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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Discipleship2, 96:I mean the activity of this particular group of disciples in relation to my Ashram and in relationDiscipleship2, 97:on in the outer world through its initiates and disciples and through affiliated disciples, such asDiscipleship2, 97:initiates and disciples and through affiliated disciples, such as the majority of you. Two or threeDiscipleship2, 97:the past few years to this group of affiliated disciples. They can be regarded as being put to theDiscipleship2, 98: Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction One suggestion I willDiscipleship2, 100:of your ability, from that angle. Pass on, my disciples, into a closer relation to the Ashram ofDiscipleship2, 100: Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction November-December 1949 MYDiscipleship2, 101:has distressed me and bewildered A.A.B. Like all disciples, she had at first to work in the dark;Discipleship2, 101:factors which will serve to hold this group of disciples together. [102] There are some thingsDiscipleship2, 103: Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction It would be of benefit toDiscipleship2, 104:and through the invocative demand of disciples, initiates and some aspirants, he has gathered themDiscipleship2, 104:as has hitherto been taught. Aspirants and disciples prepare themselves for the processes ofDiscipleship2, 107: Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction Everywhere, however, theDiscipleship2, 107:is wise to realize that an Ashram is composed of disciples and initiates of all degrees. It is thisDiscipleship2, 108:down and mention each of these names of your co-disciples in the light, sending out light and loveDiscipleship2, 108:extra-ashramic groups out of aspirants and disciples who primarily value spiritual status, kudos orDiscipleship2, 109:their ability to work within an Ashram. Disciples - in the earlier stages - are apt to be didactic;Discipleship2, 109:groups. Until groups are formed which consist of disciples and senior aspirants who possessDiscipleship2, 110:increasingly factual in your attitude to all disciples and to the Hierarchy. The coming cycle isDiscipleship2, 113:it is established within a group of pledged disciples, dedicated to the service of humanity. TheyDiscipleship2, 113:This is a basic fact. What devastates most disciples is the solar plexus ability (when purifiedDiscipleship2, 114:and is one of the new items of information which disciples (in preparation for initiation) areDiscipleship2, 123:carries with it definite danger, and [123] disciples are enjoined to exercise wise control over theDiscipleship2, 123:deepening love of humanity will safeguard disciples at this stage - the stage of seeking to fitDiscipleship2, 123:these mantric words (taken from a very ancient disciples' manual) vision pictorially the process ofDiscipleship2, 131:embodied are taken from an old Book of Rules for disciples. Some are directly from me, your Master,Discipleship2, 132:by thought, directs the energy in motion." Disciples, during the early stages of their training,Discipleship2, 132:outside whose range of influence naught can be. Disciples have, for aeons, been using the energiesDiscipleship2, 133:and of light can be made available to disciples and can be used for service. That is the energy ofDiscipleship2, 135:Christ. It is also registered by their senior disciples, the Chohans and initiates of the sixthDiscipleship2, 135:can (safely and wisely) available to our senior disciples. It might be said symbolically that "theDiscipleship2, 137:This has to be brought about on Earth by disciples, acting under instructions such as I now giveDiscipleship2, 137:of the Hierarchy. Such is the duty of all disciples. You have had much instruction as to the AshramDiscipleship2, 139:of influence. Vitalizing the initiates and disciples who are affiliated with the Masters andDiscipleship2, 139:Reaching out, through the accepted and pledged disciples, into the world of men. Then you will sayDiscipleship2, 141:kind of developing meditation, greatly needed by disciples, prior to unfolding a unique kind ofDiscipleship2, 141:their responsibilities. In the training of all disciples, one of the goals is to make the world ofDiscipleship2, 142:the square." The Masters view the work of their disciples from this symbolic angle. The discipleDiscipleship2, 147:Triad, instead of the mental plane as do their disciples, concentrate on the "theme" under theirDiscipleship2, 147:transmitted by impression to the initiates and disciples in the Ashrams, and from them to theDiscipleship2, 153:Recognition, Consideration, Determination. Disciples need to build into their brain consciousnessDiscipleship2, 153:is brought about by a stabilized orientation. Disciples need constantly to reflect upon the life ofDiscipleship2, 154:of the divine thought (as registered by disciples, as it works out in the emerging Plan, and as itDiscipleship2, 155:deeper, as the case may be, and that for average disciples, such as you, the impressions to beDiscipleship2, 157:the Master knows and serves," or perhaps "which disciples know and serve." The word "disciple" isDiscipleship2, 160:the intuitive appeal of the aspirants and the disciples of the world for the full expression inDiscipleship2, 160:humanity, the men and women of goodwill, and the disciples of the world are all concerned in thisDiscipleship2, 161:of the Hierarchy, as its Members train their disciples to tap this source of inspiration, to becomeDiscipleship2, 161:not, therefore, your consideration. By the disciples and aspirants of the world who provide aDiscipleship2, 165:of the esotericists, that is, of aspirants and disciples. That of the more advanced disciple (asDiscipleship2, 166:an era of hierarchical propaganda, engineered by disciples and carried forward by esotericists,Discipleship2, 169:upon some of the deeper meanings for you who are disciples or who are in training for discipleship.Discipleship2, 169:human aspiration; such should be the work of all disciples. You will already have noted - as youDiscipleship2, 171:Earth and he said when bidding farewell to his disciples: "Lo, I am with you always, even until theDiscipleship2, 171:will be goodwill. In the second place, disciples everywhere will find themselves increasinglyDiscipleship2, 171:disciple Jesus; through this over-shadowing of disciples in all lands, he will duplicate himselfDiscipleship2, 172:duty. When Christ again seeks to over-shadow his disciples, a different reaction will be lookedDiscipleship2, 172:of his type of consciousness among men; when disciples are working under the recognition of theDiscipleship2, 172:this task of preparation. Those of you who are disciples will easily see the significance of theDiscipleship2, Here t:Affirmation of a Disciple. It has been used by disciples in the Masters' Ashrams for thousands ofDiscipleship2, Here t:years and is today given out by me to all true disciples; it can now be used by them upon the outerDiscipleship2, 180:solely to its use by you but to its use by many disciples in many Ashrams. The exhaustion ofDiscipleship2, 181:Hierarchy; it is used as a reservoir of energy. Disciples have to learn to work with this pureDiscipleship2, 185:sentence was particularly a key to my comments: "Disciples need to build into their brainDiscipleship2, 186:the ideal closer than does its civilization. Disciples must be taught this work of presentation andDiscipleship2, 186:Part of my task within my Ashram is to train disciples to recognize the new, emerging ideas andDiscipleship2, 194:the Spiritual Triad and, finally, of Shamballa. Disciples should remember [195] that the higher WayDiscipleship2, 201:Group of World Servers. The Ashram, with which disciples in the New Group of World Servers may beDiscipleship2, 204:composed of the following groups: Initiates and disciples who are consciously a part of the GreatDiscipleship2, 204:of the Great White Lodge. Aspirants and lesser disciples who are affiliated with the Hierarchy, butDiscipleship2, 207:is also leading to the initiation of countless disciples, thus rendering them far more useful thanDiscipleship2, 207:be the case. The united meditation of these disciples is collaborating with that of the Christ andDiscipleship2, 207:Servers; those in this latter group who are, as disciples, members of the Hierarchy, become theDiscipleship2, 211:bear this in mind and endeavor to realize, as disciples, that your meditation - both individual andDiscipleship2, 214:lies within your range of understanding; many disciples will read what I am here saying and, inDiscipleship2, The fu:and can be impressed by any Ashram through its disciples in that group; thus the great chain ofDiscipleship2, 220:is largely under the control of many fourth ray disciples, if you could but realize it, and theirDiscipleship2, 221:it is with this reorientation that sixth ray disciples, wielding sixth ray energy, are occupied atDiscipleship2, 221:wielded unconsciously. Under the influence of disciples on the seventh Ray of Organization or ofDiscipleship2, 222:is well in hand and is engaging the attention of disciples upon all the rays, under the guidanceDiscipleship2, 233:The various grades and ranks of initiates and disciples are so constituted that the result of theirDiscipleship2, 234:need of these unthinking masses must be met by disciples of less spiritual development, andDiscipleship2, 234:of economic help; the task of these lesser disciples is to prove to the ignorant masses that - asDiscipleship2, 236:that which should be followed by aspirants and disciples who seek to work in an Ashram inDiscipleship2, 237:committed. I have given you the Rules for Disciples in A Treatise on White Magic, the Rules forDiscipleship2, 237:in Initiation, Human and Solar, the Rules for Disciples and Initiates in A Treatise on the SevenDiscipleship2, 243:a vital need for the majority of aspirants and disciples to assume a different attitude towards theDiscipleship2, 243:on all hearts and sympathies. Most aspirants and disciples believe that they are bearing enough andDiscipleship2, 243:The objective demands being made upon all disciples and therefore upon all of you, are not simplyDiscipleship2, 244:take) there is also the demand upon all [244] disciples to participate in the effort of humanity,Discipleship2, 244:on sounder values than the physical. In all this disciples and initiates are today sharing andDiscipleship2, 244:spirit, actively present in the hearts of all disciples is the one thing which can salvage mankind,Discipleship2, 244:he has. This is the first and necessary step. Disciples must clarify their position and mustDiscipleship2, 245:third initiation, I must have been in a group of disciples - presumably the Tibetan's - for someDiscipleship2, 245:my chela, though you have been in a group of disciples prior to this, it was not my group but [246]Discipleship2, 246:have handed all but a few of their senior disciples to me and to two other of their initiateDiscipleship2, 246:to me and to two other of their initiate disciples, themselves Adepts or Masters. They have alsoDiscipleship2, 246:They have also retained in their groups of disciples those who have started specific work underDiscipleship2, 246:their direction in some previous life, and a few disciples who came into incarnation in this worldDiscipleship2, 246:forms which are to be found in the archives for disciples. They concern the six fundamental
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