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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Discipleship2, 299:the intuition testifies. It is not easy for the disciple in training to associate the sense ofDiscipleship2, 299:is spiritually imminent which concerns the true disciple, if I may be permitted this play on words.Discipleship2, 299:which is imminent or impending is connected; the disciple has to awaken to that which is on theDiscipleship2, 300:the new developments which are possible if the disciple is rightly focused and oriented. These areDiscipleship2, 300:Master in the past, as he sought to prepare the disciple for initiation, was largely concerned withDiscipleship2, 300:But all that lies far behind the true modern disciple. Today, the Master indicates to him theDiscipleship2, 300:the Master - having done the above - leaves the disciple to work through to knowledge andDiscipleship2, 301:he gives him occasional hints, and as the disciple acts and works upon the hinted suggestions, theDiscipleship2, 301:which must be eventually realized by the disciple. I am not discouraged, because apart from myDiscipleship2, 302:the true method will be to develop in the disciple the sense of synthesis and of "place" in the OneDiscipleship2, 303:apparent to you that the entire life of a disciple becomes one of reflective meditation. MeditationDiscipleship2, 308:service and the ashramic relationships of the disciple or initiate. The germ, seed thought, keyDiscipleship2, 308:series of revelations and enlightenments; the disciple has to find, within the form of theDiscipleship2, 308:in the Biblical narrative. In sincerity, the disciple struggles and works and serves; blindly heDiscipleship2, 308:for initiation. It is essential that the modern disciple no longer goes forward blindly but that heDiscipleship2, 308:- illuminating if duly reflected upon: "The disciple climbs the mountain, its five peaks illuminedDiscipleship2, 309:is that there are five initiations ahead of the disciple, with two more ahead of the Master, makingDiscipleship2, 310:make that which is revealed of service to the disciple in his contribution to the salvaging ofDiscipleship2, 312:of all evil intent, is an enigma to the average disciple. It appears to contravene other laws withDiscipleship2, 314:these are followed by the recognition which the disciple accords within himself to that which hasDiscipleship2, 317:in importance for the masses of men, the disciple (ready for initiation) regards his personalDiscipleship2, 317:affiliated and to which he may be drawn. For the disciple facing the first two initiations, thisDiscipleship2, 317:and methods of working; for the more advanced disciple, it is the Ashram and direct service underDiscipleship2, 319:you well know, [319] the Master would say to a disciple: "Here is a hint" and, having stated it, heDiscipleship2, 319:stated it, he would proceed to enjoin upon his disciple the necessity to withdraw and search forDiscipleship2, 319:the disciples of the New Age. The modern disciple has to recognize the hint which is related to hisDiscipleship2, 321:completed beauty into the consciousness of the disciple; it is a gradual and steadily unfoldingDiscipleship2, 321:descriptive of the stages concern the individual disciple or initiate and express the stages of theDiscipleship2, 322:between an inner reality and the outer man, the disciple on his own plane; you have an evocativeDiscipleship2, 322:and the inner, producing a condition wherein the disciple creates a situation analogous to theDiscipleship2, 324:the requirements are not so drastic or that the disciple will be allowed to take initiation beforeDiscipleship2, 328:all disciples. There is nothing in the mind of a disciple which cannot be telepathically known toDiscipleship2, 329:stated that on entrance into an Ashram the disciple leaves behind him his personality life andDiscipleship2, 329:fact. It must, however, be remembered that a disciple has become what he is as a result of hisDiscipleship2, 329:there is of great importance here. At first the disciple may have little to share, and insteadDiscipleship2, 330:the energy which plays upon the [330] entering disciple so that it is adjusted to his point ofDiscipleship2, 330:Ashram who are of equal development with the new disciple, act as a safeguarding group, and this isDiscipleship2, 330:higher incoming energy is concerned. When a disciple is temporarily bewildered, this safeguardingDiscipleship2, 330:necessity, and where glamor is present in a disciple's life, it places a real strain upon hisDiscipleship2, 330:by the number 10) becomes available to the disciple whose purity of heart has enabled him toDiscipleship2, 331:relation with the Hierarchy. In the case where a disciple has opened a door of attack upon anDiscipleship2, 331:from the usual confidence shown to an erring disciple, but to stand at the same time in steadfastDiscipleship2, 331:is released through the agency of an individual disciple. That is a totally different matter. ADiscipleship2, 331:disciple. That is a totally different matter. A disciple may do this through misuse of the lowerDiscipleship2, 331:responsible for evil-distributed energy; or the disciple can let in evil under the influence ofDiscipleship2, 331:again that it is group evil. In these ways, the disciple simply turns the key, and group evilDiscipleship2, 333:and direction" which is in no way related to the disciple's life or condition or to his aspirationDiscipleship2, 333:advanced disciples in the Ashrams. The advanced disciple may be - and is - well aware of theDiscipleship2, 337:enterprises. In neither of these cases is the disciple apparently distinguished by a so-calledDiscipleship2, 337:some of you who rate an irritable remark by a co-disciple as something disgraceful and belittle theDiscipleship2, 341:it concerns the life, work and activities of the disciple, is the factor which presents difficultyDiscipleship2, 341:as a guide is to be found in the words that the disciple must "... recognize the hint which isDiscipleship2, 341:and revelation." Four ideas emerge for the disciple as he studies this hint: Recognition - Of what?Discipleship2, 342:and that is: it is a hint for the searching disciple. It is not of general application as far as myDiscipleship2, 342:understanding and reply: How have I, as a disciple of D.K., contributed to the work of inducing theDiscipleship2, 342:related to the hierarchical Plan which I - as a disciple - must follow? This would involve aDiscipleship2, 342:This would involve the dual life of the disciple and correct orientation. [343] Do I recognize inDiscipleship2, 343:are therefore intended for the guidance of the disciple in training; the formulas are of widerDiscipleship2, 343:transcended when the part becomes the whole; the disciple must be able also to register and respondDiscipleship2, 343:the Master in any particular group conveys to a disciple his desire for the disciple. In pastDiscipleship2, 343:group conveys to a disciple his desire for the disciple. In past times, the hint given was obviousDiscipleship2, 344:relation) to the initiation for which the disciple is being prepared. They are in the nature ofDiscipleship2, 344:grasped, understood and used - they render the disciple capable of demanding entrance on the basisDiscipleship2, 344:that each initiation is the evidence in the disciple's life that he has succeeded in grasping someDiscipleship2, 344:so all-inclusive that there is little that the disciple can do about them, except feel himself asDiscipleship2, 345:meditation and concentrated thought, prepare the disciple for a deeper understanding of the firstDiscipleship2, 348:comprehension has not yet been created by the disciple. We might therefore word this fourth pointDiscipleship2, 349:concerned with the consciousness aspect of the disciple or of the group that is to undergo theDiscipleship2, 350:on the initiation of the consciousness of the disciple or group into areas of divine expression,Discipleship2, 351:activity, as is so often the attitude of the disciple. The evolutionary process conditions theDiscipleship2, 351:another angle, the mental polarization of the disciple seeking entry into the hierarchical sphereDiscipleship2, 352:and sensed relationship which is not that of disciple and Master (as heretofore), but which isDiscipleship2, 353:basis for your further thinking. The individual disciple, seeking initiation, is with deliberationDiscipleship2, 354:to the point in evolution and the grade of the disciple. A Master can gauge a disciple's ability toDiscipleship2, 354:the grade of the disciple. A Master can gauge a disciple's ability to pass onward and arrive at hisDiscipleship2, 355:will be functioning as an aspirant and not as a disciple. If, however, you sensed no matter howDiscipleship2, 355:three. These three are that of the probationary disciple or aspirant, that of the accepted discipleDiscipleship2, 355:disciple or aspirant, that of the accepted disciple and that of the Master or the higher initiate.Discipleship2, 355:the meaning which it has for the accepted disciple, and therefore its meaning for those of you whoDiscipleship2, 355:of you who read these words. The probationary disciple can arrive at the significance of a hint asDiscipleship2, 355:expression, and its mental formulation; the disciple must interpret and apply it in terms of theDiscipleship2, 357:tasks which confronts the Master is to teach the disciple to think of the Ashram and to act andDiscipleship2, 357:Hierarchy just as it governs Humanity. That the disciple who functions under this law has theDiscipleship2, 357:The higher and more intelligent type of disciple who is now affiliating with the Ashram and hisDiscipleship2, 358:my brother, from the angle of the searching disciple, this first hint (in one of its deeperDiscipleship2, 358:of energies is emphasized and - in the disciple's consciousness - these factors begin to emerge asDiscipleship2, 358:which he has to deal. One of the ideas which a disciple should learn from his reflection upon thisDiscipleship2, 360:the qualities of his own nature. Where the true disciple is concerned, three things are involvedDiscipleship2, 360:a different approach is here involved when a disciple deals with a hint, how wide are the vistasDiscipleship2, 361:gradually assumes control, and with it the disciple's ability to think and work with the group inDiscipleship2, 362:hint which I have given to you, as far as the disciple is concerned. According to his developmentDiscipleship2, 363:the first concerned their application to the disciple and to his ashramic life and service, and theDiscipleship2, 363:They express significance and intention. To the disciple and the initiate who employs themDiscipleship2, 366:go; you must remember ever that the program of a disciple and of an ordinary aspirant are not inDiscipleship2, 366:of a life purpose. This summation of a disciple's life is also the summation of the life of theDiscipleship2, 367:that (in the initiatory process where the disciple is concerned) revelation is simply one way ofDiscipleship2, 367:These terms will suffice to convey to the disciple the nature of the recognitions which he rendersDiscipleship2, 372:with the revelation which comes to the initiate disciple as he stands within the ashram andDiscipleship2, 373:are dependent upon the initiatory status of the disciple. With these we cannot deal, because itDiscipleship2, 373:group. If I say to you that the initiated disciple uses the ajna center, I am only stating a
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