. Today, the true [269] disciple who is ready for this great step is in controlDiscipleship2, 272:interpretation. This formula is seen by the disciple inscribed upon the plates of the unknownDiscipleship2, 274:apprehended, at least intellectually, carry the disciple to the point where that which is new,Discipleship2, 275:its correct apprehension) can carry the initiate-disciple from "the unreal to the Real." The firstDiscipleship2, 276:future, and that the techniques of developing a disciple's consciousness will be different to thoseDiscipleship2, 276:It means that the intelligent grasp of the disciple and the initiate is now so advanced (relativelyDiscipleship2, 276:These no longer constitute hints to the modern disciple; he knows enough by himself to work on hisDiscipleship2, 277:initiates, but what you mean when you speak of a disciple. You might naturally have assumed thatDiscipleship2, 278:it was the duty and the responsibility of the disciple, working under the inspiration of the AshramDiscipleship2, 278:it is in the right use of these hints that the disciple learns to serve with adequacy and precisionDiscipleship2, 280:- Part IV The first thing, therefore, that the disciple in preparation for initiation has to learnDiscipleship2, 280:The primary task of the Master is to aid the disciple to develop the intuition, and at the sameDiscipleship2, 280:mind. But the abstractions with which the disciple in training is then dealing are not in theDiscipleship2, 281:Ideas, when intuitively contacted by the disciple or initiate, via the antahkarana, must be broughtDiscipleship2, 281:is expressed for you the process which the disciple will be able to follow when he is initiate; asDiscipleship2, 282:gained to his daily life with understanding. The disciple is endeavoring to comprehend theDiscipleship2, 285:out two most necessary requirements which the disciple in training for initiation must grasp. AsDiscipleship2, 288:there emerges in the consciousness of the disciple, the assurance that behind the phenomenal worldDiscipleship2, 289:carry inspiring implications to the earnest disciple, if he truly considers the statements made andDiscipleship2, 289:these may be mentally grasped by the intelligent disciple, they are very seldom understood. TheyDiscipleship2, 290:These two paragraphs are of importance to the disciple and warrant careful attention. As theseDiscipleship2, 292:The major result, however, is to enable the disciple to become aware, whilst in the physical body,Discipleship2, 293:of initiation. As man the human being, man the disciple, and man the initiate gradually move onwardDiscipleship2, 293:and rightly interpret and relate. As the disciple and the initiate progress from stage to [294]Discipleship2, 295:- as has oft been said - is now the world disciple. Why is this? Primarily for two reasons: Men areDiscipleship2, 296:approach is called for and a higher type of disciple is needed. The training to be given aspirantsDiscipleship2, 296:aspirant, will become man the accepted disciple. I wonder whether you have ever considered the
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