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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Discipleship2, 246:world. They have been used down the ages by all disciples and initiates of the Great White Lodge.Discipleship2, 249:This formula has never been given out before to disciples, but can now be known because the PisceanDiscipleship2, 249:access to the archives wherein instructions for disciples are contained, you would be confrontedDiscipleship2, 250:of the disciple - and when a group of disciples are working with the same formula (as is the caseDiscipleship2, 251:Master and his ashram or his group of practicing disciples, is of value to you in your reflectiveDiscipleship2, 256:out anent Shamballa. Now the world of instructed disciples is slowly awakening to these newerDiscipleship2, 256:their place in the surface consciousness of all disciples - and their name will be Legion. TheDiscipleship2, 257:pressures. Two immediate objectives face the disciples, plus the need for one quality: To integrateDiscipleship2, 258:meaning. The interpreters of the Gospel and many disciples of the Christian dispensation haveDiscipleship2, 259:and also calling the attention of all future disciples and initiates to the disappearance of theDiscipleship2, 260:longer over this stage of penetration than do disciples on the other rays but only in this worldDiscipleship2, 262:to an intensive initiation process in which all disciples can share and for which advancedDiscipleship2, 270:undertaken is to awaken the aspirants and the disciples of the world to the new possibilities andDiscipleship2, 271:and planned activity of the world initiates and disciples who constitute the Hierarchy of the time.Discipleship2, 271:and affect the consciousness of their disciples; these latter step down the inflowing energies soDiscipleship2, 277:This will be the result of the work done by the disciples of the world - in or out of incarnation.Discipleship2, 277:were brought about by the activity of the disciples; by this I mean not the senior initiates, butDiscipleship2, 277:What idea lies behind my flat statement? The disciples of the world are the intermediaries betweenDiscipleship2, 277:of the race of men. It is the quality of the new disciples, the rapidity with which men find theirDiscipleship2, 277:which men find their way into the ranks of the disciples, and the demand which the workingDiscipleship2, 277:the disciples, and the demand which the working disciples in the world make on behalf of humanityDiscipleship2, 277:truths. The need is indicated to them by their disciples, and they then initiate the requiredDiscipleship2, 279:and cultural - may leave much to be desired. The disciples within a Master's Ashram can provide himDiscipleship2, 283:have been held out as inducements to would-be disciples. I would have this group which I amDiscipleship2, 288:and later in the identity of his working disciples out in the world of daily life. He institutesDiscipleship2, 288:of presenting opportunity, are important to all disciples, as a goal and a vision. [289] Discipleship2, 294:illumined by the soul; still fewer, only the disciples and initiates, are able to glimpse theDiscipleship2, 294:is making and the approach to initiation which disciples in every country and of all schools ofDiscipleship2, 294:in many places that the techniques for training disciples are changing in order to conform to theDiscipleship2, 296:brings me to the objectives which are now before disciples in training for initiation. Instead ofDiscipleship2, 298:5. The evocation of the will. This is, for disciples particularly, the new and most necessaryDiscipleship2, 299:divine faculty hitherto not consciously used by disciples but which can now be intelligentlyDiscipleship2, 300:The Masters are seeking to hasten in their disciples this recognition of that which is imminent, soDiscipleship2, 301:been the result of the work done by the working disciples of the world. Why the working disciples,Discipleship2, 301:working disciples of the world. Why the working disciples, brother of mine, and not by the Masters?Discipleship2, 301:is in the answering of these questions that the disciples learn and eventually become Masters.Discipleship2, 302:answer the question: Why is this indicated? That disciples in all Ashrams have the task ofDiscipleship2, 302:he works. Christ gave the same hint to his disciples when he told them that if they wanted to knowDiscipleship2, 306:my brother, is), it is of major importance to disciples in training for initiation, because it willDiscipleship2, 306:a most definite technique in the training of disciples for initiation. All life is intended to takeDiscipleship2, 308:a very brief form, one of the new techniques for disciples in the New Age and one of the modes ofDiscipleship2, 308:his bewilderment. But during the coming New Age, disciples will be taught how to work consciouslyDiscipleship2, 310:of presenting opportunity, are important to all disciples, as a goal and as a vision." (Page 288.)Discipleship2, 313:which can be immediately revealed if the world disciples and initiates care to "penetrate to theDiscipleship2, 317:hope of the world. Every initiation to which disciples are admitted permits this closer occultDiscipleship2, 317:up synchronizes with the increasing readiness of disciples everywhere for initiation - according toDiscipleship2, 318:laid the emphasis upon the need of [318] disciples to think esoterically, and this is perhaps theDiscipleship2, 318:will only be recognized by a few of the foremost disciples in the world; it will, however, prove toDiscipleship2, 318:need arises and as opportunity is offered to the disciples who are its custodians. Its presentationDiscipleship2, 318:the unfoldment - rapid or slow - of the lesser disciples of the world. All these three methods areDiscipleship2, 319:constitutes one of the modes of training the disciples of the New Age. The modern disciple has toDiscipleship2, 319:for it may prove valuable to you and to other disciples: That the changes brought about in theDiscipleship2, 319:about in the Hierarchy have been the work of the disciples of the world. Have you asked yourselfDiscipleship2, 319:asked yourself (in studying this hint), Why the disciples? That human world planning is today theDiscipleship2, 320:will aspect. Why is this rightly so? [320] That disciples in all the Ashrams have the taskDiscipleship2, 323:Into what are you being initiated? Are disciples being initiated into the Hierarchy? Are thereDiscipleship2, 324:requirements: The mental development of disciples everywhere is today of such a caliber that itDiscipleship2, 325:has been greatly - almost phenomenally reduced. Disciples can now in a few months (if sincere andDiscipleship2, 325:worked for aeons. Another factor is that many disciples are taking incarnation at this time who areDiscipleship2, 326:the medium of this hastened initiation process. Disciples are today witnessing the emergence of aDiscipleship2, 327:years [327] his system will be used to train disciples in mind control. They will, through thisDiscipleship2, 327:handle; this is one of the things for which the disciples of the world must begin to prepare theDiscipleship2, 328:Nothing destructive has place in any Ashram, but disciples can and do use ashramic force in theirDiscipleship2, 328:nature of this constitutes a major test for all disciples. There is nothing in the mind of aDiscipleship2, 329:and problems, he indicates clearly to his co-disciples and to those more advanced than he is,Discipleship2, 329:and instead presents a great deal for senior disciples to record, for which they must makeDiscipleship2, 330:and to his ray and nature. The group of disciples within the Ashram who are of equal developmentDiscipleship2, 330:life, it places a real strain upon his co-disciples. They have to share the charge and shoulderDiscipleship2, 330:Ashram and is responsible for the preparation of disciples for initiation; frequently there areDiscipleship2, 331:of discipleship) are recognized. If, however, disciples act or react in a way that brings attackDiscipleship2, 331:and reacting brings far greater numbers of disciples into relation with the Hierarchy. In the caseDiscipleship2, 331:the case of my Ashram - the work of the united disciples is to "seal the door" against the menacingDiscipleship2, 332:two activities: the protection of limited disciples and the protection of the Ashram from attemptedDiscipleship2, 333:of "two points of energy" (as, for instance, two disciples) creates inevitably a point of tensionDiscipleship2, 333:of crisis, according to the development of the disciples involved. There is not the same point ofDiscipleship2, 333:at all times. I say this with emphasis. Aspiring disciples are far more conscious of the failingsDiscipleship2, 333:attributes of others than are the more advanced disciples in the Ashrams. The advanced disciple mayDiscipleship2, 334:the failures and the achievements of the disciples in my Ashram are seen by me, for instance, inDiscipleship2, 334:or upon a large proportion of the group of disciples. Let me put it this way: the petty selfishnessDiscipleship2, 336:recognition in the brain consciousness, the disciples must be in physical incarnation together (andDiscipleship2, 336:ray Ashrams and in third ray Ashrams, for such disciples are distinguished by a lack of emotionalDiscipleship2, 347:necessary to impress on advancing and advanced disciples is that of "initiated thinking." ThisDiscipleship2, 350:pronounced development of mankind, the accepted disciples of the world, those who have undergoneDiscipleship2, 351:that, owing to the changed polarization of the disciples of the world, the entire quality,Discipleship2, 351:undergoing change. The nature or quality of the disciples being admitted into hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 351:by the higher mental perception of the incoming disciples. Group work, group reaction and groupDiscipleship2, 352:forward of an entire group of spiritually-minded disciples and initiates into new areas of theDiscipleship2, 352:with the Mind of the Lord of the World. This the disciples and initiates will do together,Discipleship2, 353:and it is a technique accepted by initiates and disciples of all degrees in all three divineDiscipleship2, 353:grasping greedy and ambitious men, or by deluded disciples, is terribly wrong and will lead toDiscipleship2, 354:apparent is the one which probationary disciples can well see, grasp and appreciate. Disciples can,Discipleship2, 354:disciples can well see, grasp and appreciate. Disciples can, however, arrive at much deeperDiscipleship2, 356:seven ray influences or to the seven principles. Disciples on all the rays can work with theseDiscipleship2, 356:however, the richness of the contribution of the disciples since the inauguration of the newDiscipleship2, 356:of the new technique. Since that time, disciples in all the Ashrams, and therefore on all the rays,Discipleship2, 356:have been the result of the work of the disciples of the world." Here you have a very simpleDiscipleship2, 358:the one Ashram. In those Ashrams, groups of disciples are working, blindly and ignorantly at first,Discipleship2, 361:as a whole. [361] It is for this reason that disciples in an Ashram are of no political persuasionDiscipleship2, 361:appropriateness and the availability of the disciples, plus the energies to implement the Plan.Discipleship2, 361:thought-out program), both in the minds of the disciples in the Ashram who are involved in the
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