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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Autobiography, 158:and later I met many people who were disciples of the Masters and who had never been in touch withAutobiography, 171:work for the next twenty years took shape. The disciples of all the Masters are everywhere in theAutobiography, 179:of desire. Both should be used by the aspiring disciples of the world. Later I will touch uponAutobiography, 194:is that which has been given down the ages to disciples. The Arcane School, if it is successful,Autobiography, 194:trained in the spiritual laws which govern all disciples are rare indeed, though we can look for anAutobiography, 195:School is not a school for probationary [195] disciples. It is intended to be a school for thoseAutobiography, 196:a school for training people to be "accepted disciples" - that is, those on the last stages of theAutobiography, 229:more crucial the paralleling need of trained disciples also becomes increasingly apparent. TheAutobiography, 230:have been permitted to do certain things. Other disciples and groups have been responsible forAutobiography, 231:under the guidance of certain of the Masters' disciples who, in their turn, are directed and guidedAutobiography, 231:turn, are directed and guided by a few world disciples whose work is on such a large scale that itAutobiography, 233:through the entire Gospel story. His disciples were largely fishermen. He performed the miraclesAutobiography, 233:symbol. Prior to His death Christ sent His disciples out to find the water-carrier who led them toAutobiography, 234:New Group of World Servers, led and guided by disciples and spiritual aspirants who know no senseAutobiography, 234:on earth. Under the direction of the world disciples and their helpers these people can be trainedAutobiography, 239:plane of the Masters and Their groups of disciples gathered together in what are technically calledAutobiography, 239:advent of the Christ. He will come bringing His disciples with Him. The Masters will again some dayAutobiography, 240:Chapter VI He also instituted the new rules for disciples which permit a much greater freedom toAutobiography, 240:is the slightest danger that he will speak. Disciples are now being trained telepathically and theAutobiography, 240:the major incentive for spiritual development. Disciples are being taught today to work together inAutobiography, 240:that the Tibetan gave to a group of His disciples in the world, some of whom were known to me andAutobiography, 240:instructions given by a Master to His group of disciples have ever been published and so put intoAutobiography, 246:who were indicated as initiates and senior disciples were entirely mediocre people with noAutobiography, 246:Doctrine and is intended to offer study to disciples and initiates at the close of this century andAutobiography, 248:the case of highly developed people, aspirants, disciples and initiates who are beginning toAutobiography, 248:disciple, loosely affiliated with certain disciples in that Hierarchy, up to and including theAutobiography, 249:should be constantly borne in mind. The accepted disciples of a Master who arrive at recognition ofAutobiography, 249:which can then be corroborated by their fellow disciples and used by the Master Himself as aAutobiography, 254:today, in spite of all that A.A.B. and my disciples have been able to do, it is generally concededAutobiography, 255:as being in incarnation, knowing full well that disciples and initiates and Masters are known byAutobiography, 255:accomplished. The Masters work through Their disciples in many organizations but They do not exact,Autobiography, 255:but They do not exact, through these disciples, the implicit obedience of organization members, norAutobiography, 255:antagonistic to the groups working under various disciples or other Masters, and any organizationAutobiography, 255:groups, nor do They choose, for Their pledged disciples and prominent workers, men and [256] womenAutobiography, 256:as it is called. The name given to us by some disciples in Tibet gives the due to our point ofAutobiography, 257:and the work of the Masters - through Their disciples - must and will be brought increasingly toAutobiography, 257:be brought increasingly to public attention. Disciples everywhere will present increasingly theAutobiography, 257:is with His people, that the world is full of disciples unrecognized because silently working; thatAutobiography, 263:has accepted them into the inner ranks of His disciples. There is thus built up within theseAutobiography, 264:the Arcane School, are concerned with training disciples and preparing them to tread the Path ofAutobiography, 264:which will appear in the next century will take disciples and prepare them to tread the Path ofAutobiography, 264:responsible. The schools now forming to train disciples are intermediate in nature and are intendedAutobiography, 265:the medium of a highly intelligent personality. Disciples will be prepared for initiation, andAutobiography, 268:of the Master and His band of working disciples and initiates, he brings to humanity definiteAutobiography, 269:races and nations that the Hierarchy works and disciples are trained to work the same way,Autobiography, 270:is occupied. It is not occupied with preparing disciples for initiations and never has been. It isAutobiography, 271:with his soul and - in the case of more advanced disciples - in touch with the Master and theAutobiography, 273:not esoteric schools and their leaders are not disciples; they are aspirants upon the ProbationaryAutobiography, 273:a certain number of esoteric schools, started by disciples, who are learning, through their attemptAutobiography, 273:These are being started by more advanced disciples. This is necessarily so as the task is muchAutobiography, 273:from the old schools. These more advanced disciples have a more potent radiation and a much widerAutobiography, 274:and related to the Hierarchy emerges. These disciples, entrusted with the difficult work ofAutobiography, 274:the new schools, are technically known as world disciples. Their influence penetrates in everyAutobiography, 274:learning to be a teacher, and the work of world disciples who are breaking up the old ways andAutobiography, 274:time, giving elementary instruction and training disciples in methods of work and how to serve. TheAutobiography, 275:on increasing in power and will prepare the disciples of the New Age for the future Schools ofAutobiography, 281:The Arcane School is a training school for disciples. It is not a school for probationary disciplesAutobiography, 281:disciples. It is not a school for probationary disciples or for devotional aspirants. The ArcaneAutobiography, 282:I. The Arcane School is a Training School for Disciples At the close of the world war (1914-1945)Autobiography, 282:solely to train people to be conscious, working disciples, its curriculum is definitelyAutobiography, 282:The Masters reach the world of men through their disciples; that is the way They choose to work.Autobiography, 288:light and power into which a Master gathers His disciples for instruction in the Plan, of whichAutobiography, 290:The world today is full of self-proclaimed disciples, initiates and Masters; loud voices areAutobiography, 294:large funds for the work of the Christ and His disciples and for the task of preparing the minds ofAutobiography, 294:one of the new and immediate tasks of the world disciples and spiritual workers, and one whichAutobiography, 297:of the sincere and earnest aspirants and disciples in the world. Our knowledge carriesAutobiography, 297:group, which is to say that we are a group of disciples and aspirants to discipleship, who areAutobiography, 299:necessary to the guidance of the hard-pressed disciples of the Great Ones in our present era; moreAutobiography, 299:the necessary collaborator among that group of disciples who were in the same ashram with him. NotAutobiography, 300:a real need for an increased number of working disciples in the world who would be available toAutobiography, 303:plane fighting was stopped, the reaching of the disciples, who were in contact with the ArcaneAutobiography, 303:crumbling and that the heroic efforts of many disciples to do everything that they could do, thatAutobiography, 304:are justified by our relationship to all working disciples everywhere who, consciously andBethlehem, 5:of divinity, and then enjoined upon His disciples that they should go and do likewise. Bethlehem, 15:to see the light. Today Christ and His disciples are occupied (as they have been for two thousandBethlehem, 19:age Christ pointed in His instructions to His disciples when He told them to go into the city, andBethlehem, 22:possibility of such perfection is proven to the disciples. The command [23] goes forth to us, "BeBethlehem, 23:initiations, and to undergo the new Birth. The disciples of the world are preparing for the secondBethlehem, 23:give denial to their claim in so doing. Disciples and initiates are taught to be inclusive in theirBethlehem, 26:in the human being. Towards this the disciples of the world are now oriented. Then there is theBethlehem, 29:so many countries. At the same time, individual disciples are striving anew towards illumination,Bethlehem, 30:from the realm of reality where Christ and His Disciples of all time (the Church invisible) guideBethlehem, 45:in the Gospel story, is possible to the disciples of the world. Therefore, in summing up theseBethlehem, 46:these possible heights of attainment stand the disciples of the world at this time. Here alsoBethlehem, 48:ahead for Him, and He defined it clearly to His disciples, saying: "...the Son of man must sufferBethlehem, 61:Attis and others); there are (15) the twelve disciples (the Zodiacal signs); and (16) the betrayalBethlehem, 61:Virgo; there is the conflict of Christ and his disciples with the autumnal asterisms, (20) theBethlehem, 72:came to Bethlehem. They are symbols of those disciples in the world today who are ready to prepareBethlehem, 73:the meaning of these three gifts brought by the disciples of old to the infant Jesus, and as we seeBethlehem, 75:p. 773. And again, "This number (of the twelve disciples) is typified by many things in the OldBethlehem, 77:from which we escape. If we cannot make good as disciples where we are, [78] and in the place whereBethlehem, 78:where we fail. The need today is for dependable disciples and for those who have been so testedBethlehem, 82:the Father. "Neither pray I for these alone (His disciples), but for them also which shall believeBethlehem, 93:are fast preparing. Even Christ Himself told His disciples that "he that believeth on me, the worksBethlehem, 96:consequent illumination was made apparent to His disciples. He appeared before them as Son of ManBethlehem, 97:Hindu faith. Christ held this ideal before His disciples and all men when He said, "Blessed are theBethlehem, 108:how to meet temptation; what to expect, as disciples preparing [109] for initiation, and the methodBethlehem, 115:be understood very simply by all aspirants and disciples, because they embody universal tests whichBethlehem, 115:through the clear light of divinity. This, all disciples have ever recognized. We shall considerBethlehem, 118:four spheres of life or four problems which all disciples and aspirants have to face, and which
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