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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Discipleship2, 717:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - H.S.D. November 1944 BROTHER OF OLD: ThisDiscipleship2, 719:you but know it - and this is a point which all disciples need to grasp - you, the true Being, needDiscipleship2, 720:the immediate service-activity are known, and disciples and initiates - each aware of his task andDiscipleship2, 721:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - H.S.D. August 1946 MY BROTHER: In my lastDiscipleship2, 722:advanced to within the first circle of working disciples, at least. This, however, has beenDiscipleship2, 722:are, a settled place of abode is needed for all disciples, and this for several reasons. Over theDiscipleship2, 724:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.T.S-K. To L. T. S-K. September 1943Discipleship2, 725:in my plans which you know well and which the disciples in my Ashram are pledged to materialize. ItDiscipleship2, 726:those whom you do recognize as more experienced disciples than yourself. You are in my Ashram alsoDiscipleship2, 729:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.T.S-K. November 1944 MY BROTHER ANDDiscipleship2, 732:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.T.S-K. August 1946 BROTHER OF OLD: ThisDiscipleship2, 734:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. To R. S. W. January 1940 YourDiscipleship2, 735:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. August 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: IDiscipleship2, 738:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. August 1942 Shift yourDiscipleship2, 739:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. September 1943 MY BELOVED BROTHER:Discipleship2, 740:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. November 1944 MY BROTHER: Last yearDiscipleship2, 741:Ashram. Forget not that the Masters choose their disciples, not only from karmic relation (if suchDiscipleship2, 742:ever in a state of constant flux and movement. Disciples are passing out of it to form their ownDiscipleship2, 742:the close inner unity, place is made for new disciples - to be admitted and trained for service.Discipleship2, 743:their own progress and moving forward. When disciples take one of the final initiations, or whenDiscipleship2, 745:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. August 1946 MY DISCIPLE: You are ofDiscipleship2, 746:K.H. and M. deal only at this time with trained disciples - such are the exigencies of world work.Discipleship2, 748:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. November 1948 MY BROTHER: I startDiscipleship2, 748:the attention of a very large number of disciples at this time. The reason for this is that a veryDiscipleship2, 748:Christ will affect greatly the astral plane. Disciples are therefore needed who can absorb,Discipleship2, 748:to the reappearance of the Christ. Those disciples who work today in the world and do soDiscipleship2, 748:of evil. The main attack of these forces is upon disciples and particularly those in a position andDiscipleship2, 748:others. This you can do, and along with all disciples are, therefore, marked "for protection," asDiscipleship2, 749:preferably at your strongest; it is there where disciples are often caught unawares and thus sufferDiscipleship2, 749:dwell in my next communication to this group of disciples. It is nevertheless something to bear inDiscipleship2, 749:that force (which is astral-buddhic in nature) disciples such as yourself can take advantage. ItDiscipleship2, 749:word to use. It can only be used by working disciples; therefore work, my brother, and let thatDiscipleship2, 750:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. To D. L. R. January 1940 BROTHER OFDiscipleship2, 751:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. August 1940 There are within you atDiscipleship2, 755:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. August 1942 Be not afraid ofDiscipleship2, 755:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. September 1943 MY BROTHER: As aDiscipleship2, 756:reached a point which it is necessary that all disciples reach, where a supreme effort, based onDiscipleship2, 756:endeavoring to convey to you the attitude of all disciples in training for initiation. ThisDiscipleship2, 759:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. November 1944 BROTHER OF MINE: InDiscipleship2, 761:process or contact. Bear in mind that first ray disciples are in my Ashram, and that there areDiscipleship2, 761:the three worlds. This means, consequently, that disciples will need to study with greaterDiscipleship2, 761:the time demands "accomplished servers" and wise disciples, and that this urgency warrants anDiscipleship2, 761:urgency warrants an intensified training given disciples such as you. The contact with the AshramDiscipleship2, 762:in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. August 1946 MY DISCIPLE: I wouldDiscipleship2, 762:of spiritual loneliness is one through which all disciples have to pass; it is a test of thatEducation, 34:the line of least resistance for many would-be disciples. It is necessary therefore that we graspEducation, 37:which will distinguish the Aquarian Age. Other disciples will later elaborate my theme, but theEducation, 54:of the Wisdom, until such time that enough disciples are expressive of this particular force. [55] Education, 56:(in the Plan) Purpose (Directed Will of all Disciples) Precipitation (of the Plan by the Hierarchy)Education, 62:destined goal I seek not to go; to initiates and disciples who have not yet taken the Initiation ofEducation, 95:appeal will be only to the world aspirants and disciples. Its usefulness will only be found atEducation, 122:the Hierarchy counts with assurance, and the disciples of the world must likewise learn to dependEducation, 146:process. The goal of all aspirants and disciples is to become aware of this stream of energy in itsExternalisation, 4:of the Christ and of certain of His great disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, is directed orExternalisation, 4:has a potent effect, first of all upon Their disciples and on those who are attuned to andExternalisation, 5:cause of grave concern to all the Masters, Their disciples and workers. [6] The difficulty can, inExternalisation, 11:your Tibetan brother. All who have received the disciples' degree monthly instructions, all whoExternalisation, 12:also all who are working in my personal group of disciples have naturally and automatically aidedExternalisation, 16:for discipleship, or superintending the work of disciples as they prepare [17] themselves to takeExternalisation, 20:The Hierarchy (a name covering the working disciples of all degrees) has for hundreds ofExternalisation, 21:Today, so numerous are the inner and outer disciples, and so many are the world aspirants, the pullExternalisation, 21:humanity, and that of the world aspirants and disciples to aid in that helping. EsotericallyExternalisation, 21:will be confined to the aspirants and disciples. Increasingly the new group of world servers willExternalisation, 22:physical plane of that group of aspirants and disciples which, [23] given time and opportunity, canExternalisation, 25:Hierarchy. It is possible for all aspirants and disciples to participate in this effort to theExternalisation, 26:has been promised if all aspirants and disciples can cooperate to break through the shell ofExternalisation, 34:occult Hierarchy, even in the stage of accepted disciples. It was the realization of the need for aExternalisation, 38:(personally considered) of this group of disciples is to bring "light into dark places" andExternalisation, 38:A World Problem). The task of this group of disciples is closely connected with the astral task ofExternalisation, 39:the Hierarchy - Section I - Introductory Remarks Disciples must learn the significance ofExternalisation, 39:than it is today. In the meantime groups of disciples can "nurture and conceal," thus protectingExternalisation, 39:unconsciously. The second task of this group of disciples is to act as a bridge for forces whichExternalisation, 40:will proceed apace. In the meantime a group of disciples is being slowly built up (of which thisExternalisation, 41:and achieving freedom from glamor, the disciples who are members of these groups can raise theExternalisation, 45:- a very few - of the advanced people, or the disciples of the world and the senior aspirants. TheExternalisation, 50:advanced thinkers, of the aspirants and world disciples in applied knowledge, expressed wisdom andExternalisation, 50:done (political service) by the fifth group of disciples is by far the most difficult of any for itExternalisation, 55:of truth, that the work of the sixth group of disciples will be concerned. They are: The fact ofExternalisation, 57:of the inflowing life. [57] This group of disciples will make a close study of the problem of evil,Externalisation, 58:the human family alone. The work of these disciples will cover the following three issues: TheExternalisation, 59:volumes. Therefore, the members of this group of disciples will be of the more orthodox persuasion;Externalisation, 59:this group before long, provided some of my disciples show me the subjective signs for which IExternalisation, 61:Masters' work through the medium of the world disciples (of pure motive and skill in action andExternalisation, 61:quantities for the work of the Great Ones, the Disciples of the Christ, is part of a much neededExternalisation, 62:my brothers, I would remind all aspirants and disciples that there is no need for the sense ofExternalisation, 63:should be grasped and faced by all aspirants and disciples, including the members of the seedExternalisation, 63:a loving outgoing to all, should distinguish all disciples at this time. Where this attitude doesExternalisation, 63:spells danger and glamor. The very fact that disciples are all so pronouncedly individual,Externalisation, 63:the little advance in loving thinking that some disciples have shown. It is time now, in the faceExternalisation, 69:the end I have in view. Sincere students and disciples must hold ever before them the idea ofExternalisation, 74:In this last sentence I have expressed for disciples the nature of the effort they need to make. ItExternalisation, 75:cloak their effort in fair words, leading even disciples to express hatred of persons andExternalisation, 78:must, therefore, be taken into account by all disciples as they seek to serve in this criticalExternalisation, 78:me to bring these facts to your attention. If disciples are to do group work together on mentalExternalisation, 81:depend upon what you and all men of goodwill and disciples think and what they do. I would like toExternalisation, 100:presentation of this vision to the aspirants and disciples of the world has had a dual effect;Externalisation, 102:of vision and the understanding of the heart. Disciples must have these two faculties as part ofExternalisation, 110:head knowledge as well as heart reaction. The disciples of the world today must endeavor to see whyExternalisation, 110:affairs as a whole. Just as the aspirants and disciples are at this time being tested and tried andExternalisation, 113:it can and does send out its teachers and disciples to educate and lead the race; but at no point
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