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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Glamour, 42:acting under the direction of Christ and His disciples, symbolically described as "Christ and HisGlamour, 44:from the instructions offered to these groups of disciples, will not be heavy treatises as areGlamour, 44:after, and makes easier the path of his fellow disciples. This is par excellence, the GreatGlamour, 50:one experiences in unison with one's fellow disciples. What, briefly and succinctly, are theseGlamour, 50:the Hall of Wisdom, and available to all earnest disciples, - such as you. Glamour, 52:is becoming increasingly prevalent among disciples and those who have taken the first twoGlamour, 61:Ideas are also sensed in the interplay between disciples. Frequently, when disciples meet togetherGlamour, 61:interplay between disciples. Frequently, when disciples meet together and thus stimulate eachGlamour, 61:into embodiment through the trained attention of disciples. These currents of mental energy,Glamour, 63:life and through his contact with his fellow disciples, he touches some idea of importance,Glamour, 63:he cannot cope and disaster follows. Many good disciples demonstrate this over-fertile, over-activeGlamour, 70:of clear horizons. So much of the time spent by disciples on the Path is a process of almost cyclicGlamour, 77:The Glamor of Devotion causes many probationary disciples to wander circuitously around in theGlamour, 78:out in a glamorous ecstasy by probationary disciples upon the Masters of the Wisdom. Around theGlamour, 78:the work of the initiates and the disciplined disciples (mark that phrase) a rich glamor is createdGlamour, 80:the thought of the world; study the failures of disciples through pride, the world savior complex,Glamour, 81:and its solution is imminent and urgent for all disciples and senior aspirants. It will beGlamour, 83:with the problem of glamor. The trouble is that disciples often do not recognize [84] the conditionGlamour, 92:infallible rule, except in the case of accepted disciples. As you read and study, you would find itGlamour, 98:plane. This is the plight of many well-meaning disciples at this time and upon it I must for aGlamour, 104:of discovering how far the aspirants and disciples of the world have gone in their understandingGlamour, 107:The first indications of glamor arose when the disciples and the aspirants of the Lemurian worldGlamour, 114:control; Hatha Yoga: Aspirants; Laya Yoga: Disciples 1st Initiation Inspiration. Atlantean TheGlamour, 114:control; Bhakti Yoga: Aspirants; Raja Yoga: Disciples 2nd Initiation Illumination. Aryan Dweller onGlamour, 114:Soul control; Raja Yoga: Aspirants; Agni Yoga: Disciples 3rd Initiation Intuition. Glamour, 117:of glamor which he will the most easily create. Disciples have to learn to differentiate between:Glamour, 124:I am explaining this, for it is valuable to disciples to grasp the fact that karmic relation cannotGlamour, 141:might here paraphrase an ancient instruction for disciples, which can be found in the Archives ofGlamour, 158:frankly bewildered. This is not so true now. The disciples of the world and the world disciple doGlamour, 159:band of world servers, world aspirants and world disciples, and their name is Legion. HumanityGlamour, 161:of the PRESENCE. These people are the aspirants, disciples and initiates of the world. They areGlamour, 164:and made clear by the world aspirants and disciples who by their attitudes, their actions, theirGlamour, 167:Sons of God, concentrated through the world disciples and through Their initiates must and willGlamour, 169:two great Beings have gathered around Them Their disciples and initiates during the past twoGlamour, 170:desire of humanity, focused through the world disciples, the world aspirants and the men ofGlamour, 173:rightly oriented; it is also a sin of accepted disciples as they seek to expand their consciousnessGlamour, 185:preserved down the ages by a small handful of disciples, initiates and true esotericists who haveGlamour, 193:activities: [193] To reach the minds of Their disciples and attract aspirants through the medium ofGlamour, 195:the mind controls) must be carefully considered. Disciples will reach a point in their developmentGlamour, 196:as it dispels individual glamor teaches the disciples the early stages of the technique which willGlamour, 197:laying before you (who are the aspirants and the disciples of the world) is the possibility of aGlamour, 199:This dissipation can be carried forward by disciples in all parts of the planet, aided by the worldGlamour, 199:in the first instance, aided by aspirants and disciples upon the second and fourth rays. In timeGlamour, 199:their work will be completed by second ray disciples, working from the Ashrams of those Masters WhoGlamour, 199:from the Ashrams of those Masters Who take disciples. The work done by these two groups will beGlamour, 199:at a much later date) by those aspirants and disciples who will swing into astral activity when theGlamour, 199:fourth and sixth rays. I emphasize this as disciples frequently undertake tasks for which they areGlamour, 201:crisis) the great testing for all aspirants and disciples, evoking the subtlest kind ofGlamour, 201:They will be composed of sixth ray aspirants and disciples, aided by second ray spiritual workers.Glamour, 202:Masters, the higher initiates and the world disciples do this alone, if need be, and require notGlamour, 213:process before starting this work and service. Disciples and aspirants must cultivate theGlamour, 227:entirely obsolete and of no importance where disciples and advanced aspirants are concerned. TheyGlamour, 243:down the ages, the Masters have told Their disciples (as I have told you) that the occultist worksGlamour, 256:has to be made and to this effort all true disciples are invited. If all the implications in theGlamour, 257:here of giving any breathing exercises which disciples or aspirants could use - or, more probably,Glamour, 261:and the personality. One of the problems which disciples have to solve is the source of theGlamour, 268:are substituted? This is a hard problem for all disciples to solve, to understand and to makeGlamour, 271:considered the problem from the angle of the disciples and aspirants. From them the WAY opens up,Healing, 14:action, mankind as a whole is not yet ready. The disciples and aspirants of the world should now,Healing, 22:as it truly is. Even the advanced man and the disciples are only beginning to get a fleeting andHealing, 24:complaints and psychological troubles of disciples. It may have interested you to see that I placeHealing, 25:citizen, for the intelligentsia, and for the disciples of the world may, and do, differ widely -Healing, 35:beginning of the inflow of soul energy. With the disciples of the world, we find a group of men andHealing, 49:peculiar ills and complaints which attack the disciples and aspirants of the world. These can beHealing, 66:to which advanced humanity, the aspirants and disciples of all degrees are prone. We will not dealHealing, 67:of irritation. These are very common amongst disciples. We hear much today about auto-intoxication,Healing, 75:coming into activity, while in the case of disciples, the ajna center, plus those centers below itHealing, 113:average citizen, for the intelligentsia and for disciples differ widely and have differing fieldsHealing, 113:major diseases for the intelligentsia and for disciples are: Heart complaints. Nervous diseases.Healing, 120:Psychological Causes of Disease B. Diseases of Disciples We will divide what we have to say anentHealing, 120:divide what we have to say anent the diseases of disciples into two parts: the specific problems ofHealing, 120:into two parts: the specific problems of all disciples, and the difficulties incident to soulHealing, 120:soul contact. We need here to remember that all disciples are susceptible to the major categoriesHealing, 120:this connection it might be pointed out that the disciples are found in two major groups: Those whoHealing, 120:Causes of Disease 1. The Specific Problems of Disciples These special problems are, as you know,Healing, 121:also cyclic in their appearance), and to which disciples can and do succumb, are not dealt withHealing, 121:which reference has been made take their toll of disciples, particularly in bringing about theHealing, 121:move and have our being, have this power over disciples is that disciples are themselves anHealing, 121:being, have this power over disciples is that disciples are themselves an integral part of theHealing, 121:fact little known or realized, but explains why disciples and advanced people are susceptible toHealing, 122:should be remembered in this connection that all disciples are energy centers in the body ofHealing, 125:energy) produces its own problems, as all disciples well know; there is nothing, however, that theyHealing, 128:well to remember this, and to have in mind that disciples and all good men and aspirants share inHealing, 130:but do affect primarily second and sixth ray disciples. The one because the second ray is theHealing, 131:an occult manual on healing, given to advanced disciples, that "He who lives under the sound of theHealing, 132:naught" (or no-thing. A.A.B.). For this reason, disciples on the fourth ray usually can develop byHealing, 133:enlarge, dealing with the diseases of disciples and giving some definite instructions upon theHealing, 135:and mental) of the aspirants and of the disciples of the world. These we shall study definitelyHealing, 145:the will aspect of divinity. antahkarana, which disciples and initiates are in process ofHealing, 151:you have - again only in the case of disciples - a most amazing picture story or symbol of theHealing, 152:at this time the aspirants and the probationary disciples of the world. (Forget not that,Healing, 152:and probationary disciple. The ajna center for disciples and initiates. Here again you have a greatHealing, 157:the soul into the heart center of all aspirants, disciples and initiates; in this way this energyHealing, 157:response of man to the energy of love, all disciples are asked at this time to ponder and reflect,Healing, 170:of such a science upon which the intuition of disciples may play. The solar plexus is a reflectionHealing, 171:is connected with the training given to accepted disciples, prior to the second initiation. ItHealing, 174:conscious are naturally the aspirants and the disciples, and these set the pace for the rest ofHealing, 175:and are the cause of many of the ills to which disciples fall heir. It will be obvious to you, forHealing, 194:in the case of the health or the non-health of disciples. Each of the seven major centers governsHealing, 200:was largely unknown, except in the case of disciples and initiates, and the goal of the initiate
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