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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Magic, 232:When this battle has been fought and won the disciple steps into the ranks of the white magiciansMagic, 236:to the average life of the probationary disciple, and to gain a wise understanding of their wideMagic, 239:love around their loved ones. Yet should each disciple ask himself a most practical question: HowMagic, 247:and water (emotional nature) meet. For the disciple it is the mental plane where form and soul makeMagic, 247:transition becomes possible. For the advanced disciple and the initiate, the midway spot is theMagic, 265:early stages or consciously in the later; of the disciple, as he seeks to express his realizationMagic, 269:ashram of one of the Great Ones not long ago, a disciple asked his master to express this truth toMagic, 280:proceed in the silence of the heart. For the disciple, the work extends. For him there has to beMagic, 280:life, particularly if he is an aspirant or a disciple, when a man cannot work in mental matter,Magic, 281:work and of that form-building which the disciple does in relation to his service for theMagic, 281:centers of energy. Some of the factors that the disciple has to learn to recognize as hisMagic, 283:active service in the world. What, should the disciple ask himself, should be the vibratory qualityMagic, 287:into silence. It will be seen then that for the disciple the following centers are of paramountMagic, 306:cases has its roots in the fact that a man is a disciple, or a really big soul ready to tread theMagic, 319:There is secondly, a later stage wherein the disciple learns to absorb and transmute the wrongMagic, 351:the price paid. The spiritual unfoldment of the disciple's character must keep pace with his innerMagic, 351:of consciousness, which open up to the disciple a realization of the points to be attained. ThisMagic, 351:be assimilated and made part and parcel of the disciple's very self before he can go on. ItMagic, 352:is benefited by his step forward, for every disciple carries those he instructs along with him in aMagic, 353:is complete. Many years were spent by the disciple Jesus between the birth and baptism. TheMagic, 353:this is one of the most necessary faculties in a disciple. The Great Ones are looking for those whoMagic, 353:may be all that He has time to give, and each disciple must be upon the watch. The pressure uponMagic, 355:This situation should ever be remembered by the disciple, or he will be shattered by that which heMagic, 362:The Initiator then, with full knowledge of the disciple's ray and of his subray, both egoic andMagic, 368:of the mental and astral planes. Happy the disciple who can bring the vision nearer still toMagic, 374:unknown. Hence the frequent reaction of the disciple to the fact that for him, as yet, there is noMagic, 374:aspirant. Realization is that of the Aryan disciple. He can never be static; he can never rest; heMagic, 375:stage is that of the aspirant and of the disciple, up to the time of his training for the thirdMagic, 376:the astral plane, so the battle ground for the disciple is the mental plane. There is hisMagic, 376:to take the next step towards right vision. The disciple has to carry forward this mentalMagic, 385:statements; in them we will sum up the work the disciple accomplishes, as he struggles with andMagic, 385:plane produces realization of duality. The disciple seeks to blend and merge the soul with itsMagic, 386:of the aspirant. When this has happened, the disciple has built the bridge (the antahkarana) whichMagic, 404:it. The development of the mechanism whereby a disciple may be en rapport with Those responsibleMagic, 419:life demonstrated concern no one but the working disciple. Magic, 424:immediate future development of the individual disciple. What lies ahead in the immediate futureMagic, 453:plan. From the angle of vision of the disciple, these Rules carry certain potent instructions andMagic, 493:which is animating the personality, whilst the disciple is utilizing all three, because he hasMagic, 512:to be recognized. One of the things which every disciple has to learn (putting the truth in theMagic, 516:contemplative interlude has been achieved. The disciple who is seeking to cooperate with theMagic, 517:of inhalation and also has its interlude. The disciple has to learn facility in utilizing these twoMagic, 518:after exhalation and the more experienced the disciple, the longer will be the interlude and theMagic, 521:of their release to be employed by the working disciple. These prisoners of the planet fall intoMagic, 528:purpose if he is successful in his endeavor; the disciple is learning to do this in relation toMagic, 528:the light in the head is to the average awakened disciple, only on so much vaster a scale, and withMagic, 529:and other names according to the trend of the disciple's convictions. This hierarchy is alsoMagic, 557:by the unselfish purpose and embodies some disciple's mode of helping humanity. It underlies groupMagic, 574:his own busy ends. If he is, however, a true disciple and aspirant, he will work with the Plan andMagic, 576:It is an occult fact that the hands of a disciple (once he has acquired that acquisitiveness whichMagic, 576:Science of the Hands is a very real one and the disciple has to learn the nature of the forces inMagic, 577:Through [577] a knowledge of the law a disciple can not only utilize the current flowing throughMagic, 577:Spirit is that weapon which in the hands of the disciple cuts down before the eyes of the group heMagic, 582:our racial progress. Remember that no man is a disciple, in the Master's sense of the word, who isMagic, 583:should be brought to the notice of the disciple which - for the sake of clarity - we will tabulate.Magic, 583:To become an adept it will be necessary for the disciple to: Enquire the Way. Obey the inwardMagic, 584:In the loneliness which is the lot of every true disciple are born that self-knowledge andMagic, 584:is brought about from the fact that the disciple is told to enquire the Way and yet there is noneMagic, 586:seen. There are no trifles in the life of the disciple and an unspoken word or unfulfiled actionMagic, 586:each day in the place where is the life of the disciple; he does not live it in the place where heMagic, 602:of personality reaction to the terms "accepted disciple, initiate, adept, master" would beMagic, 603:the emotional sensitiveness, not only of the disciple himself, but of all whom he may contact. ByMagic, 603:living. This attitude of mind will enable the disciple also to orient himself to the world of soulsMagic, 617:the blue of heaven cheer the tired eyes of the disciple. "Let the magician stand upon the mountainMagic, 617:secrecy which governs automatically the pledged disciple; these oaths are given to no man but areMagic, 618:penalties which overtake the probationer and the disciple when mistakes are made and faults areMagic, 623:in such danger as the more advanced and active disciple. He is in danger in three directions andMagic, 625:is so subtle that much care must be taken by a disciple in self-analysis. It is so easy to beMagic, 625:many traps which catch the feet of the unwary disciple. Magic, 625:from influence. For the aspirant and for the disciple there are two kinds of fear which require toMagic, 630:psychology, or their chosen counselors. The true disciple sees the vision. He then seeks to keep soMagic, 632:its distinctions - men-made and dangerous. A disciple who has not yet the fuller vision of a moreMagic, 632:dense stupidities, be doing as well as an older disciple with his wider knowledge and experience. Magic, 634:three comprehensive ones and the mind of the disciple be thus freed from the detailed analysis ofMagic, 634:Training The second great test of the sensitive disciple is fear of failure. This is based on pastMagic, 634:It is however a serious waste of time for a disciple to ponder upon a failure or to fear failing.Magic, 634:in these days of dire world need, but the disciple must inevitably some day make good and retrieveMagic, 634:are attempting to live as souls. Nor need the disciple sorrow over the failures, apparent or real,Magic, 635:future. Thus it leads to rapid growth. An honest disciple may be momentarily glamored, but in theMagic, 635:man's allotted seventy years? To the individual disciple they appear most important; to theMagic, 636:penalties which will overtake the probationary disciple and the trained worker should he give wayMagic, 636:here dealing with the individual training of the disciple but with his life of service, and withMagic, 637:the physical body is in poor condition, the disciple has to add the liabilities incident upon theMagic, 637:Universal Mind. The penalty which overtakes the disciple who persistently permits himself to beMagic, 637:his own ideas and his own methods of working, a disciple finds that his group lacks those factorsMagic, 637:punishment, and quickly brings the honest disciple to his senses. Let a disciple who is [638]Magic, 637:brings the honest disciple to his senses. Let a disciple who is [638] intelligent, honest andMagic, 638:him. The law works rapidly in the case of a disciple, and thus adjustments are speedily made. IMeditation, 20:the necessity in the life of the aspirant or disciple for frequent change, and the explanation ofMeditation, 35:on emotional levels and reporting to another disciple who works upon the mental vehicle. He in hisMeditation, 35:mental vehicle. He in his turn reports to the disciple with causal consciousness, who reports againMeditation, 35:The Adept of his Ray. The Master of his group. A disciple with causal consciousness. A disciple onMeditation, 35:group. A disciple with causal consciousness. A disciple on the mental plane. A helper on theMeditation, 43:of Cheer June 18, 1920 ...It is only as the disciple is willing to relinquish all in the service ofMeditation, 44:to all earth's noise - such is the aim for the disciple. I say no more. I but desire that you doMeditation, 49:helpers to which he is assigned, or - if he is a disciple, - the group of pupils of which he formsMeditation, 60:is of permanent and lasting value. Only as the disciple - through failure, through success, throughMeditation, 65:A strong current is set up that reaches the disciple or the Master responsible for the group andMeditation, 82:characterize the life of the aspirant or the disciple. What causes this and why is this so? TheMeditation, 125:Sin (as you call it) in the Personality of a disciple leads to a weakness in some one spot, andMeditation, 125:its own punishment, for on the inner planes the disciple looks [126] on, and in agony of mind sees
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