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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Rays, 125:uncorrected (because it is originated by the disciple himself [126] and must be dissipated by himRays, 126:the physical body thereby, the probationary disciple does succeed in ending the grip or potency ofRays, 126:then freed from them and needs them no more. The disciple and the candidate for initiation knowsRays, 126:will of God is expressed through life. The true disciple does not need vegetarianism or any of theRays, 127:and self-forgetfulness are the hallmark of the disciple, but not of the beginner. Many disciplesRays, 128:all. Once the world of the soul is entered, the disciple uses all forms wisely, with understandingRays, 129:the higher. It therefore behooves the individual disciple to decide whether he is an applicant, andRays, 129:to penetrate into the consciousness of the disciple and the initiate. The sixth kingdom is that ofRays, 131:only through this bridge, this thread, that the disciple can mount on to that stage of the ladderRays, 131:an event of major importance in the life of the disciple who is beginning to tread the Path to theRays, 132:results to those sensed even by the advanced disciple in his highest moments. A new life-expressionRays, 133:somewhat the nature of Those with Whom the disciple has to associate, and the kind of world and ofRays, 136:Initiation Rule VII For Applicants: Let the disciple turn his attention to the enunciating of thoseRays, 137:given to initiates. The applicant (or young disciple) is addressed as an individual and is told toRays, 137:of invocation. You need to remember that the disciple is occupied in resolving the many sounds intoRays, 137:point of major importance for the newer type of disciple to grasp. In the past, the emphasis hasRays, 138:time and the point of view of the individual disciple will later prove their truth - or theirRays, 138:The objective of all training given to the disciple is to shift his conscious awareness from theRays, 139:the greater part of the emotional life of the disciple must become increasingly subconscious, justRays, 139:automatic and thus subconscious. When the disciple has striven to expand his consciousness, when heRays, 147:the problem somewhat, and the aspirant or disciple needs to remember that it is only through theRays, 147:in the future will see the aspirant and the disciple more capable of grasping it. Rays, 148:of today. Rule VIII For Applicants: When the disciple nears the Portal, the greater seven mustRays, 153:to function and play his part. First he, as a disciple, has to learn to work within the frameworkRays, 162:perfectly developed, but it no longer holds the disciple a prisoner. Then, at a later stage uponRays, 168:you may remember, ran as follows: [168] Let the disciple merge himself within the circle of theRays, 174:that distinctions and differences disappear. The disciple realizes that they are only the result ofRays, 174:This realization necessarily comes to the disciple through the means of graded revelation and inRays, 176:the Angel of the Presence stood between the disciple-candidate and the Presence. At the laterRays, 177:the Hierarchy has worked for aeons. Just as the disciple enters the world of meaning and so canRays, 178:In the rule as given to applicants, the disciple is cautioned to work within those levels accordingRays, 179:their serried ranks, work ceaselessly. Let the disciple apply himself to a consideration of theirRays, 181:the astral plane, and must be dissipated by the disciple as he "escapes" mystically on to the PathRays, 181:must be evaded and overcome by the probationary disciple as he "escapes" from the thralldom of theRays, 191:work; these are the rules which the adventuring disciple needs to know. They have been used, andRays, 197:by the initiate resemble not those made by the disciple. The blinding force referred to can rangeRays, 198:and the promised attainment and reward. The disciple is thrown back upon himself. All he can see isRays, 198:stands to the initiate as the Master does to the disciple. It is a curious phase of "identicalRays, 199:may not be given: Veil I. That which faces the disciple as he wrestles with the Dweller on theRays, 205:Logos what the personality, plus soul, is to the disciple. He is also the coherent force within theRays, 205:can be seen in the influence wielded by a disciple who stands at the center of a group and holds itRays, 205:love, united in manifestation (the Christ and a disciple), is the work of a world disciple, for theRays, 205:Christ and a disciple), is the work of a world disciple, for the influence is wider and moreRays, 205:is wider and more far-reaching than that of a disciple, yet not as potent or comprehensive as thatRays, 209:angle of the individual growth of any particular disciple there has not necessarily been failure;Rays, 209:such hard labor that the entire time of the disciple is given to the achievement of impersonality,Rays, 209:law. Impersonality is possible only to the disciple who knows truly how to love, and to him whoRays, 210:has to be the first destructive activity of the disciple. It is not what the disciple seeks, orRays, 210:activity of the disciple. It is not what the disciple seeks, or wants or desires which shouldRays, 210:the all-impelling motive of world need. So the disciple begins to rid himself of desire by aRays, 210:seek to transmute it (as should the probationary disciple), but he ceases to give it anyRays, 211:group corresponds to that of the probationary disciple and not to that of the pledged disciple. TheRays, 211:disciple and not to that of the pledged disciple. The spontaneously emerging group work, engenderedRays, 211:results of the good initiated by the individual disciple or [212] his group are claimed by others,Rays, 212:and have given both guidance and direction; the disciple carries out the Plan; he shoulders theRays, 212:the recognition of the crowd. But - until the disciple seeks no recognition, until he fails toRays, 212:of the world to his work as an individual disciple - he has yet far to go in order to gain theRays, 214:conditions within the astral body of the disciple. The silence of thought is to be cultivated and,Rays, 215:and are never permitted to enter the mind of the disciple or the initiate when not consciouslyRays, 215:govern the daily life and relationships of the disciple with personalities and with the affairs ofRays, 215:even exist. Such is the silence of the initiated disciple. We have therefore considered briefly butRays, 216:increasingly a factor of potency. Later, as the disciple builds the antahkarana and thusRays, 220:He is to the group what the Monad is to the disciple, ever seeking to bring about the esotericRays, 220:take some Word as may be suggested by a helpful disciple and then proceed to "empower it." The WordRays, 223:lies far ahead of the average aspirant or disciple. But groups must have their goals and mustRays, 223:which involve the superconsciousness of the disciple; also that the release of the life aspect fromRays, 224:must be among the group personnel at least one disciple who has taken the initiation ofRays, 224:the little renunciations governs the life of a disciple and a group. The renouncing of ambition, ofRays, 225:already studied, we have seen the initiate or disciple carried from his position as an acceptedRays, 225:carried from his position as an accepted disciple standing before the Angel of the Presence, toRays, 230:New Group provides a similar field for the new disciple. It is towards that group also thatRays, 231:from the Christ down to the most newly accepted disciple. It is through the disciples that the NewRays, 238:Christ down to the newest and latest accepted disciple, each in his own place, all are becomingRays, 239:the direct relationship between a Master and a disciple, reached their highest point of usefulnessRays, 240:discipleship onto the shoulders of the pledged disciple and away from the immediate attention ofRays, 241:of revelation, making it an effect of what the disciple has done with himself and by means of whichRays, 241:is as much of the divine current revelation as a disciple can grasp in time and space) andRays, 243:consideration of them) is to develop in you, the disciple, the power to think abstractly - a muchRays, 247:Rule XIII. For Applicants. Four things the disciple must learn and comprehend before he can beRays, 248:name egoic. [248] In this earlier rule, the disciple is told that before he can advance to theRays, 248:or changed into energy. This means (where a disciple is concerned) the transmutation or changing orRays, 249:but also that there is a vital necessity for the disciple to work out significances and meaningsRays, 252:the intense earlier focus on the relation of the disciple and the Master. The keynote of groupRays, 252:emphasis upon the personal relation of the disciple to the Master and the achievement of theRays, 253:their ability to recognize an advanced person, a disciple or an initiate when they meet him, andRays, 253:deduction, and thus fail to recognize a disciple; if they are not advanced, they may regard peopleRays, 257:the three points of sensitivity in the head of a disciple or initiate, that is, in the region ofRays, 258:These latter correspond to the "four things the disciple must learn and comprehend before he can beRays, 259:simply summarize the effects in the life of the disciple who has applied and learned theRays, 259:of an exceedingly high order and the aspirant or disciple may be the highest kind of selflessRays, 259:presented phase of dualistic consciousness. The disciple reacts to group conditions and groupRays, 263:The "hidden name egoic" is conferred upon the disciple. This, as far as he is concerned, is theRays, 263:rules for applicants, as demonstrated by the disciple now functioning in a group, can all be summedRays, 263:four major injunctions given to the initiated disciple as he prepares to work under the Laws of theRays, 265:about through the self-initiated effort of the disciple: first of all upon the Probationary Path,Rays, 265:as the conscious adaptation of the initiated disciple to the greater whole, as his absorption intoRays, 268:mind aspects upon the mental plane are to the disciple and the initiate. They represent in action:Rays, 268:That energy which we call the soul and which the disciple calls "the Son of Mind," The higher orRays, 273:is to the dedicated personality of the initiated disciple, for such is the spiritual status of theRays, 275:and second rays, though primarily the second ray disciple and Master understood it the most easily.
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