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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Discipleship2, 549:is a temporary phase, oft unrecognized by the disciple, though annoying to those who hear. As heDiscipleship2, 553:fires which precede the first initiation. Every disciple creates his own burning-ground; he thenDiscipleship2, 554:veil the immediate point of illumination for the disciple. You have approached this fire from theDiscipleship2, 554:of comprehension. There comes a time in the disciple's life when he must assume that he knows; heDiscipleship2, 555:hiding deceptive veils were non-existent. The disciple acts "as if" he were initiate and thenDiscipleship2, 555:is released into creative activity when the disciple acts "as if" he were the soul in fullDiscipleship2, 555:the Master were ever aware of the doings of his disciple, "as if" he walked in full liberationDiscipleship2, 555:you will not take advantage of it. The further a disciple penetrates into the Ashram, the less needDiscipleship2, 556:all familiar. When this has been achieved, the disciple can then depend upon himself automaticallyDiscipleship2, 556:life) from childhood, express the way of the disciple. In my last instruction to you I gave you theDiscipleship2, 556:vehicles. The as if type of behavior (for the disciple) brings in a still higher factor than thatDiscipleship2, 558:most difficult, but curiously enough, when the disciple interiorly holds the right attitude (evenDiscipleship2, 558:the situation and - holding on to his soul - the disciple stands steady until the problem orDiscipleship2, 560:to you as the nucleus of that group which every disciple begins to gather around him, preparatoryDiscipleship2, 560:foundation of the hierarchical method of work. A disciple becomes spiritually magnetic; hisDiscipleship2, 560:that radiation make their presence felt in the disciple's environment and evoke response fromDiscipleship2, 560:attracts the attention of the Master, and the disciple finds his way into the Ashram along the lineDiscipleship2, 560:hierarchical purpose for the Arcane School. Each disciple in my Ashram should be aware of theDiscipleship2, 562:sphere. There - with no outer stimulation - the disciple himself, alone, becomes a focal point ofDiscipleship2, 562:of a persistent aspirant, the soul of the disciple forces him into a quiet place where he has bothDiscipleship2, 562:and real benefit out of the opportunity, the disciple must accustom himself to a complete negationDiscipleship2, 563:from his body of manifestation. In the case of a disciple in training, true samadhi is notDiscipleship2, 563:lower turn of the spiral, the Ashram is to the disciple what the courts of Shamballa are to theDiscipleship2, 565:yourself en rapport with the Shamballa force. No disciple can do this without establishing aDiscipleship2, 566:ray and you are predominantly a second ray disciple? Because the subsidiary Ashrams deal with theDiscipleship2, 566:needed much to study the nature of the will. A disciple's ideas on this subject are apt to be farDiscipleship2, 569:and definitely [569] planned role whereby the disciple learns certain lessons of detachment andDiscipleship2, 573:call an integration downwards. In the case of a disciple, such as yourself, it produces anDiscipleship2, 573:activity corresponds to the dual life of the disciple to which I referred above. Sound the OM sixDiscipleship2, 574:life, in the world and on spiritual levels as a disciple. You have learnt much, my brother, and IDiscipleship2, 574:This was the final instruction given to the disciple whose personal instructions are included inDiscipleship2, 575:for anyone under the degree of accepted [575] disciple to find out much. The type must beDiscipleship2, 575:have developed it in you. The second ray disciple has to learn detachment while at the same time heDiscipleship2, 575:and the attitude preserved. The first ray disciple has to remain detached and at the same time toDiscipleship2, 577:can see the danger of this combination where a disciple is concerned and the problem with which heDiscipleship2, 577:safe. Transmute. The active double life of the disciple is your next goal. Your duty and your goalDiscipleship2, 578:in nature, upon man and upon the individual disciple. Much of this karma, especially now, is notDiscipleship2, 578:individuals affected by it, be it an individual disciple, or an ordinary human being. It is largelyDiscipleship2, 578:which have confronted you as an individual, as a disciple and as a member of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 579:relations will then - both of the individual disciple and of the group - be implemented from thisDiscipleship2, 579:your own reflective work upon your task as a disciple (and this should be intensified), and yourDiscipleship2, 581:of the work to you yourself, my brother and my disciple, what can I bring to your attention thatDiscipleship2, 582:in its earlier manifestations. Later, the disciple learns from experiment and experience that allDiscipleship2, 584:every aspect of your life but - what else can a disciple expect? The instructions I gave you lastDiscipleship2, 584:forward, for an inner surety ever enables a disciple to surmount difficulties. The monotony of lifeDiscipleship2, 585:sixth ray astral body. You entered life as a disciple upon the verge of acceptance and upon theDiscipleship2, 586:my brother. You are a sound and self-directing disciple. My care and attention, when you need me,Discipleship2, 586:true hierarchical training. Obedience, for the disciple, is a quick spiritual reaction to the PlanDiscipleship2, 587:the required task. It is a task which [587] the disciple assigns to himself and is not one orderedDiscipleship2, 587:of the task is simply evidence that the disciple is an ashramic worker, pledged to the welfare ofDiscipleship2, 588:Hierarchy. [588] I mean his individual aura. A disciple has "the freedom of the Hierarchy" (as itDiscipleship2, 588:Christ; success is entirely dependent upon the disciple's persistent but non-fanatic (or do I meanDiscipleship2, 588:reconstruction must begin in the place where the disciple at this time finds himself, and this willDiscipleship2, 590:of the world. It is always difficult for the disciple who is working in the world of human affairsDiscipleship2, 590:that which the present requires. The task of the disciple, as you can see from the three words -Discipleship2, 594:so. It is not easy for you or for any first ray disciple to get close enough, or want to get closeDiscipleship2, 597:is fundamentally an esoteric school. Another disciple, D.H.B., is also entrusted with a share inDiscipleship2, 598:this is his first [598] cycle as an accepted disciple; the service which he has to do is alreadyDiscipleship2, 599:sincerity - all characteristics of the advanced disciple. The glamor which holds you is inheritedDiscipleship2, 601:to clarify the issue in your mind. Once a disciple sees clearly, he can then take intelligentDiscipleship2, 602:trouble, and of racial Polarization. Every disciple has to achieve complete freedom from racialDiscipleship2, 606:in this time of world crisis wherein every disciple has to contribute all that is in him. YouDiscipleship2, 607:not realized that one of the lessons which every disciple has to learn is the lesson ofDiscipleship2, 607:phase of karma (this time the karma of a pledged disciple) which you have assumed. The years haveDiscipleship2, 610:personality, and within that lighted area the disciple learns to stand." There is much more thatDiscipleship2, 611:knowledge. Learn to know yourself as the disciple, and be not so intensely preoccupied withDiscipleship2, 613:endeavored to live the dual life of the disciple, to serve me and participate, as far as you couldDiscipleship2, 613:will be both good and bad. Contact with any disciple acts as a precipitating agency, evoking thatDiscipleship2, 615:to refine the physical body. You are an earnest disciple, my brother; you are oriented to and serveDiscipleship2, 617:that is past and over. Today you stand clear - a disciple who can pass back and forth into allDiscipleship2, 620:is the task of the Master to demonstrate to his disciple is the particular "blind spot" in his lifeDiscipleship2, 622:If you care to talk to A.A.B. who is an older disciple than you are, you might find it suggestiveDiscipleship2, 625:can be drawn clearly by the developed disciple and the initiate. He then discovers that thoughtsDiscipleship2, 628:the old spiritual habits are reinstated, and the disciple again proceeds upon his way. This hasDiscipleship2, 628:That is inevitable, and the method whereby a disciple learns. But you will not fail in going on;Discipleship2, 628:brother, what this means to the Master who has a disciple under training and guidance. [629] ItDiscipleship2, 629:along one line at least he can feel sure of his disciple. He need no longer question his stayingDiscipleship2, 629:power; he knows that it is good and that the disciple will take what is coming to him withDiscipleship2, 631:activities even whilst - at the same time - the disciple fulfils his other tasks in the outerDiscipleship2, 631:the Ashram is ever the prime obligation of the disciple. Necessarily, this work varies according toDiscipleship2, 631:this work varies according to the status of the disciple and his place within the Ashram. I haveDiscipleship2, 632:were stages within the consciousness of the disciple and concerned his relation to the Master. TheyDiscipleship2, 632:to these individual steps those which concern a disciple's position within the Ashram, and thisDiscipleship2, 632:is embodied the first reaction of the new disciple to the dual life to [633] which his admission toDiscipleship2, 633:and self-implemented. The only help which the disciple gets at this stage comes from theDiscipleship2, 633:in time and incidental in space when the disciple is immovable in his determination. I refer to theDiscipleship2, 633:This thought should clarify your thinking. A disciple at this stage is a man whose character andDiscipleship2, 633:back." In the blazing light of the Ashram the disciple realizes that he has not yet earned theDiscipleship2, 634:the effectiveness of that service increases, the disciple when he enters the door of the Ashram,Discipleship2, 634:these aspects of behavior are developed, the disciple can pass up and down the corridor at will,Discipleship2, 634:of illusion - those illusions which bewilder the disciple but have no effect on anyone outside theDiscipleship2, 635:he works and in that antechamber his senior disciple presides. This disciple protects the MasterDiscipleship2, 635:antechamber his senior disciple presides. This disciple protects the Master from undue disturbance,Discipleship2, 635:This arrangement requires the advancing disciple to recognize the senior disciple; it is thisDiscipleship2, 635:the advancing disciple to recognize the senior disciple; it is this process of recognition whichDiscipleship2, 635:right of entry." When this stage is reached, the disciple can come and go as his soul and the needDiscipleship2, 635:serve. Then will come the moment when the senior disciple will symbolize for you the end ofDiscipleship2, 636:in your setting and circumstances, but the disciple - if true to his soul and the Ashram - servesDiscipleship2, 637:very frequently remain unrecognized unless the disciple is very alert and constantly aware of theDiscipleship2, 638:tackled; no new disciplines are applied; but the disciple uses all that he has in the service of
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