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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Externalisation, 540:alignment has also to be extended between senior disciples and initiates and the workers on earth.Externalisation, 550:of the Masters, the training to be given to disciples and initiates. This again they have received.Externalisation, 553:to the Christ, and then from the Christ to those disciples in every country who can beExternalisation, 555:(one on each of the three days) . Those disciples or initiates who happen to be interested andExternalisation, 556:and to act as if they were accepted disciples or at least on the periphery of some ashram. I amExternalisation, 557:matters which are of importance to Him Whom all disciples, initiates and spiritual men have lovedExternalisation, 559:the Hierarchy and in relation to Its Membership. Disciples upon the periphery of any Ashram are aptExternalisation, 559:training and instruction. Because the senior disciples and initiates have reached a goal which hasExternalisation, 561:instructions can aid all earnest aspirants and disciples to develop this type of understanding withExternalisation, 562:This predicates a great influx of initiates and disciples and a tremendous inflow of what isExternalisation, 562:themselves so rapidly to take Their places, and disciples are moving on into initiate position soExternalisation, 565:of the Ashrams, and has likewise enabled many disciples to take initiation. 3. The recognition by aExternalisation, 565:demands than that entailed by the admittance of disciples to Their Ashrams; it requires theExternalisation, 565:Ashrams; it requires the attention of certain disciples and initiates in all the Ashrams and theExternalisation, 566:group is divided into two lesser groups: Those disciples and workers who are already integratedExternalisation, 568:but the contact established and maintained with disciples and senior aspirants in the worldExternalisation, 570:of the third initiation, and also by those disciples who will be chosen and designated to implementExternalisation, 571:is - his task is that much harder; only advanced disciples with a full and conscious constantExternalisation, 571:First. The present stage in which a few isolated disciples and initiates, scattered all over theExternalisation, 572:the way for the first organized body of disciples and initiates who - coming from certain Ashrams -Externalisation, 572:will succeed upon the above endeavors. These disciples and initiates will be the real Builders ofExternalisation, 572:and into positions of power not because they are disciples or initiates, but because they are wiseExternalisation, 572:of the first group of isolated and hard-working disciples who are the senior members of the newExternalisation, 573:of His Church; the Buddha will send two trained disciples to reform Buddhism; other steps will alsoExternalisation, 575:the Ashrams and a certain number of the trained disciples and initiates will be involved at first.Externalisation, 576:for Their appearance. In the meantime, the world disciples have to take the world - as it is atExternalisation, 576:Ashrams only a few have undertaken to send their disciples and their initiates at this time toExternalisation, 577:Stages in the Externalization The efforts of the disciples coming from the Ashram of K.H. will beExternalisation, 577:at first, but the second ray endowment of these disciples (as that of all disciples on this ray) isExternalisation, 577:ray endowment of these disciples (as that of all disciples on this ray) is a steady persistenceExternalisation, 577:when discouragement makes its appearance. Such disciples refuse to discontinue their effort or toExternalisation, 577:obstacles to accomplishment seem insuperable. Disciples will come deliberately into incarnation andExternalisation, 578:religion. Paralleling these activities (and disciples on this ray are already taking the neededExternalisation, 578:taking the needed steps) will come that of the disciples and initiates who are working under theExternalisation, 579:effects [579] to be dealt with later) the disciples of synthesis and the instigators of rightExternalisation, 579:will work in close cooperation with disciples upon the second ray whose task it is to educate theExternalisation, 579:Allied to the efforts of these two groups of disciples and initiates will be those disciples on theExternalisation, 579:groups of disciples and initiates will be those disciples on the fifth ray, whose task it will beExternalisation, 579:directed by energy. This the emerging group of disciples will incontrovertibly prove; by theirExternalisation, 579:mind. The united work of these three groups of disciples initiates and prepares the way for theExternalisation, 580:do so will be that of the third ray; by the time disciples appear from that Ashram the world willExternalisation, 581:subjected to the educational processes of the disciples and initiates on the first, second andExternalisation, 581:of the products of the planet, these third ray disciples, working under the senior initiates aboveExternalisation, 581:to the exclusion of all true values. Later, disciples and initiates of the seventh ray and of theExternalisation, 582:will still persist - the activities of preparing disciples and initiates for initiation and forExternalisation, 582:last analysis, there is for the Master and His disciples no such thing as esotericism, except in soExternalisation, 582:unfoldment in consciousness is in the hands of disciples who are undergoing the process themselves,Externalisation, 582:it necessary here to make one point clear. The disciples sent out from the various ashrams do notExternalisation, 583:assigned. In [583] the case of certain disciples who will be of special world prominence and whoExternalisation, 583:But it must be remembered that the majority of disciples will not so react. They will come intoExternalisation, 583:Ashram can accomplish for its outer working disciples in the way of opening doors, implementingExternalisation, 583:workers will gather around them lesser disciples who will work along the same lines, throughExternalisation, 584:is, however, present in all these working disciples and aspirants; this is a wide humanitarianismExternalisation, 584:contradistinction to past and present methods. Disciples and aspirants will not be dedicated toExternalisation, 584:the things which will be in the consciousness of disciples commissioned by the Hierarchy to bringExternalisation, 585:ashramic background. Whilst in incarnation such disciples stand free to serve one-pointedly andExternalisation, 585:Section IV - Stages in the Externalization These disciples may be conscious that their effort andExternalisation, 585:It is of course wise to remember that all such disciples are pronounced ray types and areExternalisation, 586:chosen field. Hence their inevitable success. Disciples who are intensely interested in personalExternalisation, 586:the externalization of the Hierarchy. Advanced disciples who are stabilized in the Ashram, and whoExternalisation, 586:therefore, in relation to the consciousness of disciples in the intensely difficult, thoughExternalisation, 587:needed information fall into two main groups: Disciples and convinced aspirants who are todayExternalisation, 587:today working in the field of occultism. Those disciples and initiates who will emerge from theExternalisation, 587:This will begin in the year 1975, if the disciples now active will do their work adequately. [588]Externalisation, 588:from that of the probationary disciple, through disciples, to Those Who have achieved mastery, andExternalisation, 590:for two thousand years through the medium of His disciples, the inspired men and women of allExternalisation, 591:the Hierarchy, and this the coming generation of disciples will distribute. If this truth isExternalisation, 593:abiding place - are gathered today all His great Disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, and allExternalisation, 594:He referred when speaking to His small group of disciples - "Lo! I am with you all the days evenExternalisation, 597:He is taking will lead to His return, with His disciples. I wonder if you appreciate the import ofExternalisation, 597:the affairs of the spiritual Hierarchy, of His disciples and workers who are unitedly pledged withExternalisation, 598:[598] The early signs of His approach with His disciples can already be discerned by those who noteExternalisation, 599:at this time of the Christ, of His group of Disciples and Executives, of Their representativeExternalisation, 601:living, and by the over-shadowing of all world disciples and the new group of world servers by theExternalisation, 601:imparted the things of the Kingdom of God to the disciples who walked to Emmaus, though theyExternalisation, 604:they seek is already here. Christ and His disciples are known by many to be physically present onExternalisation, 604:There He worked through the three beloved disciples, through the twelve apostles, through theExternalisation, 607:over humanity, and where He has trained His disciples, initiates and the new group of worldExternalisation, 608:depths of sorrow to the Christ; it was His Own disciples, plus the massed sorrow - spread over theExternalisation, 610:Hierarchy are doing is much indeed; those disciples who are in conscious touch with the Masters ofExternalisation, 610:- or, if you prefer the term, with the senior disciples of the Christ - are working day and nightExternalisation, 610:be made easier. They and their groups of lesser disciples, aspirants and students of the realitiesExternalisation, 612:Invisible, the spiritual Hierarchy, composed of disciples of all faiths. He recognizes and lovesExternalisation, 612:If men look for the Christ Who left His disciples centuries ago they will fail to recognize theExternalisation, 612:- and here I am speaking to all aspirants and disciples. The opportunity is so great at this timeExternalisation, 613:to say. I am writing here for people who are disciples of the Christ, but my words can conveyExternalisation, 614:must therefore be shared by all aspirants and disciples. That is indeed true. But the more advancedExternalisation, 617:in the world today, so many selfless workers and disciples and so many truly saintly people, thatExternalisation, 617:divine frustration (of which that of the world disciples might be the reflection), nor does itExternalisation, 617:forth from the Place of Power, bringing His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, with Him, thatExternalisation, 618:things which the new group of world servers, the disciples, the aspirants and the men of goodwillExternalisation, 623:it is the desire of Christ Himself and of His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom; it is theExternalisation, 623:financial support for the Christ's workers and disciples in all lands as they endeavor to releaseExternalisation, 626:the minimum of sacrifice, would enable the disciples of the Christ and the New Group of WorldExternalisation, 631:human relations, and the sacrificing work of the disciples of the Christ are not enough to fire youExternalisation, 633:to this objective; its aim is to train those disciples who can implement the Plan and thus prepareExternalisation, 633:and to find people in all countries who were disciples, qualified as such, but who needed theExternalisation, 637:to do, met with frustration; the work of all disciples was in many ways greatly hindered andExternalisation, 640:settlement will not be an easy one in which the disciples of the Christ have to prepare for HisExternalisation, 642:in closing, my comrades, my brothers and my co-disciples? I have said to you so much over the past
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