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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Healing, 201:the initiate consciousness and certain advanced disciples. There are inhibitions, blockages,Healing, 213:are in a state of complete imbalance. [213] Disciples need to learn to focus their attention uponHealing, 219:"Energy follows thought." Owing to the fact that disciples have a greater development of mentalHealing, 220:towards some one or other of the centers, disciples will demonstrate such definite changes in theHealing, 221:Aryan and involve also the ills to which disciples are prone. Infectious diseases and those whichHealing, 238:developing various forms of acute heart trouble. Disciples and initiates are prone also to sufferHealing, 254:by Members of the spiritual Hierarchy and Their disciples; it takes soul power and knowledge, plusHealing, 254:Unity thinkers and Christian Scientists. Trained disciples and those who work with the souls ofHealing, 269:is also sending into Jewish bodies certain disciples who will work with full intent at the changingHealing, 291:karma, plus the educational karma which all disciples bring upon themselves when they are desirousHealing, 293:when endeavoring to train a group of initiated disciples in this mode of approaching vast subjects.Healing, 312:of demarcation are to be seen in the case of disciples who are definitely and consciouslyHealing, 315:force, for the reason that there are few disciples (and therefore still fewer of the ordinary andHealing, 334:But this may not always be the case, and many disciples prematurely regard themselves as inHealing, 339:on the suffering and massed pain of the world. Disciples can be temporarily overcome by this. ThisHealing, 346:relation which exists between the groups of disciples working under Them. Through a study of thoseHealing, 360:There He worked through the three beloved disciples, through the twelve apostles, through theHealing, 361:Answered On the Christ Some aspirants and disciples may experience an almost constant recollectionHealing, 366:today, and their case is not an easy one. Those disciples and aspirants who are attempting to workHealing, 366:masses, are the integrated functioning disciples of the world, who are achieving, and who are tooHealing, 372:service which has its definite limits (for all disciples are limited and cannot cover a planetaryHealing, 381:and inflow of occult knowledge, via the disciples and initiates of the world, will bring about manyHealing, 384:to live in the world of meaning, whilst disciples and those functioning in the world of theHealing, 390:It is an enigma to man, but not an enigma to disciples and knowers of the wisdom. Healing groupsHealing, 390:the fact of death; one of the undertakings of disciples in my Ashram and in the Ashram of theHealing, 391:deliberately changed. Christ demonstrated to His disciples the correct attitude when referring toHealing, 396:destroy the fear of death. In the case of disciples working in a Master's Ashram, even this processHealing, 423:honored and trusted. Death comes to all, but for disciples there should be none of the usual glamorHealing, 445:- emotional - mental)...if they are initiated disciples they are increasingly unaware of theHealing, 456:the head, used by the intellectual type, by the disciples and initiates of the world. [457] TheHealing, 463:what we call the personality. In the case of disciples, the grip of the soul upon the ethericHealing, 464:the name "the death of an Atlantean"; where disciples are concerned, the conflict will be moreHealing, 465:indicated in the case of initiates and advanced disciples of that time; secondly, those centersHealing, 473:are three in number: [473] the head for disciples and initiates and also for advanced mental types;Healing, 486:is largely composed of mental substance. Only disciples and initiates who live mostly in theirHealing, 488:individuals. As practiced by advanced people and disciples of all grades who are mainly mental inHealing, 494:except in the case of very advanced people or disciples and initiates. But this is not the case. AHealing, 519:His contact with Humanity. To the two disciples on the way to Emmaus - symbolizing His contact withHealing, 519:His contact with the Hierarchy. To the twelve disciples in the upper chamber - symbolizing HisHealing, 519:is called; he can move at will among his fellow disciples and initiates. There will be nothing inHealing, 529:about as the decades elapse, will be that disciples and men and women of spiritual orientation willHealing, 546:with all is not to be found, except in advanced disciples and initiates; the mass consciousness andHealing, 547:and Applied Up to the present time, even disciples have little idea of the exceeding power of theHealing, 560:the diseases of mental types or the diseases of disciples will remain to disturb the peace ofHealing, 565:is promptly the result. This is not true of disciples who have taken the second initiation; theirHealing, 566:difficulties of advanced people, aspirants and disciples. This "friction" produces then a secondaryHealing, 576:times they were externalized to the extent that disciples who were not yet initiates or who hadHealing, 579:The initiate of that time began to teach his disciples that the physical body was in reality onlyHealing, 592:would come the majority of the diseases of disciples and mystics, largely of a nervous nature andHealing, 665:of a goal to man by the working aspirants and disciples, plus the outlining of the techniques ofHealing, 668:powerful; its Ashrams are full of initiates and disciples, and its periphery or magnetic field isHealing, 677:Gospel story - He gave no instructions to His disciples upon the art of healing. This isHealing, 678:proven facts for those of us who are initiated disciples of the Christ or of Sanat Kumara. Law XHealing, 679:first for two reasons: It can be applied by disciples and thus proven to be true to the mass ofHealing, 684:the "discarding of hindrances" by very advanced disciples and initiates. This is made clear by theHealing, 688:to you, therefore, how essential it is that all disciples and initiates should know exactly whereHealing, 700:New Age the rays are given of a large number of disciples. You might, as an experimental exercise,Healing, 700:rays, as assigned, and place each of these disciples in the part of either healer or patient, andHealing, 700:of a second ray Ashram; also that they are disciples, and consequently their rays are apparent andHealing, 705:gathered out of the Book of Rules for Initiated Disciples. I dare not yet give the simple physicalHercules, 21:forces of nature. This is the problem of all disciples. The next episode in his career is hisHercules, 23:that has governed the activities of all active disciples became his and his soul enjoined upon himHercules, 31:Hercules and such is the reward held out to all disciples. This first labor marks the first stepHercules, 37:personal club, and much enthusiasm: so start all disciples. The meaning of the test is now surelyHercules, 50:hemispheres, were married and raised families. Disciples belong to all races, both in the occidentHercules, Known:plane, Hercules had to conquer, as do all disciples, glamor and illusion; for in the carryingHercules, 92:mass and has started on the lonely way of all disciples. Then he treads the path of tribulation, ofHercules, 94:claimants have a point and the problem of all disciples is to use the instinct correctly, in itsHercules, 109:in all nations will produce its thousands of disciples and already tens of thousands are seekingHercules, 109:the mount of transfiguration by many hundreds of disciples. In the meantime, the lion of theHercules, 120:and understanding. It often happens to advanced disciples. The third constellation holding promiseHercules, 143:between people on the ordinary wheel and disciples on the reversed wheel. All of which is submittedHercules, 157:the attitude of directors or masters over their disciples; who tell them what to do and how to doHercules, 158:merging in their turn into a [158] group of disciples, who will demonstrate to the planet the factHercules, 173:In Matthew 17 we read that Christ took three disciples, Peter, James and John, up into a highHercules, 178:the great fault, we are told, of aspirants and disciples. Hercules grasped Cerberus by the centralHercules, 179:and Calvary was to wash the feet of his disciples. It has been said: "Christianity has not failed:Hercules, 201:with his own in every land, over-shadowing his disciples wherever they are found, and because hisHercules, 202:learn to recognize the new note as it comes from disciples wherever found and, secondly, to fitHercules, 209:performing one of the twelve labors, which all disciples are called upon to perform. We see himHercules, 215:marvels of this allegory of the labors of all disciples on their evolutionary way, or be confinedHercules, 218:is the Path or Way. When Christ spoke to His disciples as the Cosmic Christ, He told them "I am theHercules, 219:Christ chose fishermen to be among His disciples; He performed miracles with fishes; He sent HisHercules, 219:He performed miracles with fishes; He sent His disciples out into the world to be fishers of men;Hercules, 223:God crucified in matter, of Hercules and of all disciples, and of the average human being. TheyHercules, 229:of Jesus the Christ washing the feet of his disciples, after following the man with the waterInitiation, 37:thus constantly has there been opportunity for disciples and highly evolved men and women to passInitiation, 48:the first and second initiations, and then the disciples of every grade. The disciples areInitiation, 48:and then the disciples of every grade. The disciples are considered as affiliated with the Lodge,Initiation, 52:yet, nevertheless, they have their disciples and their followers everywhere, and work through manyInitiation, 52:many aspects of teaching. Throughout the world, disciples of these Masters have come intoInitiation, 52:as it demonstrates through the medium of disciples in the most unlikely places and groups. OneInitiation, 52:with the work of the Masters through their disciples, and it is this. All the various schools ofInitiation, 52:in every case, founded by a disciple, or several disciples, and upon these disciples, and not uponInitiation, 52:a disciple, or several disciples, and upon these disciples, and not upon the Master, liesInitiation, 54:usually takes pupils, for he numbers amongst his disciples initiates of high degree and quite aInitiation, 58:certain stated times some of their pupils and disciples. He works largely, too, with certain groupsInitiation, 59:the unseen. His is the energy which, through his disciples, is stimulating the Psychical ResearchInitiation, 60:First, the work of training their pupils and disciples to fit them to be of use in two greatInitiation, 61:heavy burden, and much of their work of teaching disciples has been delegated to initiates and
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