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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Rays, 585:the progressive initiatory process to which the disciple is being subjected are three in number,Rays, 591:admits humanity (and particularly the trained disciple or initiate) into the mysteries of the MindRays, 592:value as you study the mental unfoldment of the disciple, as he undergoes the initiatory processRays, 593:upon the ladder of evolution. Just as the [593] disciple or the initiate is a soul-infusedRays, 598:reaction and as a [598] dispeller of glamor. The disciple is now focused in his everydayRays, 599:fifth ray energy has done its needed work; the disciple is also aware that he is in possession ofRays, 600:this conflict persists from the moment that the disciple has achieved mental polarization (at aRays, 602:a realm of ideas which are not yet easy for the disciple to appreciate or to understand. Much thatRays, 604:of this fourth ray activity upon the individual disciple: [605] In the three aspects of his nature,Rays, 606:controls and principles. Just as the individual disciple uses it to emerge out of the control ofRays, 610:way infringes the right of the individual man or disciple to make free choice, once the PrincipleRays, 637:of Fourth Ray Activity upon the individual Disciple The disciples of the world today are submergedRays, 637:of integration into one functioning whole. The disciple knows, however, that - as a result ofRays, 638:unbearable. But ahead of the individual disciple and of humanity lies a point of emergence. WhatRays, 638:lies a point of emergence. What must the disciple do whilst the point of tension is dominating himRays, 638:fellowmen? The answer is a simple one. Let each disciple and all groups of disciples develop theRays, 640:liberation will take place. As the individual disciple learns to harmonize himself throughRays, 641:If this is so, then the duty of each individual disciple, man of goodwill and intelligent thinkerRays, 641:upon humanity as a whole and upon the individual disciple. If you will study the relationship ofRays, 642:upon [642] mankind in this cycle, and upon the disciple preparing for initiation. We are dealing,Rays, 642:the Path from the present point of the average disciple. I am dealing with them, however, as best IRays, 646:I reiterate) that the revelation accorded to the disciple-initiate is along the line of the firstRays, 648:constituting the sum total of the world disciple, will eventually take either the first or theRays, 650:of this first ray energy upon the individual disciple as he prepares for and undergoes the fifthRays, 650:the guarantee of the final success of the world disciple. When it comes to a consideration of theRays, 650:fifth initiation, you must bear in mind that the disciple has passed, in a previous incarnation,Rays, 650:orientation. Throughout the many lives the disciple has lived, there have been many such moments,Rays, 650:to stir the aspiration into activity. With the disciple of the fourth initiation, [651] submittingRays, 653:difficulty and problems as the entrance of a new disciple into an Ashram. It might be said thatRays, 656:at them from the angle of humanity, the world disciple, as well as from the angle of the individualRays, 660:in all the races of men. Just as the initiate-disciple passes from one initiation to anotherRays, 662:the angle of the soul-infused personality of the disciple. It must be remembered from the startRays, 662:It must be remembered from the start that no disciple can pass through the initiatory experienceRays, 662:of these great crises in the life of every disciple. It is wise to note that an initiation is inRays, 662:event, and is only truly brought about when the disciple has learnt patience, endurance andRays, 662:of the self-inspired discipline to which the disciple has forced himself to conform. Much has beenRays, 671:intensifying effort on the part of the initiate-disciple. [672] Thus the work of magicalRays, 672:This is the creative task confronting the disciple who is engaged in lifting the energies of theRays, 672:and, in connection with the mechanism of the disciple, between the two head centers and the twoRays, 672:are in true related alignment, the initiate-disciple becomes a creative worker under the divineRays, 672:be told anent the first initiation; the initiate-disciple still works in the dimly lit "cave of theRays, 675:one of the most difficult which the modern disciple has to take. Rays, 678:of failure. It is at this point that the disciple begins to learn the uses of failure and to knowRays, 684:initiation. Freedom is the keynote for the world disciple today, and it is freedom to live, freedomRays, 687:country, of the word Freedom; it was that great disciple, F. D. Roosevelt, who "anchored" the wordRays, 688:Ray of Will or Power. At this initiation the disciple appreciates for the first time theRays, 689:of energy to the masses. Each time a disciple achieves an initiation and stands before theRays, 689:because it is at this initiation that the disciple begins consciously and creatively to direct theRays, 691:three words which are directive words for the disciple as he handles his life, his environment andRays, 693:of the heavens. It is to this cross that the disciple shifts at the fourth initiation, from theRays, 693:of experience in relation to the individual disciple. Let us consider this a little more closely:Rays, 694:thus gained whilst on this cross, the disciple passes from one renunciation to another untilRays, 694:the Fixed Cross nor the Cardinal Cross. The disciple is descending from the Fixed Cross and seekingRays, 694:that there are three initiations which test the disciple as to knowledge and experience: the first,Rays, 694:Cross is that of self-consciousness; that the disciple upon the Fixed Cross is rapidly becomingRays, 694:growth of cosmic consciousness comes when the disciple passes through the sixth Initiation ofRays, 696:act of renunciation marks the moment when the disciple has nothing in him which relates him to theRays, 697:of [697] our evolution. On all three planes, the disciple renounces; on all three planes he is,Rays, 704:consciousness is developing. With the initiate-disciple this is also the case; he entersRays, 708:what the revelation may be or the status of the disciple or the initiation he faces, these sameRays, 708:into play. They are: The energy generated by the disciple. The energy coming from the SpiritualRays, 708:energies and without their synthesis in the disciple's mind or in one of the three [709] higherRays, 709:In connection with the energy generated by the disciple, it will be obvious that this will includeRays, 709:earlier stages on the Path of Discipleship, the disciple works with that measure of the energy ofRays, 709:which he has generated within himself the disciple learns to add that of the group which he hasRays, 709:freedom from authority or the control of the disciple, and the quality of their spiritualRays, 709:quality of their spiritual aspiration. As the disciple or the Master has helped them to generateRays, 709:second group of energies are those coming to the disciple from the Spiritual Triad. These areRays, 712:energy of the will follows next, and (as the disciple perfects the antahkarana) it sweeps throughRays, 712:the brain. I am of course referring here to the disciple in training and not to the MastersRays, 712:It is in the Ashrams of the Masters that the disciple comes into direct relation with theseRays, 712:inflow of ideas into the consciousness of the disciple, the aspirant and the intelligentsia. IRays, 713:and its use in world service. Just as the disciple has to learn to use the mind in two ways: As aRays, 718:have meant much to the earnest individual disciple because the words used to express theRays, 718:and the spiritual perception of which no disciple has had more than a glimpse and a dim sensing ofRays, 719:becomes possible because, for many lives, the disciple has learnt to renounce and - when treadingRays, 719:beyond the understanding of even the advanced disciple), it will not be waste of time; in spite ofRays, 719:Logos what the second initiation is to the disciple; the fifth Initiation of Revelation and theRays, 720:uncertainties which are so distinctive of the disciple. Earlier (Page 396) I pointed out that theRays, 723:faced. It is this preparatory sensitivity in the disciple which produces true perception at all theRays, 723:control, with the everyday life of the ordinary disciple. It is important because of itsRays, 728:for the average person and for the average disciple, is contained within his past and isReappearance, 37:He is closer than the most aspiring and hopeful disciple knows, and can draw closer still if whatReappearance, 38:of the Ancient of Days down to the humblest disciple (gathered with others at the feet of theReappearance, 68:I. The Crises of the Christ In the life of every disciple, particularly of those who face certainReappearance, 68:or involuntarily made; having made them, the disciple then stands at a point of tension, with theReappearance, 85:love and power within and above the head of the disciple of the Christ. This abundant life enablesReappearance, 85:plane life, to the spiritual life of the disciple and to the living purpose of God, then some faintReappearance, 86:the future, be the experience of the occasional disciple but the general experience of countlessReappearance, 87:initiations, administered by the Christ, the disciple becomes an agent of the love of God; theReappearance, 100:completely at the end of his tether that the disciple finds his way into that Kingdom and is readyReappearance, 126:during the Aquarian Age. Humanity, the world disciple (through its various groups all at variousReappearance, 134:wisdom principle) is consummated in the aspiring disciple and his integrated personality, then theReappearance, 134:will find radiant expression in the transfigured disciple. What is true, therefore, of theReappearance, 151:aspirants, the intelligently convinced worker, disciple and initiate, - by all, in fact, who formReappearance, 166:spiritually-minded person, man of goodwill, or disciple is constantly aware of the challenge of theTelepathy, 5:should be borne in mind that the function of a disciple is to focus a stream of energy of someTelepathy, 13:is also: Between a Master and His disciples or disciple. Between a Master and His group and a groupTelepathy, 20:of Christ's suffering" is the reaction of the disciple to the same world condition. This is theTelepathy, 21:are beginning to form a conscious part of the disciple's experience.
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