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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Statement:and this tells you but little, for all are disciples from the humblest aspirant up to, and beyond,Statement:me in the work of the Hierarchy (and all true disciples are associated in this work) know me byAstrology, 21:are casting a horoscope of senior aspirants, of disciples and of initiates. Astrology, 23:- the 12 constellations. The Book of Wisdom - Disciples - the 12 planets. The Book of Form or ofAstrology, 31:The last two constitute the Greater Zodiac. Disciples and initiates can begin consciously toAstrology, 59:objective appear with clarity. The horoscopes of disciples. The Masters do not study the charts ofAstrology, 61:potently to play its part in the life of the disciples, with Sagittarius gradually "piercing theAstrology, 65:and recognized astrological conclusions. Disciples and advanced individuals, conforming to theAstrology, 66:and Planetary Rulers in connection with Disciples and Initiates Note: In charts connected with theAstrology, 66:1st Taurus Same ray Note: In connection with disciples and the zodiacal signs, Gemini and Libra areAstrology, 70:remind you of some of the points which I made. Disciples upon the Path of Discipleship are stronglyAstrology, 75:of the horoscope of advanced human beings - disciples and initiates. This has not hitherto beenAstrology, 80:Three Initiations (Initiates) Two Initiations (Disciples) Ordinary man and the relation of theseAstrology, 90:kind of charts by which the Masters gauge Their disciples and they are most interesting; I touchedAstrology, 141:of Shamballa, but the bulk of the initiates and disciples remain attached to the second center,Astrology, 160:taking place. The reason is that certain world disciples and initiates have reached the point inAstrology, 162:as far as man is concerned, will prove this. The disciples of the world today and advanced humanityAstrology, 162:Cross conditioning and affecting the world disciples, and all of them of terrific importance andAstrology, 162:stage of development and the sensitivity of the disciples and world initiates. The initiates, inAstrology, 162:of world crisis. You will note that the world disciples are related to the mass of men throughAstrology, 163:Initiates are brought into relation to the world disciples through the constellation Scorpio, toAstrology, 163:Taurus - Leo - Scorpio: The Fixed Cross. "The Disciples dominate the world." Gemini - Pisces: TheAstrology, 167:Jerusalem is Pisces. In Aquarius, Christ put His disciples in touch with the "man, bearing aAstrology, 176:upon the soul. An ancient catechism which all disciples have to master, asks the followingAstrology, 180:light of the soul. In dealing with probationary disciples and with ordinary humanity, the serversAstrology, 182:Sagittarius - One-pointed spiritual aspiration. Disciples. Virgo - The mother of the Christ Child.Astrology, 190:is power. This is a statement upon which all disciples should ponder, for they can achieve no realAstrology, 197:do well (in connection with the horoscopes of disciples and particularly of initiates) to considerAstrology, 198:first time in the history of both mankind and disciples the energy of Sirius, pouring into theAstrology, 198:in the mechanism of response which mankind and disciples are at present utilizing. [199] Astrology, 202:aspiration for progress which is latent in all disciples and which, when stimulated, will enableAstrology, 213:effect of the activities of well-meaning disciples upon the work which they undertake to carry onAstrology, 218:and individual man as well to become one-pointed disciples in Sagittarius. This latterAstrology, 219:is one of the reasons why, when in training, disciples are absorbed into a Master's group which isAstrology, 226:of this sign and these are summed up for all disciples in the two keywords. Upon the ordinaryAstrology, 227:interest of any kind - except in the case of disciples or those nearing the Path. It is a sign ofAstrology, 231:they will be either probationary or accepted disciples or upon the Path of Initiation. Eventually,Astrology, 233:deciding. Today, the foremost men of the age - disciples, aspirants and the intelligentsia - areAstrology, 243:Masters. Cancer and Scorpio - The triumphant Disciples. The emphasis, however, on Gemini and LibraAstrology, 249:Prior to the present time, only a few pioneering disciples and a handful of intelligent peopleAstrology, 271:one for average intelligent man, another for disciples, and a third one for initiates above theAstrology, 282:forward as a soul? The conflict to which all disciples are subjected can be traced to the fact thatAstrology, 294:of Initiation lies the burning ground which all disciples and initiates must tread. The Leo subjectAstrology, 318:In the future horoscopes of disciples, this significant interplay of forces will be recognized asAstrology, 318:peculiar stage of discipleship. In this case, disciples will be born in one or other of these signsAstrology, 335:Pisces - he can arrive at the significance: Of disciples. Of group activity. Of the secondAstrology, 346:entered through the two pillars of Hercules, the disciples (Jachin and Boaz), and through the signAstrology, 354:higher mind) to the soul, and this carries the disciples to the stage of the third initiation. ItAstrology, 377:it is grasped by the world aspirants, the world disciples and initiates. Thus are the purposes ofAstrology, 384:veils a certain divine mystery. For the sake of disciples in training, these four concepts haveAstrology, 412:upon unevolved man, upon evolved man or upon disciples and initiates. The type of mechanism, andAstrology, 427:and their reflections in the etheric body of the disciples of the world of all grades. Through theAstrology, 440:opportunity to the Hierarchy and its affiliated disciples. The phrase that "Saturn is the planet ofAstrology, 440:be remembered and should speed the work of the disciples and aspirants of the world as theyAstrology, 445:center" it passes to that sensitive band of disciples, aspirants and workers to whose hearts andAstrology, 450:the depths of crystallization and of concretion. Disciples who respond to the influences aboveAstrology, 450:by their rays, egoic and personal. First ray disciples will, for instance, respond to the ShamballaAstrology, 450:Leo and Saturn, more easily than will second ray disciples. These will in their turn react moreAstrology, 451:the nature and quality of the response of disciples on Rays and Rays 2.4.6. and this mustAstrology, 451:must always be borne in mind as being true of disciples, of all men and also of nations. AccordingAstrology, 451:- and this is a point of major importance - all disciples must at this time seek to find theirAstrology, 464:urge is towards the path of return. Accepted disciples and initiates express the interplay alongAstrology, 471:as he emerges out of the ranks of the world disciples. All this is, therefore, brought about atAstrology, 479:Rays [479] is intended for the instruction of disciples at the close of this century and during theAstrology, 481:of energies as they affect the aspirants and disciples of the world which must suffice for anyAstrology, 484:the consciousness of the world aspirants, disciples and initiates. Today, this dual movement ofAstrology, 485:is - with equal potency - affecting the world disciples and initiates, leading them to worldAstrology, 491:is focusing esoterically the work of the world disciples, preparing them for initiation. Gemini isAstrology, 491:a much smaller scale, in relation to the world disciples. Capricorn esoterically leads towards theAstrology, 498:demonstrated to be true; this will happen where disciples, highly developed aspirants and initiatesAstrology, 498:of Triangles - Conclusions The problem of all disciples remains the same. This is to liveAstrology, 509:only evokes response from groups or from those disciples who are enough evolved rightly to respond.Astrology, 510:the exoteric rulers and upon the problems of disciples when dealing with the esoteric rulers. IfAstrology, 513:by the exoteric planets; advanced humanity, disciples and initiates by the esoteric planets. 4. TheAstrology, 517:ray - Uranus Base of Spine - first ray - Pluto Disciples. Initiates - Esoteric Planets Head CenterAstrology, 540:major initiations in the case of those world disciples who are ready enough and strong enough toAstrology, 545:its ruler, Pluto (ruling both the mass and the disciples esoterically), necessitated the triumph ofAstrology, 566:to by Christ in the words He spoke to His disciples: "What shall it profit a man if he gain theAstrology, 566:in the story of the Last Supper. Christ sent His disciples into the city to find the man "bearing aAstrology, 567:to the initiate consciousness of His disciples. Cancer is a mass sign. Libra - Christ stood at theAstrology, 568:they have given themselves upon the Fixed Cross. Disciples are apt to think that the fact of theirAstrology, 571:primarily for the use of those aspirants and disciples who are not only mystics but who have madeAstrology, 572:attitudes of the intelligent aspirants and disciples. This was necessary before wider action couldAstrology, 587:be employed and in what manner aspirants and disciples who are mentally polarized can focus thatAstrology, 626:when He emerged before the startled eyes of His disciples as Light Incarnate and "was transfiguredAutobiography, X:hard pressed, struggling aspirants and younger disciples who have come to her and to her SchoolAutobiography, 2:death to Immortality. [2] I want to make the Disciples of the Christ who are the Masters of theAutobiography, 2:and belief. I want to show Them as They are - Disciples of the Christ, living men, and ever presentAutobiography, 7:and a sense of reality to other workers and disciples that will be good. You can see, therefore,Autobiography, 7:prove to be of service. Many isolated mystics, disciples and aspiring men and women down the agesAutobiography, 38:years old and I am now One of the [38] senior disciples in His group, or - as it is calledAutobiography, 38:and spiritual orientation required, that true disciples are ashamed to mention their work andAutobiography, 38:and position. I want to make it easier for such disciples in the future, and to "debunk" theAutobiography, 38:then it is not necessary. The world is full of disciples. Let them acknowledge it. Let them standAutobiography, 49:of Christ and of the Masters who are His disciples. I am sure that there is a plan which They areAutobiography, 63:Preachers, Talks for Teachers, Discourses for Disciples, Outlines for Workers (I possessed booksAutobiography, 101:periods are necessary in the lives of all active disciples. They are hard to take but as they are,Autobiography, 139:the Masters of the Wisdom were His pupils and disciples, just as people like myself were pupils ofAutobiography, 153:that there comes a phase in the life of all disciples when they must be vegetarians. In the sameAutobiography, 158:consciousness, would only look for Their disciples in the ranks of the T.S. I knew it could not be
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