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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Discipleship1, 701:to see that he does not unduly stimulate the disciples' vehicles through the very fact of hisDiscipleship1, 701:This is vitally true also of a group of disciples. What protects most disciples from too great aDiscipleship1, 701:also of a group of disciples. What protects most disciples from too great a sensitivity is theirDiscipleship1, 702:him by the Master. The goal for all work done by disciples, either in group formation or in theDiscipleship1, 702:with the cooperation of his group. A group of disciples is not pledged to do the same type of workDiscipleship1, 703:personality life. Until, therefore, the group of disciples in all its parts expresses this outgoingDiscipleship1, 703:vehicles. It is the place of interior resort. Disciples can, therefore, grasp their growth towardsDiscipleship1, 703:things which a Master has to do is to teach his disciples to study and register truthfully theirDiscipleship1, 704:of others (particularly of one's own fellow disciples or of one's own circumstances), the fear toDiscipleship1, 704:of the attitude of the Master is one which disciples are very [705] apt to forget because they areDiscipleship1, 705:and problems. It might here be noted that disciples in an Ashram are primarily occupied with worldDiscipleship1, 705:they are learning so to work. Would-be disciples need to distinguish between the effect (magneticDiscipleship1, 705:work in the light and in the realm of causes. Disciples are as yet necessarily involved in theDiscipleship1, 706:is this kind of work possible? Not many, as yet. Disciples are usually more preoccupied with theirDiscipleship1, 706:and then forget about it. I would ask all disciples at this time to make it their major effort toDiscipleship1, 706:"loving understanding." They are more advanced disciples than you are - little as this may beDiscipleship1, 706:of Light upon the outer physical plane. But disciples and aspirants can surround them with aDiscipleship1, 707:of the inner Ashram upon the outer plane. Disciples, initiates and world disciples will meet forDiscipleship1, 707:the outer plane. Disciples, initiates and world disciples will meet for the first time in humanDiscipleship1, 707:will meet for the first time in human history as disciples, recognizing each other and recognizingDiscipleship1, 707:and not of physical plane methods of work. As disciples learn to integrate themselves into aDiscipleship1, 707:harmony between themselves and their fellow disciples and to reinforce the contact between theirDiscipleship1, 708:is Truth - on all levels and at all times. As disciples learn thus to work from the point or centerDiscipleship1, 708:all the conclusions of the past. We have all - disciples and initiates of all degrees - to enterDiscipleship1, 709:Master is engaged in relation to his group of disciples is to teach them the deep significance ofDiscipleship1, 711:with the second ray modes of working, with disciples; they form the basis of all the otherDiscipleship1, 717:lies far behind. Many people today are "accepted disciples" and that is, as you well know, theDiscipleship1, 718:writing primarily for the future and for those disciples who, in years to come, will read my wordsDiscipleship1, 719:Masters are seeking to do with their groups of disciples in this hour of world crisis. This is aDiscipleship1, 720:opposed, distributed and effectively used by the disciples of the Masters. The task of Shamballa,Discipleship1, 720:must, in the final analysis, be used by the disciples in the world is the fire of the will-to-love.Discipleship1, 720:reflection) of the fire of spirit. Some disciples use only the fire of the mind; in their highestDiscipleship1, 721:be dissolved." Why is this? Because it is the disciples in the world and not the mass of men whoDiscipleship1, 721:his intention. He dare not come until the disciples and aspirants in the world bring about theDiscipleship1, 722:on the misery of mankind and on the failure of disciples and aspirants everywhere to grasp the trueDiscipleship1, 722:nations. Are you prepared as individuals, as disciples and aspirants to submit yourselves to thisDiscipleship1, 722:have been dealt with in a Book of Rules for disciples on the probationary path. The rule can beDiscipleship1, 723:people who are being thus related and the senior disciples of all the Masters who take chelas areDiscipleship1, 724:falls into three categories; as the senior disciples and initiates are thus occupied, they areDiscipleship1, 724:readjustments. The first task which confronts disciples is to arrive at an understanding of theDiscipleship1, 724:the majority of cases but many of these helping disciples are experimenting (under direction ofDiscipleship1, 724:of the Hierarchy by first becoming aware of disciples more advanced than himself and by learning toDiscipleship1, 725:should be most carefully studied. All groups of disciples, working in or out of an Ashram, shouldDiscipleship1, 725:thing that has to be established in a group of disciples is love and trust, for without that thereDiscipleship1, 725:criticism" must be most carefully avoided by all disciples if they want to bring about the neededDiscipleship1, 725:bring about the needed rhythm. In any group of disciples, there are those who do not put "firstDiscipleship1, 725:this necessarily gives their fellow disciples just grounds (apparently just) for criticism. ThereDiscipleship1, 725:unquestionably arise: Is the group of working disciples to be keyed to the note of the moreDiscipleship1, 725:to be keyed to the note of the more advanced disciples in the group or is it to be stepped down toDiscipleship1, 725:form: Are the least evolved in a group of disciples and aspirants to pull down to their level ofDiscipleship1, 727:is composed, as you know, of old and experienced disciples and initiates and also of neophytes inDiscipleship1, 727:in various stages of development and also of disciples, passing through the many different stagesDiscipleship1, 727:It is these widely different types of active disciples which bring about the interrelation betweenDiscipleship1, 727:the group as an aspect of some Master's Ashram. Disciples need [728] to remember that an Ashram isDiscipleship1, 728:of initiates of various degrees and of accepted disciples. The Masters do not regard those who haveDiscipleship1, 728:This is a point which needs re-emphasis. Disciples who have taken the second initiation areDiscipleship1, 728:Must the senior and the more advanced initiate-disciples halt, or wait and step down theirDiscipleship1, 728:them? The question therefore is: Do the senior disciples wait or do the junior disciples hinder? IDiscipleship1, 728:Do the senior disciples wait or do the junior disciples hinder? I would assure you that theDiscipleship1, 729:is that the work of the Ashram goes on and disciples and initiates (whose hearts are aflame)Discipleship1, 729:effect in an Ashram. The trained, released disciples are more concerned with the task to be carriedDiscipleship1, 729:it is not there at all or to the same extent. Disciples need to learn the distinction between trueDiscipleship1, 730:- producing beauty out of the present chaos. The disciples, therefore, of the Master Morya, of theDiscipleship1, 730:in the hands of their three groups of initiated disciples; with them, the accepted disciples of theDiscipleship1, 730:of initiated disciples; with them, the accepted disciples of the three groups are asked toDiscipleship1, 731:step down the inflowing energy so that accepted disciples can handle it safely and act asDiscipleship1, 731:itself, and just in so far as the accepted disciples react to the combined forces will it beDiscipleship1, 731:used in service. In other words: the initiated disciples in a Master's group focus the inflowingDiscipleship1, 731:group focus the inflowing energies; the accepted disciples, through the medium of their souls,Discipleship1, 731:the revelation, coming from Shamballa. Initiated disciples have no interest in anything but theDiscipleship1, 731:direction and materializing upon earth. Accepted disciples are learning this and in the meantimeDiscipleship1, 731:of the Ashram is coordinated. Newly accepted disciples (who are only learning to cooperate) areDiscipleship1, 731:to their capacity to work with the world disciples (who are definitely responsible to the Master ofDiscipleship1, 731:be established upon earth if the accepted disciples in a Master's [732] group are themselves unableDiscipleship1, 732:world if the inner circle of workers (pledged disciples) are unable to establish and hold amongDiscipleship1, 732:relations must be fostered between: Accepted disciples, initiate disciples and the Master. BetweenDiscipleship1, 732:fostered between: Accepted disciples, initiate disciples and the Master. Between the members of anDiscipleship1, 732:between Shamballa and the Hierarchy. Accepted disciples and the lesser initiates are responsibleDiscipleship1, 733:they are not the reality when astrally focused. Disciples need to bear in mind always that theyDiscipleship1, 734:them as wholes) is to absorb new members and disciples, either singly or in groups. One questionDiscipleship1, 734:within an Ashram (constituted of relatively new disciples and beginners on the Path of AcceptedDiscipleship1, 734:unity and the cessation of separateness. Disciples in their consciousness have to learn to avoidDiscipleship1, 734:to them. An Ashram is one group or band of disciples, initiates of various degrees, world disciplesDiscipleship1, 734:disciples, initiates of various degrees, world disciples and neophytes at the very beginning of theDiscipleship1, 734:the very beginning of the Way of discipleship. Disciples must not think in terms of differentDiscipleship1, 734:rightly, is the great releasing power. So many disciples focus tension wrongly and release energyDiscipleship1, 735:This is the true esoteric work. The majority of disciples are not even 6o per cent effectiveDiscipleship1, 735:spiritual tension for himself. The reason that disciples are not sensitive to the Master, to theDiscipleship1, 736:interest and help. The usual loneliness of all disciples is frequently incidental to the fact ofDiscipleship1, 737:Forget yourself. The world needs you." So many disciples are still shut up within themselves,Discipleship1, 737:do so lies behind much of the work being done by disciples and teachers at this time. Many otherDiscipleship1, 737:in his dealings, both with him and with his co-disciples; impersonality is the first step upon theDiscipleship1, 737:and understanding. The effort of most sincere disciples is usually concentrated upon loving eachDiscipleship1, 737:also looks for an effort upon the part of his disciples to work on a larger and more generous scaleDiscipleship1, 738:He is not occupied with making his group of disciples satisfied with themselves, their status orDiscipleship1, 738:emphasis (in his few and rare contacts with his disciples) upon their failures and limitations. HeDiscipleship1, 738:he has shown by receiving them into his group of disciples. When he did that, he assumed also theDiscipleship1, 738:It is no part of the Master's duties to pat disciples upon the back or to congratulate them uponDiscipleship1, 738:of Discipleship - Part VI Another thing which disciples are apt to forget is that the Master has toDiscipleship1, 738:with their more experienced brothers. Sometimes disciples become discouraged - from a natural
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