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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Bethlehem, 119:whole, as is only the case in advanced people, disciples and initiates. In these three words -Bethlehem, 135:one which He shared with His three favorite disciples, with the three people closest to Him. HisBethlehem, 135:were built upon the twelve apostles, the seventy disciples whom He chose and trained, and theBethlehem, 150:I am well pleased; hear ye him. And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their face, and wereBethlehem, 150:of the revelation which forced the three disciples to their faces. Three kneeling kings or magiBethlehem, 150:initiation. At this crisis there were three disciples prostrate upon the ground, unable to lookBethlehem, 151:focused, and the light of God is centered. His disciples came into the radius of this light for theBethlehem, 152:important here to study briefly the place of the disciples in the story of this experience. DownBethlehem, 153:kings at the cradle in Bethlehem; the three disciples at the Transfiguration; the three Crosses onBethlehem, 160:time the revelation was for him alone; here the Disciples also shared it. It is not clear to whatBethlehem, 162:Christ, at the communion service, gave His disciples the cup to drink, saying "This is my blood ofBethlehem, 165:22, 23.) Then comes the simple comment that the disciples "were exceedingly sorry." This vision ofBethlehem, 178:Communions of Saints and Churches into which disciples were received by Baptism. And they wereBethlehem, 182:to which Christ referred when He sent His disciples into the city, saying: "Behold, when ye areBethlehem, 208:entry into Jerusalem, of His gathering the disciples together into the upper room, and thereBethlehem, 220:very being, is the hall mark of achievement. Disciples are apt to forget this, and one wonders forBethlehem, 227:"The climax is a double one. The service of the Disciples extended only to their circle: theBethlehem, 227:by his suffering and death. In the case of the Disciples it was merely a question of [228]Bethlehem, 231:for us to be confident that the vision of the disciples was not supernormal or that, through theBethlehem, 232:after His departure. The psychology of the disciples is the best proof we have of the reality ofBethlehem, 238:sermon of the Buddha, in which He teaches His disciples the significance of the "five points ofBethlehem, 246:be sought and shepherded; (St. John, X, 16.) His disciples must be trained and taught; HisBethlehem, 259:perpetuated. The Buddha taught us the rules for disciples in preparation for the Mysteries ofBethlehem, 265:to follow, not one by one, but - under inspired disciples - as a race. Like the children of IsraelBethlehem, 269:circulation through the attuned minds of the disciples of the world. This is inspiration, and thisBethlehem, 281:up thy cross" and follow Christ. To their fellow disciples they bring constantly the reminder thatBethlehem, 283:from well-meaning aspirants into clear-sighted disciples animated by a spirit of love and goodwillBethlehem, 284:emphasizes the same lesson, and always His disciples have sought, in their place and time, to teachDestiny, 16:ray disciple is hard and difficult. There are disciples of Shamballa just as there are disciples ofDestiny, 16:are disciples of Shamballa just as there are disciples of the Hierarchy and this is a fact hithertoDestiny, 16:to remember this. They are powerful, these disciples of Shamballa, headstrong and often cruel; theyDestiny, 16:make mistakes but they are nevertheless true disciples of Shamballa and are working out the Will ofDestiny, 16:are working out the Will of God as much as the disciples and Masters of the Hierarchy are workingDestiny, 20:This group, composed as it is of all world disciples and all working initiates, finds itsDestiny, 21:are met as need (note, I say, need) arises. Disciples learn to grasp the need of group love and toDestiny, 21:the difference. Through the medium of those disciples who have learned the distinction between theDestiny, 25:again without exception) by the emissaries and disciples of either Shamballa or the Hierarchy. AllDestiny, 31:by the pattern of things to come and the world disciples, impressed by the plans and under theDestiny, 48:but this time good may eventuate, if the world disciples and the spiritually-minded people measureDestiny, 49:and by a soul ray which is sensed only by the disciples and the aspirants of any nation. This soulDestiny, 107:clear where ordinary human beings and the world disciples and initiates are concerned. There isDestiny, 109:this eventful change of focus that the world disciples can shoulder responsibility and proceed toDestiny, 109:and proceed to active work. When I here speak of disciples, I am using the term in connection withDestiny, 110:the two functioning energies. Upon one thing all disciples and aspirants can rely and this is theDestiny, 112:human quality and character in and through its disciples, has been the expression of the idealisticDestiny, 114:It connotes evolutionary achievement. For the disciples of the world, this sense of taste has to beDestiny, 114:unfoldment and peculiarly the goal of all disciples. The methods whereby the activity of the sixthDestiny, 115:intelligent perception. In the case of the world disciples, this process has been carried forwardDestiny, 126:the other still small) of sixth and seventh ray disciples. The problems of the Hierarchy are, ofDestiny, 126:worlds, but it might serve a useful purpose if disciples occasionally gave some thought to theDestiny, 126:and does this more scientifically than do disciples on other rays. The sixth ray devotee is farDestiny, 130:which govern group work. You must remember that disciples upon different rays will wield these lawsDestiny, 131:Age It will be obvious to you that seventh ray disciples wield much power and for this reason theDestiny, 131:upon purity of body in the case of the sixth ray disciples. As was inevitable, they have carriedDestiny, 132:and the necessary integration take place. Disciples in the new age will lay the emphasis upon theDestiny, 142:mental plane; there it influences the minds of disciples everywhere and lays the stage for theDestiny, 142:stage for the appearance of a certain group of disciples from Shamballa. Two thousand years fromDestiny, 144:and widen your horizon; for aspirants and disciples, that is the major value. All information andDestiny, 151:the water pot and typifying Aquarius led the disciples, and in which the first communion serviceDestiny, 151:The story of the upper chamber in which the disciples met and arrived at a true recognition of theDiscipleship1instructions, given by him to a group of his disciples. Many of these people were unknown to meDiscipleship1with clarity and that is: the old rules to which disciples have been subjected down the centuriesDiscipleship1, XI:it was felt both by [XI] me and this group of disciples that the sanity, the breadth of vision, theDiscipleship1, XII:which holds true for all time and for all disciples, because "as he is, so are we in this world." Discipleship1, XIV:In closing, I would like to thank all these disciples who have so kindly placed their personalDiscipleship1, XV:to be of service to the coming generation of disciples. In many cases, they helped prepare them forDiscipleship1, XV:Hierarchy and in the existence of Christ and his Disciples, the Masters, may receive such anDiscipleship1, XV: Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part I SECTION ONE DISCIPLESHIP IN THE NEWDiscipleship1, XV:ONE DISCIPLESHIP IN THE NEW AGE - TALKS TO DISCIPLES PART I My Brothers: It is of importance thatDiscipleship1, XV:by the self-initiated effort of individual disciples, following out the injunctions of the ChristDiscipleship1, 4: Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part I I have felt that a linking up of yourDiscipleship1, 4:possible to you. I am, therefore, dividing my disciples into groups so that they may work onDiscipleship1, 4:(probably at widely separated intervals) to my disciples. I am not basically writing for any of youDiscipleship1, 4:am supposing upon the part of each of my disciples, one basic essential at least and that is aDiscipleship1, 5:your own affair; that is something that the disciples of the New Age need to learn. There is noDiscipleship1, 5:it. I shall with frankness speak. I know my disciples, for no disciple is admitted into an AshramDiscipleship1, 5:will be noted and understood by those among my disciples who have the opened, inner ear and trueDiscipleship1, 5:the course and the progress of many would-be disciples. This is also for me an experiment, forDiscipleship1, 5:and to the advance of evolution. Many tried disciples and aspirants (should I have said "tired,"Discipleship1, 5:of the ancient rules in a modern way. Disciples in the olden days were the product of more peacefulDiscipleship1, 6:of, and not because of, existing conditions. For disciples, such as those I am now going to attemptDiscipleship1, 6: Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part I For me, there is also the problem ofDiscipleship1, 7:position I take? That I, one of a great group of disciples who - from the humblest aspirant up toDiscipleship1, 7:to be so though members of this group of disciples know me for who I am. You know me as a teacher,Discipleship1, 8:plane. The spheres of service of individual disciples remain the same as before but to theirDiscipleship1, 9:the group. This [9] will be fairly easy for some disciples to achieve but very difficult forDiscipleship1, 9: Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part I Every disciple has to learn toDiscipleship1, 9:group, functioning as a serviceable unit - some disciples will have to hasten their progress inDiscipleship1, 9:which brings more spiritual power to my group of disciples or which increases its light or dims itsDiscipleship1, 9:You need to remember that I look at my groups of disciples always subjectively and as a group. ItDiscipleship1, 10:to others in the group. But, as souls, such [10] disciples are somewhat awakened and alive and haveDiscipleship1, 10:out of your selfish personal activities. Disciples in the group of a Master have to love each otherDiscipleship1, 10: Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part I It is perhaps wise to remember hereDiscipleship1, 11:If true dispassion is practiced, this group of disciples can see things as they are and remainDiscipleship1, 11:of others. Secondly: It is essential that all disciples in an Ashram should be contemplative, butDiscipleship1, 12: Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part II PART II The question might here beDiscipleship1, 12:How can this work out practically in a group of disciples - all of them individuals but allDiscipleship1, 13:simple and immediate work. First of all, all disciples practice regular and daily meditation. TheseDiscipleship1, 13:wherein you will try and link up with your co-disciples, sending them love, soul force, and help.Discipleship1, 14: Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part II You would find it useful to keep what
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