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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Magic, 459:and a further precipitation goes forward when disciples and aspirants are the recipients. TheseMagic, 461:of Masters, of the senior initiates, and disciples is proceeding steadily with that work but isMagic, 462:the furthering of the Plan, if the aspirants and disciples of the world will shoulder their groupMagic, 482:field of human endeavor, of the aspirants and disciples, of the initiates who sound the note forMagic, 502:the head, used by the intellectual type, by the disciples and initiates of the world. The exit inMagic, 512:of silence and the moment for effective work. If disciples can learn to utilize these interludes,Magic, 515:the world of men. This is the lesson which all disciples are learning and this is the highMagic, 527:quiescence, and can be impressed; aspirants and disciples represent those brain cells which areMagic, 529:occult hierarchy, the cloud of witnesses, the disciples of the Christ, and other names according toMagic, 560:the relations existing between its workers and disciples. In the pressure of the presentMagic, 570:only from the physical and astral planes, but disciples receive force also from the mental andMagic, 575:the old books, available for the instruction of disciples these words are found: "The armed hand isMagic, 575:hands and their quality which are distinctive of disciples. In all forms of esoteric teaching theMagic, 582:discipleship. If it were so, the ranks of disciples would be rapidly filled and this is sadly notMagic, 587:connection with this treatise for aspirants and disciples, it must be carefully borne in mind thatMagic, 595:Master [595] takes an aspirant into His group of disciples, that aspirant is, for a long time, aMagic, 602:hierarchy of souls, that sane and balanced disciples now seek to turn their thoughts elsewhere andMagic, 605:This is a salutary and needed lesson which all disciples should grasp. [606] But observers of timesMagic, 610:the opinions and advice of those disinterested disciples who can be trusted to rightly recognizeMagic, 622:like a trumpet in the ear of all attentive disciples. This call to service usually meets with aMagic, 624:This subconsciously has its effect on all disciples, and upon all who are now working in the world.Magic, 634:the failures, apparent or real, of his fellow disciples. The sense of time produces glamor andMagic, 635:Therefore the immediate goal for all aspiring disciples at this time can be seen to be as follows:Magic, 636:On this I cannot enlarge beyond begging all disciples to act with wisdom, to give themselvesMeditation, 12:by those linked with the Master Jesus and His disciples, or in India, Tibet or China by the pupilsMeditation, 35:point of vibration. Under the Masters work the disciples who have the consciousness of the HigherMeditation, 35:aided on lower levels by two different disciples, one working on emotional levels and reporting toMeditation, 68:of the inner groups of aspirants, pupils, disciples and initiates. Groups that are definitelyMeditation, 106:for the average. With advanced egos, pupils and disciples, it is not so, and each must then workMeditation, 163:Master. These mantrams are communicated to Their disciples, and by their means the Master'sMeditation, 198:assembled Lords, Masters, graded initiates and disciples. This channel is formed by the use ofMeditation, 259:eager Master to Whom he is assigned, with fellow disciples and more advanced Initiates whom he mayMeditation, 279:to special classes conducted by more advanced disciples under the supervision of the Master, andMeditation, 280:on by gradual steps, and as yet even accepted disciples are rare. If by meditation, service, andMeditation, 293:ever works, and he has made his contact. Some disciples know their Master intimately on the innerMeditation, 294:work of a Master with His affiliated pupils or disciples or probationers. Other groups, formed ofMeditation, 318:will be two other teachers who will be accepted disciples, and every pupil under them must haveMeditation, 327:and on occasion even longer; those who are old disciples and those who have taken initiation inMeditation, 349:The center to which the Master gathers the disciples and aspirants for personal instruction. AtmaMeditation, 353:adepts, and initiates working through their disciples, and, by this means, in the world. InitiatePatanjali, 18:present confusion. In an old book written for disciples of a certain degree these words occur andPatanjali, 18:are of value to all probationary and accepted disciples. The translation gives the sense, and isPatanjali, 39:The second group is comprised of those higher disciples who - having controlled and transmuted thePatanjali, 42:to be almost inconceivable to any but advanced disciples, but in an appreciation of the stages andPatanjali, 53:to be found except Masters who are likewise disciples. All are learners and all are teachers,Patanjali, 53:For instance: Aspirants to the Path are disciples of lesser disciples, Probationers on the Path arePatanjali, 53:Aspirants to the Path are disciples of lesser disciples, Probationers on the Path are disciples ofPatanjali, 53:lesser disciples, Probationers on the Path are disciples of higher ones, Accepted disciples are thePatanjali, 53:the Path are disciples of higher ones, Accepted disciples are the disciples of an adept and of aPatanjali, 53:of higher ones, Accepted disciples are the disciples of an adept and of a Master, An adept is thePatanjali, 53:the disciple of a Mahatma, The Mahatmas are the disciples of still higher initiates, These in turnPatanjali, 53:of still higher initiates, These in turn are the disciples of the Christ or of that official who isPatanjali, 54:the three major aspects, [54] These are again disciples of the solar Logos. It will be apparentPatanjali, 65:of enquiry is deliberately cultivated in their disciples by all true Masters in the Orient. TheyPatanjali, 122:the sons of men (who are ready to be chelas or disciples), through the various races, and whilst inPatanjali, 220:only from the physical and astral planes, but disciples receive force also from the mental andPatanjali, 277:and adepts in connection with their pledged disciples. [278] Through direct knowledge of the groupPatanjali, 279:one to use and is only permitted to trained disciples. [280] Patanjali, 315:around the head of all advanced aspirants and disciples. Dvivedi also gives the same teaching inPatanjali, 361:out that there are four classes of chelas or disciples. These are: Those whom the light is justPatanjali, 361:power. This is a stage of great danger for such disciples are apt to be allured by thePatanjali, 361:and unfoldment. Such is not the case. Those disciples who have overcome all sense attractions andPatanjali, 362:enumerated [362] there with these four types of disciples. Everything in the three worlds is aPatanjali, 380:developing psychic powers. The Masters and their disciples use words of power in order to deal withPatanjali, 423:Paul, and was the cause of his injunction to the disciples he sought to help. "Stand therefore...Patanjali, 423:taxed to the limit, which is the hallmark of disciples of every degree. To them goes out theProblems, 7:by Buddha (and passed on to the masses by Their disciples) has not yet been expressed as it wasProblems, 7:divine circulatory flow. It is the task of the disciples of the world to restore this flow and toProblems, 121:handful of men, the twelve Apostles, the seventy disciples and the five hundred who recognized theProblems, 136:reached the attentive ear of the Christ and His disciples in the place where They live, and workProblems, 144:as men approach closer to Him and His group of disciples and world workers. The church emphasis hasProblems, 144:who lives with us on earth, surrounded by His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, accessible toProblems, 145:authority which contact with Christ and His disciples, the Masters, ever confers. Christ in everyProblems, 145:watching over His people, inspiring His working disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, those "justProblems, 146:guide and personally confer with His advanced disciples as they labor in the field of the world, inProblems, 154:of God. God, in the person of Christ and of His disciples, also draws nearer to men. What has beenProblems, 159:Most High. Then, lastly, there are the trained disciples and aspirants of the world who use certainPsychology1, xviii:and for the preparation of the group of world disciples who will function with freedom and power inPsychology1, xxi:fate, and all aspirants who become accepted disciples have to master the technique ofPsychology1, 10:going on inevitably among the aspirants and disciples at this time. This is not so much a testingPsychology1, 15:and have held before the eyes of the pioneering disciples of life the ideal of Oneness and ofPsychology1, 16:a possibility), but because all aspirants and disciples and all initiates up to the thirdPsychology1, 52:who senses the beatific vision. I refer not to disciples nor to those who are called initiates, forPsychology1, 61:as this treatise is written for aspirants and disciples, and not for initiates of the third degree,Psychology1, 74:for the manifestation of these other four major Disciples, Who are primarily Builders; They willPsychology1, 105:it not for the work now being done by a group of disciples and initiates working in collaborationPsychology1, 105:His headquarters in America and Who, with His disciples, is doing much to stimulate the variousPsychology1, 105:the various countries in the world, and by the disciples on His ray, the fourth ray. Much that isPsychology1, 106:and word has been sent out to the working disciples in the world to stand on their own feet, to usePsychology1, 106:of the Master. The world today is full of disciples of varying degree, and [107] each of them is,Psychology1, 107:and unquestionably the work of highly evolved disciples, and some of it most mediocre in quality.Psychology1, 108:this time working through dictation with Their disciples. They are too much engrossed with worldPsychology1, 108:and through dictation with several accepted disciples, and Their effort is to inspire thesePsychology1, 108:disciples, and Their effort is to inspire these disciples, who are active in world work, to greaterPsychology1, 108:much of this work to Their initiates and disciples. The bulk of the communicators today (workingPsychology1, 110:But the value of any group of aspirants and disciples consists [111] in this: They can - if they soPsychology1, 112:the many aspects of the science of the soul. Disciples grow these days by finding out the reservoirPsychology1, 113:with humanity; it is the Masters' group of disciples that counts, and its relation to probationaryPsychology1, 113:that counts, and its relation to probationary disciples on the physical plane, who are seen by thePsychology1, 113:of aspirants receiving definite instruction, and disciples being subjected to definite training.
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