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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Glamour, 126:passing through the door of initiation, the disciple returns each time again to take up anew hisGlamour, 126:a long time, the sense of dualism pervades the disciple's being and makes his life appear to be aGlamour, 126:contraries is taking place consciously in the disciple's life. He alternates between theGlamour, 126:has prolonged moments wherein he is the baffled disciple, struggling with glamor, and brief momentsGlamour, 127:the pairs of opposites with which he, as a disciple, has to work. Once he grasps the relation ofGlamour, 127:characteristics of the intelligent man and the disciple, using the word "disciple" to cover allGlamour, 127:man and the disciple, using the word "disciple" to cover all stages of development from that ofGlamour, 127:all stages of development from that of accepted disciple to that of the Master. There is naught butGlamour, 128:the basic essential contrasts which the disciple must intuitively grasp and with which he mustGlamour, 128:subject and deals with the major problem of the disciple. I would refer you at this point to what IGlamour, 131:seldom open to the consciousness of the average disciple and certainly is not open to the contactGlamour, 131:of the idea, as formulated by some disciple or intuitive - a very different thing. An illusion can,Glamour, 131:necessarily a distortion of the truth, and the disciple or aspirant inevitably pledges himself to aGlamour, 131:Hierarchy know it. This illusion evokes in the disciple or idealist an emotional reaction whichGlamour, 137:In the New Testament, John, the beloved disciple, was privileged to gain a cosmic picture and aGlamour, 140:is to be used and that quality expressed by the disciple and the worker, he must first of allGlamour, 141:and the astral plane, via the astral body of the disciple. This astral body must be regarded by himGlamour, 141:- temporary and non-lasting as it may be. The disciple must, therefore, establish contact with theGlamour, 141:plane have thus been intimately related, the disciple must carry the focused light from the solarGlamour, 142:of this ancient symbolic wording: [142] "The disciple stands and, with his back to the glamorousGlamour, 142:shoulder blades the light streams forth." The disciple must relinquish all sense of tension or ofGlamour, 152:imperils progress and retards the steps of the disciple upon the Way. It can produce dangerousGlamour, 155:cleavage in the consciousness [155] of the disciple. The Dweller or the personality is then urgedGlamour, 155:reached (and many are now reaching it today) the disciple strives with more or less success toGlamour, 158:the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna - symbol of the then disciple and the world disciple - was franklyGlamour, 158:- symbol of the then disciple and the world disciple - was frankly bewildered. This is not so trueGlamour, 158:now. The disciples of the world and the world disciple do see the issues today relatively quiteGlamour, 159:in the life of humanity and of the individual disciple. It is a synthesis of glamor, fused andGlamour, 168:principle) is consummated in the aspiring disciple and in his integrated personality, then the fullGlamour, 168:will find radiant expression in the transfigured disciple. What is true, therefore, of theGlamour, 171:indicating the Presence, and opening up to the disciple the world of ideas and the door of theGlamour, 171:the door of the higher initiations. Through the disciple's grasp and application of these divineGlamour, 179:at certain set times. The trained intuitive or disciple lives ever the dual life of mundaneGlamour, 179:be the outstanding characteristic of the Western disciple in contradistinction to the EasternGlamour, 179:disciple in contradistinction to the Eastern disciple who escapes from life into the silent placesGlamour, 179:contact with others. The task of the Western disciple is much harder, but that which he will proveGlamour, 180:way and though not intended to be negated in the disciple's life, is not used at this time in theGlamour, 180:soul light in the personal self has enabled the disciple to see the vision of the soul and in thatGlamour, 181:Higher Evolution. This Way is revealed to the disciple, e'en though it may not concern theGlamour, 181:two results: There will suddenly dawn upon the disciple's waiting mind (which still remains theGlamour, 190:in the three worlds is one in which the disciple and initiate work from above downwards. The methodGlamour, 190:the directing spiritual Agent and enables the disciple to assume the attitude of the detachedGlamour, 191:words could be given as follows: When the disciple has found that lighted center within himself andGlamour, 191:the aspirant. The stage wherein the aspirant and disciple work with the light of the soul. This isGlamour, 191:the light of knowledge. The stage wherein the disciple and the initiate work with the light of theGlamour, 192:eventually develops power in the initiate or disciple which can be used in the service of humanityGlamour, 192:to the other techniques, and each releases the disciple into a conscious relationship with a newGlamour, 193:the medium of an instrument similar to the disciple's mind. To create thought-forms on concreteGlamour, 193:meaning of the experience. When the power of the disciple to illumine is grasped, he has taken theGlamour, 195:in the world of this divine revelation that the disciple learns eventually to work and in which theGlamour, 201:both these types of glamor be given to the disciple and aspirant, with the emphasis upon theGlamour, 203:we arrive at the proposition which faces the disciple. Then the Dweller on the Threshold confrontsGlamour, 203:is achieved. The process followed by the disciple who is consciously working at the dissipation ofGlamour, 204:of the personality. The stage of focusing the disciple's consciousness upon the mental plane andGlamour, 204:remembering that the light will enable the disciple to do two things: Dissipate the glamor - aGlamour, 204:revelation goes on continually from the time a disciple treads the Path of Accepted DiscipleshipGlamour, 206:by the intuition. By means of this light the disciple learns to dissipate his personal and privateGlamour, 207:The time, however, comes when the probationary disciple becomes aware of these instinctual glamorsGlamour, 216:with which he is concerned, the aspirant or disciple begins to destroy his share in it - that inGlamour, 221:This is one of the occult phrases which the disciple has to learn to understand and which isGlamour, 222:by the inability of the third ray aspirant and disciple to convey his meaning clearly by speech. HeGlamour, 243:parts which the Soul undertakes to play. The disciple learns eventually to know himself to be,Glamour, 245:point reached upon the ladder of evolution, the disciple "stands in spiritual Being" (as far as inGlamour, 248:be evocative of basic changes in the life of the disciple. He will add to this observation andGlamour, 249:the entire problem begins to clarify and the disciple can work with knowledge and understanding. HeGlamour, 250:the ajna center, between the eyes; and when the disciple can identify himself with that, and isGlamour, 250:of vision and direction at the disposal of the disciple. The inner eye, the single eye of theGlamour, 250:be swept into unique activity by the advanced disciple and initiate. [251] It is through thisGlamour, 251:for the use of the aspirant and the probationary disciple. The inner or divine eye is quiescent andGlamour, 252:sum up the story of the eventual release of the disciple from the Great Illusion: First: As theGlamour, 252:of the astral nature is broken. Third: As the disciple, working as the soul and as an integratedGlamour, 252:are employed which serve the need of the disciple or the initiate as he fulfils divine intent. YouGlamour, 252:above. This can be summarized as follows: The disciple discovers the focus of his identification.Glamour, 254:engenders - should take form in the life of the disciple. The entire science of the breath is builtGlamour, 255:is a dear appreciation of purpose, unless the disciple knows just what he is doing as he practicesGlamour, 256:therefore, the will of the Spiritual Triad. Any disciple who is in process of building theGlamour, 256:are considered, it will be apparent that the disciple has to establish - as a preliminary step - aGlamour, 256:idea or line of mental activity with which the disciple must be concerned as he performs aGlamour, 257:[257] and thus condition the life of the disciple upon etheric levels. From there, they eventuallyGlamour, 257:established in the mind consciousness of the disciple, nothing can then stop their emergence in dueGlamour, 262:eventually find a place in the training of the disciple is true and possible, but they will beGlamour, 262:the Sacred Word, the OM. When, for instance, a disciple in meditation sounds the OM seven times, itGlamour, 262:at a point of "thought-full tension," then the disciple is well on the way to shifting his entireGlamour, 263:the point of tension from which the observing disciple or aspirant is working. The point of tensionGlamour, 263:or distortion. The manifesting entity, the disciple, stands steady and firm at this point ofGlamour, 264:my brother, the point of tension for the average disciple will be found on mental levels, involvingGlamour, 265:is not easily overcome and the task ahead of the disciple is a long and arduous one but one whichGlamour, 266:the salvaging of humanity and, secondly, as a disciple of Sanat Kumara. The task of Sanat Kumara inGlamour, 267:conscious will, just as the aspiration of the disciple is characterized by sublimated desire. TheseGlamour, 267:however, beyond the comprehension of the average disciple; their sole value is to depict theGlamour, 267:with the great point of crisis which faces the disciple when he attempts to resolve the final pairGlamour, 267:no need for me to define the two aspects of the disciple's nature, for that is what theyGlamour, 268:in such a way that their control is broken. The disciple is then free to take the finalGlamour, 268:the Transfiguration. For many lives, the disciple has been dwelling upon the threshold. He himselfGlamour, 269:before the divine will can begin to control. The disciple brings the two aspects of his natureGlamour, 269:higher takes place. It does not happen when the disciple hovers uncertainly upon the periphery ofGlamour, 269:place within the field of consciousness of the disciple) move together and towards each other. InGlamour, 269:- soul - Angel. The Earth - aspiring man - the disciple. The personality remains; it still existsGlamour, 270:energy. Only five recognitions now control the disciple: The fact of his discipleship. TheGlamour, 270:you that in all these processes, it is the disciple who, in full consciousness, acts. He initiates
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