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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Discipleship2, 471:shared with no one (except the Master, when the disciple has reached the point of unfoldment whichDiscipleship2, 471:of human living and which evokes in the disciple an almost unendurable pain and anxiety. There areDiscipleship2, 471:their origin in ashramic relationships which the disciple realizes through his contact with theDiscipleship2, 472:three spheres of difficulty - often make the disciple feel that his cross (his vertical and hisDiscipleship2, 472:that they are felt in all three aspects of the disciple's personality simultaneously. There is aDiscipleship2, Esoter:have been active in your life, my brother and co-disciple. I would like to commend you on oneDiscipleship2, 474:eye's direction." The larger, wider work of a disciple has not, however, been yours this life. YourDiscipleship2, 474:and teaching as an initiate; it is as a pledged disciple that you will learn this basicDiscipleship2, 474:and of younger disciples which every senior disciple and initiate automatically gathers around him.Discipleship2, 477:be expressed as follows: The personality of a disciple is a focal point of energy, established byDiscipleship2, 480:an increased conscious activity as an accepted disciple. Seek now - definitely and quietly and withDiscipleship2, 480:in this group), and which frequently condition a disciple to such an extent that he takes noDiscipleship2, 480:and the guidance of the group: The karma of the disciple. Of this, the disciple knows little andDiscipleship2, 480:group: The karma of the disciple. Of this, the disciple knows little and the Master much; with thatDiscipleship2, 480:because growth and development eventuate as the disciple meets the inevitability of events, [481]Discipleship2, 481:is the destiny of, and within the capacity of, a disciple to carry out a certain piece of work andDiscipleship2, 481:He knows also that it is his duty to bring the disciple to the point of comprehension and to aidDiscipleship2, 481:of this duty. But as he considers the disciple's karma, he finds that mortal disease will, in a fewDiscipleship2, 481:be obligatory upon him. Faulty equipment. Oft a disciple, in a particular incarnation, lacks someDiscipleship2, 481:He dare not, consequently, incorporate the disciple (along with other members of his Ashram) inDiscipleship2, 481:therefore to proceed without the help which the disciple is otherwise competent to give. A blindDiscipleship2, 481:lead his disciples along the Way of Service. The disciple has some one great outstanding weaknessDiscipleship2, 482:condition exists, it is not possible for the disciple to be fully integrated into the Ashram, norDiscipleship2, 482:come, but it will come as a result of the disciple's own effort and his self-initiated awakening;Discipleship2, 482:An over-enthusiastic nature. This induces the disciple to rush wildly forward in an effort toDiscipleship2, 482:designated projects, shorten the life of the disciple, and thus interfere with his karma and makeDiscipleship2, 482:age, the background and the time cycles of the disciple. I would point out to you, therefore, thatDiscipleship2, 483:and involve every aspect of your being. The disciple teaches principally by what he is and byDiscipleship2, 483:to you. The lesson, therefore, which the trained disciple has to master is one of discernment. HeDiscipleship2, 484:by you and established in action. Each disciple develops his own technique. You have yet toDiscipleship2, 485:When this is taken into consideration by a disciple in relation to people contacted, it is ofDiscipleship2, 485:objective of understanding how you, as a disciple in training, can set up those relationships whichDiscipleship2, 487:of the Ashram and are functioning as a conscious disciple. Most of the group are not yet at thatDiscipleship2, 490:and unavoidable contact (for the aspiring disciple) and study them from the angle of things as theyDiscipleship2, 491:process of Relationships. You assume - as a disciple on the physical plane - responsibility forDiscipleship2, 492:Yet the aim of each pledged and obligated disciple (such as you are, my brother, by your ownDiscipleship2, 492:must and will touch all nations and every disciple will be tested and will have to express theDiscipleship2, 492:element of free will must enter in) force each disciple to work in those places where earlierDiscipleship2, 493:upon the physical plane through a much older disciple, A.A.B., who transmits to you my ideas.Discipleship2, 497:to Disciples - I.A.P. August 1942 The disciple has to learn a discrimination for which theDiscipleship2, 497:in most cases) distinguish the first ray disciple, until he learns to preserve his divine sense ofDiscipleship2, 499:the aid given to - and consequently by - one disciple is greatly intensified and increased. oneDiscipleship2, 500:must ever condition the life of an accepted disciple) will flood your whole being? Day by day linkDiscipleship2, 500:A B C of your relationship to me as an accepted disciple. Until such time as your outer course ofDiscipleship2, 502:[502] Such is oft the choice with which the disciple is faced who reaches close to the three scoreDiscipleship2, 502:this. From the standpoint of the accepted disciple - such as you are - there may be more to theDiscipleship2, 502:upon the inevitable problem of the working disciple, upon the problem of the man who reaches theDiscipleship2, 502:him back from renewed effort? The reasons why a disciple must at least endeavor not to relax undulyDiscipleship2, 503:continuity of his consciousness as a working disciple and should allow no gap to emerge between hisDiscipleship2, 503:effort, thus increasing the tension in which a disciple ever lives. For any disciple in my Ashram,Discipleship2, 503:tension in which a disciple ever lives. For any disciple in my Ashram, the problem in this time ofDiscipleship2, 504:been taught, is very difficult for a first ray disciple to master, particularly when the soul rayDiscipleship2, 505:are both first ray. It is easy for the first ray disciple to withdraw into his soul consciousness,Discipleship2, 505:it sounds) is the goal of the first ray working disciple. This is equally true of you. You and heDiscipleship2, 505:with him which you have ever realized. He is a disciple of the Master M., temporarily working in myDiscipleship2, 505:level of consciousness? How can you, as a disciple, display these attitudes simultaneously? I thinkDiscipleship2, 510:There comes a time in the training of any disciple when he must stand alone and feel sometimes thatDiscipleship2, 510:a general knowledge of the Plan - then the disciple has demonstrated that he can be trusted; heDiscipleship2, 510:is an unusual line for me to take but a disciple has to learn to respond correctly to that as wellDiscipleship2, 510:the work which you have begun. NOTE: This disciple has persisted faithfully to serve as a steadyDiscipleship2, 511:regarded by me and by my Associates as a pledged disciple. I am pointing this out to you as itDiscipleship2, 511:increases as time goes on. You are pledged as a disciple to further our plans and to occupyDiscipleship2, 511:any outwardly imposed silence by the initiate or disciple upon either himself or his group. TheDiscipleship2, 511:find no response in the one whom the initiate or disciple contacts. Of these mysteries you, theDiscipleship2, 513:however a stupendous one because as an accepted disciple in the technical sense of the word, theDiscipleship2, 513:of equilibrium is ever a difficult one for the disciple to achieve in this sign. Your first rayDiscipleship2, 513:This could lead (in the case of a pledged disciple) to a powerful and distracting spiritualDiscipleship2, 514:physical plane are focused upon the struggling disciple, thus bringing intensification of hisDiscipleship2, 514:humanity. - This is service. The attitude of the disciple to the Hierarchy. - This is intuitionalDiscipleship2, 516:to Disciples - I.S.G-L. September 1943 MY CO-DISCIPLE: My relation to you is slightly different toDiscipleship2, 517:intensify each other. Were you not the advanced disciple which you are, they would be liable toDiscipleship2, 522:This will be particularly the case when a disciple is moving on to the second ray, owing, to itsDiscipleship2, 524:a Master cannot at some particular time reach a disciple because he is surrounded with too muchDiscipleship2, 524:kind; in some cases, the thought-life of the disciple has created so many thought-forms thatDiscipleship2, 526:not themselves with the personality details of a disciple's life expression; therefore, why do IDiscipleship2, 527:For this, the second initiation prepares the disciple. Today, you know you are full of emotion andDiscipleship2, 529:will find me near when you need me. NOTE: This disciple chose to withdraw from the Tibetan's groupDiscipleship2, 531:is a vision of the soul still persisting - the disciple is deeply dissatisfied. The crystallizationDiscipleship2, 536:- opportunities to make decisions. As a disciple is drawn closer into the focal point of hisDiscipleship2, 537:when made, to more eventful results. With a disciple at your stage of development, the lines ofDiscipleship2, 537:and remember that (as you travel the Way of the Disciple) your sphere of influence and the numberDiscipleship2, 537:circle of friends. In the case of a probationary disciple, decisions have oft a somewhat largerDiscipleship2, 537:oft a somewhat larger result. Where an accepted disciple is concerned, such choices affect many,Discipleship2, 537:or include people who react to the aura of a disciple, plus his group of co-workers. This wholeDiscipleship2, 537:circumference; it concerns the "sound" of a disciple's life and the nature and quality of theDiscipleship2, 537:viewed from the one-sided point of view of the disciple who considers the results of his radiationDiscipleship2, 538:the entire theme of karma. They draw to the disciple that which can hinder him as well as aid him;Discipleship2, 538:and the relationships set up - the trend of the disciple's life. It is one of the main factors inDiscipleship2, 538:of karma. There comes ever in the life of a disciple and in the soul's experience some oneDiscipleship2, 538:From that life and that moment, the disciple begins to deal with karma, consciously and definitely.Discipleship2, 540:signifies a point in [540] evolution wherein the disciple is definitely radioactive. He can no moreDiscipleship2, 540:will be an intensification of your radiation. A disciple is not drawn into a close rapport with theDiscipleship2, 541:member of the Hierarchy, from Christ down to the disciple who is preparing for the secondDiscipleship2, 544:may have upon the future. The service of a disciple is frequently affected by his inner worries andDiscipleship2, 544:against life, against people, against the disciple's own decisions, leading thus to a most definiteDiscipleship2, 546:and devotion go hand in hand in the accepted disciple, balancing each other and then producing aDiscipleship2, 548:not carry a meaning of very real import to the disciple for whom they are intended; this they doDiscipleship2, 548:a clear group import, even though adapted to the disciple's personality and to the particularDiscipleship2, 549:words I presume that you have pondered. The disciple so often gives obedience within limits. HisDiscipleship2, 549:and free choice of relationships. The older the disciple, the less is this the case, for the life
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