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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Healing, 438:point worth noting. The information given to the disciple is to work for the dissipation of thisHealing, 445:place of death, and this is the first lesson the disciple learns... - Vol. V. Healing, 450:bring about by the evocation of the Will"... The disciple finds his group in the Master's AshramHealing, 453:use, and it was this realization that led the disciple in the Book of Job to cry out and say, "IHealing, 489:of Power. These Words are communicated to the disciple via the Ashram of his Master. They bring inHealing, 492:man and not with the advanced human being, disciple or initiate. It is this seed which - throughHealing, 497:it reaches the state where the probationary disciple - under steadily growing soul contact -Healing, 498:a constantly growing rapport with the soul. The disciple, whose integrated personality is now beingHealing, 499:soul hastens and supplements the process. The disciple now uses more occult methods, but upon theseHealing, 499:the spiritual will; these are recognized by the disciple, and permission to use them in theirHealing, 501:until the time is reached when the initiate-disciple dies by an act of his spiritual will or inHealing, 501:the form in all the kingdoms of nature. When the disciple or the initiate is identifying himselfHealing, 501:built by means of the life principle, then the disciple passes out of the control of thisHealing, 502:dissolution as practiced by the advanced disciple or initiate. These later processes involve aHealing, 502:technique in which (in the earlier stages) the disciple is still the victim of disease-producingHealing, 502:disease and also death lose their hold upon the disciple; the soul is no longer subject to theirHealing, 504:consider the use of the death principle by the disciple or the initiate. I would have you note myHealing, 505:Within the Ashram of the Master, as far as the disciple is concerned. In the mode whereby theHealing, 505:is concerned. In the mode whereby the liberated disciple can now create a body for physical planeHealing, 514:fast and furiously into the experience of the disciple. His environment is of the highest qualityHealing, 514:physical death. Finally the time comes when the disciple dies with deliberation and in fullHealing, 514:Steadily the soul takes control, and then the disciple brings about death through an act of theHealing, 515:has been upon the initiations as they affect the disciple in the three worlds. But I amHealing, 517:consciousness is no longer that of the serving disciple in the three worlds, using mind, emotionsHealing, 519:I earlier referred in this instruction. The disciple who has eliminated (in the technical sense asHealing, 520:influence which have hitherto been sealed to the disciple because of the intrusion of his ownHealing, 535:that must be used, but love. Law X Hearken, O Disciple, to the call which comes from the Son to theHealing, 552:conditions, for instance, in which an advanced disciple or a high initiate (for definite purpose ofHealing, 560:- unless (as can be the case in a very advanced disciple) he is deliberately taking on conditionsHealing, 569:place when the man has reached the stage of disciple or initiate. The beautiful controls, via theHealing, 572:point for all these energies. [572] In the disciple and the man who is beginning to function as aHealing, 573:available (either an initiate or an advanced disciple), these energies will be sent back - eitherHealing, 660:X) can only be truly understood by the initiated disciple. They are, however, profoundlyHealing, 672:of practical application by the initiated disciple, particularly one who has taken the thirdHealing, 673:least are greatly minimized in the life of the disciple. It indicates also, on the higher turn ofHealing, 673:Naturally, the perfect poise of an initiated disciple and that of the initiated Master areHealing, 674:removal of all barriers and the freedom of the disciple from the great heresy of separateness; heHealing, 674:the way for the Observer to see truly; the disciple then functions as a clear channel for love.Healing, 675:of view involves at least the attempt by the disciple to penetrate into the world of causes, andHealing, 675:(when stepped down for the use of the disciple in the modern world) indicate a line of training orHealing, 676:stable, immovable orientation of the initiated disciple, whilst goodwill can be regarded as itsHealing, 676:the entire attitude and thinking of the healing disciple. The will which must be kept in leash isHealing, 676:personality which, in the case of the initiated disciple, is of a very high order. It also relatesHealing, 678:the Christ or of Sanat Kumara. Law X Hearken, O Disciple, to the call which comes from the Son toHealing, 680:Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied Hearken, O Disciple, to the call which comes from the Son toHealing, 680:foundation for all the relationships which the disciple has to learn to recognize. Obedience is notHealing, 683:the way into the Ashram is made clear, and the disciple begins to build the antahkarana between theHealing, 686:the two previous stages; it is that in which the disciple recognizes, for the first time withHealing, 686:of those implicated in its working out. The disciple begins to see that if he shoulders his phaseHealing, 686:are the embryonic expression in the life of the disciple of the three divine aspects: InstinctualHealing, 695:and will carry much information to the initiated disciple, and even in part to the intelligentHealing, 700:what center in yourself, as the healer, and the disciple as a patient, you should work and whetherHealing, 702:center involved and (when he is an enlightened disciple) with its condition. The acuteness of theHealing, 704:then ends unless he is a worker in an Ashram, a disciple of some standing whose work and presenceHealing, 706:This path leads to the Black Lodge. Some disciple in the early part of next century will take theseHealing, 710:insight and genius everywhere, is useful to the disciple and initiate, in time and space, so it isHealing, 710:of these varying sciences has to be made by the disciple or the initiate in order to bring aboutHercules, 5:for which the twelve labors have prepared the disciple. The oracle has spoken, and down the agesHercules, 6:When they have thus been utilized, the disciple finds himself en rapport with the universal andHercules, 8:In the study therefore of Hercules the disciple, and of Christ, the World Savior, we have an entireHercules, 9:Hercules - The Purpose of this Study The World Disciple Today The tests to which Hercules willinglyHercules, 13:twelve labors in the twelve signs enables the disciple to become the triumphant victor. Then he canHercules, 14: The Labors of Hercules - The Myth Hercules the Disciple - The Myth He stood before his Teacher.Hercules, 15:gods to witness the endeavor and start the new disciple on the Way. The Teacher called. The godsHercules, 15:gift was girded on, and, shielded thus, the new disciple felt secure. He had yet to prove hisHercules, 16:of light. Through nine wide open Gates must the disciple pass before he had acquired sufficientHercules, 17:So he started off upon his career and, as the disciple under command of his soul, undertook theHercules, 17:zodiacal signs. He, therefore, represents every disciple who seeks to tread the path andHercules, 17:meet together in man, and the work of the disciple is to withdraw himself from the bonds of theHercules, 18:out of this realized duality. Hercules was the disciple, living in a physical body, but capable atHercules, 18:unity. This indicates always the stage of the disciple. He has made the at-one-ment and knowsHercules, 19:from this? It is the need to realize that every disciple, if he truly merits that name, mustHercules, 24:we have shown to us the characteristics of the disciple. In the story of Jesus the Christ, throughHercules, 25:purposes, is one of the greatest assets that the disciple possesses. With the aid of Neptune andHercules, 29:(and often in a most amazing fashion) embody the disciple's problem and indicate the solution.Hercules, 29:and that the labor portrays the work of the disciple, living on the physical plane and endeavoringHercules, 29:of the story of the test to the life of a disciple and to that of humanity as a whole. In studyingHercules, 34:beginning, and Hercules, the newly-thinking disciple, begins his work. The key to this labor and toHercules, 44:Cross in the heavens, [44] the Cross of the Disciple, and the following extract is of interest inHercules, 48: The Labors of Hercules - Labor II The Disciple and Sex An aspirant to discipleship has in sex aHercules, 49:and all expression of the sex life a sin for a disciple and which says that a man cannot be pure inHercules, 50:totality, constitute the great illusion. The disciple, like Hercules, is a separated unit, dividedHercules, 51:of the whole sex problem will come when the disciple subordinates his separated personal islandHercules, 51:and who hold that marriage is not for the disciple, have mental apparatuses which will not bearHercules, 53:by [53] identification with group purpose, the disciple will arrive at liberation from the controlHercules, 53:Taurus. For Hercules himself was not only the disciple, but he was, in his lower nature, the bull,Hercules, 53:will guard the sacred bull, and Hercules, the disciple, will no longer have any responsibility.Hercules, Known:carrying forward of spiritual aspiration, the disciple is very apt to be taken in by astralism andHercules, 67:problems and tests that offer to the disciple immediate opportunity. It is Saturn that opens theHercules, 70:to conquer, but we have to do it as the burdened disciple, bearing for others and serving. In CanisHercules, 70:the brain and in his walking consciousness, the disciple has to register contact with the soul andHercules, 71:higher self, and, later on in the history of the disciple, he is the symbol of the teaching Master.Hercules, 71:so elusive, so fleeting, that at first the disciple cannot grasp it; as a hint dropped into theHercules, 71:cease to control. In the case of a more advanced disciple who has established contact with his soulHercules, 71:be contacted, and only occasionally does the disciple come into touch with him. When he does, heHercules, 71:a suggestion and will say no more. It is for the disciple to act upon the hint as best he may andHercules, 72:one of the Masters made constant contact with a disciple before he had even learned to know NereusHercules, 73:of desire for self-benefit ...". Hercules, the disciple, has known the touch of the higher self,Hercules, 87:higher aspects when the native is an aspirant or disciple, for we go round the zodiac many times.)Hercules, 94:developed sense of awareness, which gives to the disciple a vision of new fields of contact and
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