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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Psychology2, 594:the whole mechanism into coordinated action. The disciple has now reached the point in hisPsychology2, 596:under the direction subjectively of some senior disciple who knows the needed next truth and hasPsychology2, 598:animal psychic faculties become available to the disciple. Humanity has chosen to proceed by meansPsychology2, 598:of the race. In the case of the mystic and the disciple who is endeavoring to gain control of thesePsychology2, 606:of the aspirant or the advanced man or disciple who has learnt to focus himself in the mentalPsychology2, 607:forms of ambition to which the aspirant and the disciple succumb. One can also divide the problemPsychology2, 608:so brilliant and so pronounced that the disciple - when closing his eyes - can see it plainly. ItPsychology2, 609:halo makes its appearance around the head of the disciple or aspirant. The discovery that there is,Psychology2, 613:though all experiences come eventually to the disciple, the three major difficulties with which wePsychology2, 614:and the center between the eyebrows - in the disciple, for psychic sensitivity is related to thePsychology2, 614:affirm in himself the stage of the intelligent disciple. Much will be gained by a recognition ofPsychology2, 677:of humanity to that stage in the life of the disciple and Christian wherein he is no longer aPsychology2, 697:of spiritual realities. Just as the individual disciple stabilizes this contact and learns to makePsychology2, 700:will be appreciably apparent. For the individual disciple, the significance of this Law of MagneticPsychology2, 700:of his group. The solar angel. The aspiring disciple on the lower mental levels. The personality,Psychology2, 706:It will lead to the consecration of the disciple to certain types of endeavor summed up in thePsychology2, 713:action, and which will also give to the working disciple of the world a vision of sufficientPsychology2, 722:of human freedom, even by a Master. Sometimes a disciple or a member of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 726:on the part of each individual aspirant and disciple. It would involve a rededication of each ofPsychology2, 731:offer opportunity for the activity of some disciple, and thus the learning of a needed lesson byRays, 8:which he has attracted to himself. Unless the disciple learns that aspiration and self-disciplineRays, 12:states of consciousness that all the average disciple can know about them is their word symbols andRays, 19:you, first of all the rule for the individual disciple, and then its higher corresponding rule forRays, 19:group initiation. Rule I For Applicants: Let the disciple search within the heart's deep cave. IfRays, 19:has been made in triple form, then let the disciple withdraw that application and forget it hasRays, 20:be and long it takes to sound it forth. Let the disciple sound the call across the desert, over allRays, 20:God is Fire. Rule IV For Applicants: Let the disciple tend the evocation of the fire, nourish theRays, 21:is sacrificed to the fourth. Therefore let the disciple refrain from taking life and let himRays, 21:moves in life. Rule VII For Applicants: Let the disciple turn his attention to the enunciating ofRays, 21:Will of God. Rule VIII For Applicants: When the disciple nears the Portal, the greater seven mustRays, 22:unified rhythm. Rule IX For Applicants: Let the disciple merge himself within the circle of theRays, 22:in their serried ranks work ceaselessly. Let the disciple apply himself to a consideration of theirRays, 22:of the Lord. Rule XI For Applicants: Let the disciple transfer the fire from the lower triangle toRays, 23:work be done. Rule XII For Applicants: Let the disciple learn to use the hand in service; let himRays, 23:group. Rule XIII For Applicants: Four things the disciple must learn and comprehend before he canRays, 26:for initiation which, if followed, will take the disciple and the group through a major spiritualRays, 28:that purpose cannot be arrested or stopped. The disciple cannot then be deterred, and no hindranceRays, 29:[29] What is it, therefore, which prevents a disciple - as an individual - from having directRays, 29:not care enough. Each of them (and every other disciple) can place himself. All of them desire toRays, 30:clear directed will. These are points which the disciple preparing for initiation has to considerRays, 30:will eventually alter the entire approach of the disciple in the New Age to initiation. The themeRays, 30:it) of the Way or Path with which the modern disciple is faced lies the secret of the comingRays, 31:aspect of the egoic life begins to influence the disciple. The "petals of sacrifice" unfold and theRays, 32:The Master's influence, as He seeks to aid His disciple, always produces transitory turmoil -Rays, 32:of the life and influence of any senior disciple into the periphery or aura of the aspirant orRays, 32:the periphery or aura of the aspirant or lesser disciple is - in its degree - likewise disturbingRays, 32:be carefully borne in mind, both as regards the disciple's own reactions and training, and asRays, 32:he may call forth in the life of a probationary disciple or lesser disciple in his own sphere ofRays, 32:in the life of a probationary disciple or lesser disciple in his own sphere of influence. TheseRays, 32:an individual or a group by a Master or a senior disciple are usually interpreted in personalityRays, 32:aspects of the higher will in some higher disciple and are beating upon the personality will andRays, 32:This the aspirant and the inexperienced disciple resent and blame the evoking sources for theirRays, 39:when brought into living activity, bring the disciple into the center of the burning ground whichRays, 40:to the third initiation) is to bring to the disciple a realization of the "great heresy ofRays, 40:consciousness. Up till the present, the initiate-disciple has been functioning as a duality and asRays, 43:the rainbow bridge. This is built by the disciple-in-training upon the basis of his pastRays, 43:oriented aspect of the personality. As the disciple then creatively works, he finds that there is aRays, 43:idea of the possibilities lying ahead of the disciple, and incited you to definite consciousRays, 45:Hierarchy is dependent upon the ability of the disciple rightly to love. It is the emergence of theRays, 49:the teaching given to the aspirant and to the disciple in the early stages of their training, theRays, 54:an expanding impulse to the consciousness of the disciple and to stir his imagination (the seed ofRays, 57:of what this implies will come as the disciple masters the distinction between soul activity andRays, 59:seep into the mind and consciousness of each disciple as that mind becomes irradiated by soul lightRays, 59:will the realization come to the struggling disciple that the words: Withdraw not now yourRays, 60:he steps upon the Path. Once he is an accepted disciple and has definitely undertaken the work inRays, 61:of and sensing that which lies ahead, the disciple "stands on his occult rights and makes his clearRays, 62:for disciples to grasp. The initiate or disciple has reached a point in his evolution in whichRays, 64:demand is related to the earlier cry of the disciple, which was sounded forth "over the seas." ItRays, 65:Always, therefore, whether it is the cry of the disciple or the demand of the initiate, the soundRays, 65:sphere and are there aided by the initiated disciple working from the higher corresponding levels.Rays, 67:earlier phase and one in which the [67] accepted disciple learns much. First, he finds a group uponRays, 70:it embodies truths which are difficult for the disciple to grasp. But they will be grasped andRays, 77:are united in the deepest conscious point of the disciple's nature, at the extreme point ofRays, 77:power and effectiveness. The same is true of the disciple's group or of any group of true andRays, 81:fact the first solar initiation), the liberated disciple for the first time - alone and unaided -Rays, 81:sound and knows it not for what it is. The disciple hears the sound and sees its form. The one whoRays, 83:to the significance of the Voice, just as the disciple in the earlier stage awakened to theRays, 87:vice will breed disease, as is well known. The disciple can also destroy his form nature throughRays, 90:gives His work the following definition: Let the disciple tend the evocation of the fire, nourishRays, 91:which - if adequately grasped - will enable the disciple to comprehend the requirements of Rule IVRays, 98:one of the first Rules given to an accepted [98] disciple when first admitted into the Ashram, andRays, 98:which must govern the consciousness of the disciple in the future. In this particular Rule we enterRays, 98:"intentional" activities which must govern the disciple's life now that he is an integral part ofRays, 98:carrying out of the Master's plans. It was the disciple's innate, instinctual and individualRays, 98:into His Ashram. The moment that happened, the disciple came not only under an increased impact ofRays, 99:carrying out of divine purpose, focused for the disciple through the Ashram. The purposes of timeRays, 100:place of death, and this is the first lesson the disciple learns. The eighteen fires refer to theRays, 101:left, and this is the thought held before the disciple as he begins to master the significance ofRays, 102:point worth noting. The information given to the disciple is to work for the dissipation of thisRays, 102:him. Putting it this way, you will note how the disciple is really enjoined to recognize (with theRays, 103:one of the first recognitions of the initiate-disciple is that form, and his consciousness of formRays, 104:and experience in the three worlds must end. The disciple finds his group in the Master's Ashram,Rays, 107:easy task and is necessarily most limited. The disciple knows or is learning to know that he is notRays, 108:done, that by the carrying out of the plan the disciple learns the nature of the purpose, but thatRays, 111:of all an integrated personality, and then a disciple - a candidate for initiation. As more andRays, 115:The Macrocosm is held before the vision of the disciple. The two demands are expressed in Rule V asRays, 115:building of the antahkarana which relates the disciple in his personality to the Triad. TheRays, 118:Group Initiation The moment the initiate or the disciple sees, even dimly, the light of theRays, 119:attitude of the Whole. As the individual disciple builds the rainbow bridge, the antahkarana, andRays, 119:"Triadal perception" referred to above. When the disciple has flung one strand of living light
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