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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Glamour, 270:take definite forward moving action. Once the disciple has taken the necessary steps and movedGlamour, 271:When he spoke these words, he spoke as a disciple, prior to the second initiation of the threshold.Glamour, 271:has taken place, what then is the destiny of the disciple? It is complete control by the soul andGlamour, 271:found in the three worlds, produce in the disciple and as they affect the aspirant. I have notHealing, 10:mental equipment of the average aspirant and disciple is inadequate to the task. Such terms asHealing, 26:which it is possible and necessary to apply to a disciple? How few realize that no disciple, forHealing, 26:to apply to a disciple? How few realize that no disciple, for instance, can place himself in theHealing, 26:worker, or psychological expert of any kind! A disciple dare not subject himself to the auricHealing, 35:which is finally identified by the aspirant or disciple, and becomes so utterly negated thatHealing, 43:the soul. In the mystic, the aspirant and the disciple, the process of thus definitely changing theHealing, 44:consider the average man. The problems of the disciple will be dealt with under Part I.4. I pointedHealing, 45:Will Causal body Jewel in the lotus Aspirant - Disciple - Mystic - Dominant after 2nd Initiation 2.Healing, 52:and would only be possible in the case of a disciple or an initiate. You will therefore eventuallyHealing, 55:advanced human being, such as an aspirant or a disciple, may have freed himself from the inheritedHealing, 87:to the activity of the soul in the life of the disciple, or as we investigate the processes wherebyHealing, 99:one we will take up the peculiar problems of the disciple; I would ask you, in preparation forHealing, 114:going to touch upon the problems of the accepted disciple. Healing, 115:effects, can and do produce results where the disciple is concerned; he is not immune until afterHealing, 115:Disease A. The Diseases of Mystics However, the disciple is seldom tubercular (except whenHealing, 115:being focused largely on the astral plane. The disciple is more prone to mental difficulties and toHealing, 115:consequent resulting inflow of soul energy. The disciple reverses the entire situation and falls aHealing, 116:or the Ashram with which he, as an accepted disciple, is affiliated. His Master, with Whom he hasHealing, 116:have a definite effect upon the centers of the disciple, according to his ray and his specificHealing, 116:is possible that the major diseases from which a disciple can suffer (which are unique and confinedHealing, 117:he is the follower of the [117] vision, a disciple of the Christ, and this conditions his thinkingHealing, 122:seven major areas of the body. For the average disciple, before there is complete soul control andHealing, 122:another, either within the consciousness of the disciple or in his relation to those around him.Healing, 122:physical lines. Nevertheless, in any case, the disciple [123] becomes an effective influence andHealing, 123:good or for ill. Essentially the influence of a disciple of the Great White Lodge is fundamentallyHealing, 123:in its outer effects - particularly where the disciple is concerned - difficult situations,Healing, 123:the side of those influenced, and not from the disciple. Healing, 123:arising from the awakened heart center of the disciple are perhaps the commonest and frequentlyHealing, 123:hate on the part of the person affected by the disciple's energy. This produces constant turmoil inHealing, 123:energy. This produces constant turmoil in the disciple's life, until he has become adjusted to theHealing, 123:and frequent reconciliations. When the disciple is of sufficient importance to become theHealing, 124:is, however, little that can be done by the disciple, except to attempt to regulate the outgoingHealing, 124:have to be made from the other side, with the disciple standing ready to cooperate at the firstHealing, 124:This is a point which both parties - the disciple and the person reacting to his influence - needHealing, 124:to his influence - need to consider. The disciple stands ready; the responsive party usuallyHealing, 124:stages. Eventually, however, he stands with the disciple in full cooperative understanding, and theHealing, 124:with the heart and the life energy of the disciple. They are conditioned by his ray, the initiationHealing, 124:in certain definite human relationships. A disciple serves; he writes and speaks; his words andHealing, 125:with this problem and its reactions upon the disciple, certain definite physical difficulties areHealing, 125:problems connected with the cyclic life of the disciple. The heart and the blood are esotericallyHealing, 125:phase of which presents its own problems. Once a disciple has mastered the rhythm of his outer andHealing, 126:expressions. Then the dual life of the accepted disciple, in its various grades and stages, becomesHealing, 126:basic goal is identity with the One Reality, the disciple progresses from one unification toHealing, 127:work is going forward in the etheric body. The disciple is learning to lift the energies, gatheredHealing, 127:produces the main difficulties to which the disciple is subjected. It is this process also which isHealing, 127:individual and to the race. Once the individual disciple, and humanity as well, symbolizing theHealing, 127:and humanity as well, symbolizing the world disciple, have mastered the process of transference inHealing, 129:via the brain, are many and become acute as the disciple nears initiation or becomes an initiate.Healing, 129:brought about by this inflow of force. The disciple becomes, for instance, over-stimulated, andHealing, 130:of some center, attracts attention and the disciple becomes the victim of his own achievement. IHealing, 137:which, in the main, make hard the lot of the disciple. It might be posited that: A. All diseasesHealing, 138:Health no longer apply. The objective before the disciple is to promote control of the centers inHealing, 138:before the aspirant or the probationary disciple is to transfer the forces from the centers belowHealing, 144:with the hierarchical initiations for which the disciple is preparing. It is the initiation of theHealing, 147:integrated and functioning - first of all as the disciple, and finally as the initiate. This is theHealing, 148:initiate), intuitive vision of the plan (the disciple), and a spiritual direction of the resultingHealing, 150:of the subject is extreme, but when the disciple or initiate is functioning in the three worlds andHealing, 150:the emerging quality. When that student is a disciple or an initiate, he will be able also to studyHealing, 151:(ruling the ajna center). This is only where the disciple is concerned; the rulership changes afterHealing, 152:throat center for the aspirant and probationary disciple. The ajna center for disciples andHealing, 161:to his soul ray, and becomes an accepted disciple in the technical sense. The Master is Himself theHealing, 161:center of the Ashram and He can now reach His disciple, via the soul, because that disciple,Healing, 161:reach His disciple, via the soul, because that disciple, through alignment and contact, has put hisHealing, 162:of experiment and experience during which the disciple learns much and suffers much. Then asHealing, 170:for all humanity below the grade of probationary disciple. At that point the mind definitely beginsHealing, 175:moment; in the short cycle of the individual disciple's life it is of great difficulty and oft ofHealing, 180:on page 715 portrays the point in evolution of a disciple and not of an advanced initiate. It isHealing, 193:of reincarnation becomes of supreme value; the disciple begins to institute those conditions, toHealing, 193:the soul demands. Let me point out that the disciple does not concentrate upon the physical body atHealing, 209:or is only slowly being developed, as the disciple submits himself to training. The flow of energyHealing, 213:a synthetic functioning within the body, and the disciple will experience not only a fully awakenedHealing, 214:structure of centers, where the aspirant and the disciple are concerned: The upward trend -Healing, 215:by the aspirant. The five rays with which a disciple has to work (two major conditioning rays andHealing, 215:(within the relatively limited experience of the disciple) are so confusing whilst in process thatHealing, 215:Once the head center is awakening and the disciple is consciously active in the work of directingHealing, 216:[216] about right control and making the disciple, at the same time, creative in a worldly sense,Healing, 220:power, plus the cooperation of the trained disciple with the trained medical man (particularly withHealing, 289:subtle vehicles in the three worlds or from the disciple's tension as he endeavors to tread theHealing, 290:man, Karma, related to the life of the disciple, Hierarchical karma, [291] must be added to theHealing, 291:well known Karma of Retribution with which the disciple is already familiar; to it must also beHealing, 325:the personality equipment is not the way of the disciple. He must aim, as you suggest, atHealing, 327:are prolonged by inner rebellion and revolt. A disciple has to learn the lesson of going on, as theHealing, 334:other life cycles and incarnations wherein the disciple's interest and his service lie in otherHealing, 344:in the subtle bodies of the probationary disciple and of the accepting disciple, and of theHealing, 344:the probationary disciple and of the accepting disciple, and of the accepted disciple and for eachHealing, 344:of the accepting disciple, and of the accepted disciple and for each grade upon the path ofHealing, 346:upon the physical plane. For the accepted disciple, it involves a life free from all selfish,Healing, 349:or not. Therefore, the healer or practicing disciple assumes in his mind the possibility of cureHealing, 365:death, or that which lies beyond it. The wise disciple labors in the field of service but looksHealing, 365:the world today. From the angle of vision of a disciple, we might divide intelligent human beingsHealing, 367:light of some worker in the field, of some disciple, or of some member of the New Group of WorldHealing, 372:called when defining the career of a disciple within the limits of his task) and bring to yourHealing, 405:Necessity. This governs the life of the advanced disciple and the initiate from the time of theHealing, 406:the second and the third initiations, the disciple has to demonstrate a continuity of non-responseHealing, 423:for you. You are not a distressed and bereaved disciple looking anxiously at the separating veilHealing, 429:the mental type of individual, the aspirant, disciple or initiate, the thread of consciousness will
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