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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLE

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Telepathy, 21:this means of communication the mind of the disciple is fertilized with the new and spiritualTelepathy, 21:thus awakening the intuitional aspect of the disciple, indicates that his soul is beginning toTelepathy, 22:as embodied thought-forms to the brain of the disciple. In time, and as the result of technicalTelepathy, 22:and as the result of technical training, the disciple can in this way reach the mind and brains ofTelepathy, 22:a Master (the focal point of a group) and the disciple in the world. It is an occult truth that noTelepathy, 22:admitted into a Master's group, as an accepted disciple, until he has become spirituallyTelepathy, 28:observe that this involves on the part of the disciple the power to do three things at once. YouTelepathy, 32:plexus to solar plexus. Mind to mind. Master to disciple. Groups of disciples to other similarTelepathy, 38:work; this is the objective of the accepted disciple. Secondly: Your constant effort - to beTelepathy, 39:soul's endeavor. A tried and [39] experienced disciple will not let such a change upset his innerTelepathy, 39:upset his inner rhythm, but a less experienced disciple needs real soul watchfulness to the dangerTelepathy, 40:on with the Master as broadcaster and the disciple as the recipient of impression and of energy.Telepathy, 50:remind you that what is true of the individual disciple must be and is true of that great discipleTelepathy, 50:disciple must be and is true of that great disciple - Humanity, the entire human family. It is alsoTelepathy, 51:Invocation and Evocation with which the average disciple should concern himself are those of theTelepathy, 53:you all need to grasp is that the progressing disciple does not move into new fields or areas ofTelepathy, 59:distinguished by a trained sensitivity, the disciple moves. He unfolds a spiritual recognitionTelepathy, 70:I refer not here to the thread as built by the disciple between the mental unit and the abstractTelepathy, 73:technique whereby - in the earliest stages - the disciple is permitted to attract the attention ofTelepathy, 76:Teachings given by a senior or more advanced disciple on the inner planes to a disciple underTelepathy, 76:more advanced disciple on the inner planes to a disciple under training or who has just beenTelepathy, 76:bear the impress and conclusions of the senior disciple and are frequently of value; they may - andTelepathy, 77:importance. Communications from a Master to His disciple. This accounts for two percent (2%) of theTelepathy, 85:four requirements which are needed to aid the disciple to meet the demands of [86] the initiatoryTelepathy, 86:On the basis of the information received, the disciple must then properly invoke the neededTelepathy, 86:the aspirant and particularly for the conscious disciple, the impression to be considered comesTelepathy, 86:be considered comes from four sources: From the disciple's own soul. From the Ashram with which heTelepathy, 87:the third initiation and persists until the disciple is himself a Master; the fourth type ofTelepathy, 87:after the third initiation and reach the disciple in the Ashram; he then has the task himself ofTelepathy, 87:with the ability to be an impressing agent. The disciple is not permitted to practice the art ofTelepathy, 87:and thought-form direction; and only a disciple who has passed through the processes ofTelepathy, 87:minds of other human beings or over groups, the disciple cannot be trusted, under the hierarchicalTelepathy, 88:upon the Probationary Path. Messages from the disciple's own soul are intermediate between thoseTelepathy, 88:or impressions from the Ashram which the disciple will be apt to confuse with group telepathy, soulTelepathy, 88:This will not greatly matter, because when the disciple begins to realize certain differences, aTelepathy, 88:type of registration will awaken and guide the disciple's consciousness. This stage, which embracesTelepathy, 89:in its effects than is delusion. When the disciple has mastered to some degree the significantTelepathy, 90:type of impression is familiar to the [90] disciple: that coming from the Spiritual Triad, andTelepathy, 93:it is also an invocation - on the part of the disciple - for further and greater impression andTelepathy, 94:be, and always is, a normal unfoldment when the disciple is correctly oriented, completelyTelepathy, 94:it much difficulty and future danger. Where the disciple is concerned, release from the constantTelepathy, 94:higher sensitivity possible. Gradually, as the disciple acquires true freedom of thought and theTelepathy, 94:total hierarchical impression by the time the disciple is a Master; the Plan is then the dynamicTelepathy, 94:of a growing reservoir of thought which the disciple has created in response to the many [95]Telepathy, 95:the deepest consideration to these words. As the disciple begins to demonstrate soul quality, andTelepathy, 96:his service to his fellowmen requires. A disciple is a magnetic center of light and knowledge justTelepathy, 96:which is lower and which is demanding aid. The disciple therefore, in due time, becomes a tiny orTelepathy, 96:- the passage of ideas from group to group. The disciple can become a receptive agent within anyTelepathy, 97:to hierarchical impressions, reaching the disciple via the antahkarana and - later - from theTelepathy, 97:small but which develops rapidly once the disciple takes his own development consciously in hand,Telepathy, 98:a factor of major importance in the life of the disciple. The light of the soul within the aura andTelepathy, 98:aspects of the aura indicate whether or not the disciple is nearing the Path of Discipleship. AsTelepathy, 100:the sources of impression change as the disciple makes progress, though always the larger and theTelepathy, 100:two together are most useful in effect, if the disciple sees to it that they are related. ForgetTelepathy, 100:"mind held steady in the light" of the soul; the disciple learns that all recorded truth isTelepathy, 101:is in the life and experience of the accepting disciple. When he is an accepted disciple, theTelepathy, 101:the accepting disciple. When he is an accepted disciple, the errors decrease in number even thoughTelepathy, 101:from a wide area of possible contacts. The disciple has to learn to distinguish between these manyTelepathy, 102:here. It must be remembered, however, that the disciple, first of all, becomes a truly consciousTelepathy, 102:in the early stages, the one desire of the disciple is to register impressions from the Hierarchy;Telepathy, 102:being very largely self-centeredness, turns the disciple introspectively in upon himself, and it isTelepathy, 103:of horizontal contacts, the magnetic aura of the disciple is cleared of the hindering andTelepathy, 103:have hitherto prevented right registration. The disciple then ceases to create them, and thoseTelepathy, 103:A Normal Unfoldment Later on, when the accepting disciple becomes the accepted disciple and isTelepathy, 103:when the accepting disciple becomes the accepted disciple and is permitted to participate inTelepathy, 104:and one of the outstanding needs of the disciple is to develop adequate sensitivity to ashramicTelepathy, 104:difficulties, for instance, facing the aspiring disciple and the earnest occult student is toTelepathy, 106:the mystical or the occult approach of the disciple to the center of truth, his freedom from theTelepathy, 106:i.e., to the physical plane awareness of the disciple, thus making possible his usefulTelepathy, 106:no need for me to elaborate this theme. The true disciple is ever aware of the possibility ofTelepathy, 107:of the Path of Discipleship. Later, as the disciple consciously creates the antahkarana and becomesTelepathy, 112:upon the steady orientation of the aspirant or disciple toward the Spiritual Triad; it also becomesTelepathy, 115:might also be added that the etheric body of a disciple or even of an advanced person can be soTelepathy, 115:towards the intended objective. When a man is a disciple and deliberately seeks to be impressed byTelepathy, 115:impressing agent is relatively simple; all the disciple has to do is to develop right receptivity,Telepathy, 120:nothing to the intelligence of the average disciple, but which may constitute a fruitful seedTelepathy, 122:of service, therefore, for the aspirant and the disciple to know the nature of the Agents Who canTelepathy, 122:or initiates and Masters; then the aspirant or disciple must find those to whom he can personallyTelepathy, 125:these terms mean little to [125] the average disciple and he has to wait until the initiatoryTelepathy, 128:if this is not yet recognized by the intelligent disciple; an unbroken series of impressions isTelepathy, 141:the advanced point in evolution reached by this disciple. Realizing that the etheric body was anTelepathy, 144:expression (or energies, if he is an advanced disciple). He will realize also that as his attitude,Telepathy, 160:(the head, the heart and the throat) [160] the disciple is in relation with the three planetaryTelepathy, 160:one of the three major centers - conditions: The disciple's absorption into one of the threeTelepathy, 160:M. in the department of the Manu; a second ray disciple will pass into a second ray Ashram such asTelepathy, 162:battle goes on between the ethers composing the disciple's etheric body and the downpouring higherTelepathy, 163:which was dictated 1900 years ago by the disciple who is now known as the Master Hilarion,Telepathy, 170:one by one made manifest, so that each initiate-disciple is (in due time) a Son of God in full andTelepathy, 172:instance of this can be found in the fact that a disciple's natural focus might be the solar plexusTelepathy, 172:evolution is nearing its close and the initiate-disciple has well nigh run his course, the energiesTelepathy, 172:upon those centers or individuals which the disciple seeks to aid. These impacts can be stimulatedTelepathy, 174:of contact should be cultivated by the pledged disciple. There is true occult teaching in theTelepathy, 190:through the soul of the individual aspirant or disciple; this becomes possible when contact withTelepathy, 195:they are delayed by the beginner and the new disciple from breaking forth into the world of men,Telepathy, 195:is not so good. They are delayed because the new disciple has turned his back upon the world of menTelepathy, 196:ten years ago. All of this is a challenge to the disciple. What is it that he must do? The discipleTelepathy, 196:to the disciple. What is it that he must do? The disciple has to take himself as he is, at anyTelepathy, 197:embodies this attitude - the attitude of the disciple who is striving, in cooperative endeavor withTelepathy, 197:Mantram bears the name, "The Affirmation of the Disciple." It involves certain inner recognitions
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