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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Psychology1, 113:offered; but no personality work is attempted. Disciples handle their own personalities. In thePsychology1, 113:with less and less time to give even to Their disciples. How then do those who are not in the [114]Psychology1, 114:those who are not in the [114] ranks of accepted disciples expect the Master to have the time toPsychology1, 114:on the inner planes. These groups of accepted disciples on the inner side are sensitive organisms,Psychology1, 114:is aware of that which concerns his fellow disciples spiritual unfoldment, within the radius of thePsychology1, 115:aspirants learn that the teachers and senior disciples in charge of them work only on mental levelsPsychology1, 117:they are slowly and gradually trained by senior disciples, working from the subjective side ofPsychology1, 117:arranged for on the physical plane, nor are any disciples - working on the physical plane - engagedPsychology1, 150:futility of idle speculation upon this subject. Disciples who have undergone the third initiationPsychology1, 153:(which is the emerging characteristic of the disciples and initiates under training), can and doesPsychology1, 171:to link more closely and subjectively the senior disciples, aspirants and workers in the world. ToPsychology1, 171:all the Masters put Their personal groups of disciples in touch with each other, subjectively,Psychology1, 171:determined by their ray - the Masters, Their disciples and the probationers grouped themselves intoPsychology1, 172:government, or along the line of the first ray. Disciples and aspirants working in the field ofPsychology1, 176:demagogues, fervent prophets and reactionaries. Disciples or workers on the second ray are nowPsychology1, 178:the first ray. The energies of the aspirants and disciples on the third and fifth rays are turnedPsychology1, 186:side. The word has gone out to rally all the disciples and aspirants of the world to an intensivePsychology1, 226:is now concerned. It was three seventh ray disciples who "interpreted" these rays to man. I referPsychology1, 244:today as marked stages in the development of all disciples and initiates. They indicate place uponPsychology1, 281:it may connote a definite over-shadowing of His disciples and lovers by the Great Lord of Life.Psychology1, 287:through the creative act, the needed bodies for disciples and initiates. Under the symbol of sex,Psychology1, 297:will make possible the more rapid incarnation of disciples and initiates. Right preparation willPsychology1, 302:an earlier recognition lies in the hands of the disciples and thinkers of the present age. ThePsychology1, 307:it is the advanced people of the world and the disciples of all degrees who must thus solve it.Psychology1, 315:if all the aspirants of the world and all the disciples at work in the world today will submergePsychology1, 325:particular time. It is here that the work of the disciples of the world, and of the higher types ofPsychology1, 328:sons of God in His Own Body, Whom I and all true disciples regard as the Master of all the Masters,Psychology1, 354:are to be seen in the Masters, Initiates and Disciples Who, during any race, reach the goal whichPsychology1, 356:no longer the outstanding characteristic of the disciples of the world. The intellect (concrete andPsychology1, 360:ray activity led to the formation of bands of disciples, working in groups but not in closePsychology1, 367:1955, and they will be seventh ray aspirants and disciples in the majority of cases; their capacityPsychology1, 367:time. These incoming seventh ray aspirants and disciples may make mistakes and may perform theirPsychology1, 368:upon the shoulders of the world aspirants and disciples, and will not indicate inaccurate prophecyPsychology1, 378:which governs the coming race. The work that the disciples of the world must seek to do isPsychology1, 381:but this time good may eventuate, if the world disciples and spiritually focused people measure upPsychology1, 382:and by a soul ray which is sensed only by the disciples and aspirants of any nation. This soul rayPsychology1, 395:view of that time, and numbered among the then disciples of the world, took issue with thePsychology1, 396:the phrases are referring to that group of [396] disciples who were the early founders of thePsychology1, 397:the modern Jewish race. They were three advanced disciples who resented the command to enter, freePsychology1, 397:place. "Within yourselves, because you are disciples of the Lord, you shall have no share in peace,Psychology1, 398:descendant of the eldest of the original three disciples who revolted from the drama of detachment.Psychology1, 398:justice and true legality. The other group of disciples, the representatives (in their day and age)Psychology1, 398:which separated them from three of their co-disciples. On their return to life on earth, they spokePsychology1, 398:which persists until today. Those particular disciples have themselves passed through their longPsychology1, 400:for us in the Old Testament. The original three disciples and their family groups were thePsychology1, 400:are all descended from the eldest of the three disciples. The Latin peoples and their variousPsychology1, 400:These are descended from the second of the three disciples. The Teutons, the Scandinavians, and thePsychology1, 400:are the descendants of the third of the three disciples. The above is a broad generalization. ThePsychology1, 400:Gradually the descendants of two of these three disciples have accepted the legends which werePsychology2, 9:the reverse condition is the determining factor. Disciples have the problem of expressing thePsychology2, 10:also the need for the immediate guidance of the disciples in every nation and their training in thePsychology2, 12:It should be the aspiration of the world disciples today. This work of training the individuals inPsychology2, 13:understand and somewhat realize. They are those disciples who talk too much and too soon and tooPsychology2, 17:merits the deep study and meditation [17] of all disciples. As the three rays which govern thePsychology2, 18:initiation, and this treatise is written for disciples and initiates of the first degree. Psychology2, 26:whereas the intelligentsia of the world, and the disciples and aspirants, are passing rapidly outPsychology2, 28:The Plan, as it is sensed by the world disciples, in the attempt to work and cooperate with it, isPsychology2, 35:There are four ways which stretch before the disciples of the Lord of the World. They must all bePsychology2, 43:in his development. One of the major faults of disciples today is the paying [44] of too closePsychology2, 44:to the faults, errors and activities of other disciples, and too little attention to their ownPsychology2, 44:their own dharma and work. A second failing of disciples (and particularly of the working andPsychology2, 44:(and particularly of the working and accepted disciples in the world at this present time) isPsychology2, 44:is hindered by the speech interplay between disciples, and much time is lost through wordyPsychology2, 44:discussion of the work and activities of other disciples. Humanity as a whole, needs silence atPsychology2, 44:to sense the universal rhythm. Modern disciples, if they are to do their work as desired and toPsychology2, 44:the motives and the methods of their fellow disciples. Psychology2, 45:the elementary stanzas which convey to accepted disciples some of the significance of the firstPsychology2, 48:truths which will carry meaning to the senior disciples and the initiates of the world, who arePsychology2, 48:to some and nothing at all to others. If the disciples of the world are truly struggling and ifPsychology2, 67:the ages, and it is the major task undertaken by disciples at this time. It might be added herePsychology2, 73:to at this immediate time. I would urge all disciples to do the same, for in so doing it isPsychology2, 73:and read; they embody, however, the task of all disciples at this time. Where this incentive andPsychology2, 74:determination that make for immediate progress. Disciples in the groups of some of the Masters (notPsychology2, 75:and encouragement that the numbers of the disciples in the world are greatly increasing. SufferingPsychology2, 75:a subject, and it is this that holds back some disciples from this great step forward. In thePsychology2, 80:that which is undesirable in the life of the disciples. Forget not that the work of stimulatingPsychology2, 85:believers, all true aspirants and all sincere disciples, whether Christian or otherwise. ThePsychology2, 104:detachment. On these three words must all disciples meditate, if they are ever to reap the fruitsPsychology2, 105:secondarily for the souls. Upon this rock, many disciples are for lives broken, until the timePsychology2, 106:the sense of responsibility for that which other disciples may do. So many earnest servers hold onPsychology2, 106:incomplete experience. The relation between disciples is egoic and not personal. The link is of thePsychology2, 106:is magnificently possible, and for this all disciples must struggle and strive. On the outer plane,Psychology2, 107:When the inner link is held in love, and when disciples relinquish the sense of authority over eachPsychology2, 107:There are three rules which are important to disciples at this time. First, see to it that youPsychology2, 107:own responsibility, and then leave your fellow disciples to do the same, free from the impact ofPsychology2, 108:for the actions of others, and particularly of disciples. See that your own activity measures up toPsychology2, 108:when working with each other and with Their disciples. The inner integrity is necessarily a provenPsychology2, 108:other free to serve the Plan. They train Their disciples (no matter what their degree) to servePsychology2, 109:Them to cooperation. It is essential that the disciples shall learn to sacrifice the non-essentialPsychology2, 109:governs the mind, it will inevitably lead all disciples to relinquish the personal in favor of thePsychology2, 109:will hinder their cooperation with each other as disciples, nor their service to the world. Psychology2, 111:with the processes of detachment (at which disciples work so strenuously!) that I despair ofPsychology2, 113:or fusion with one's inner band of pledged disciples, nor even with one's own Ray life. All thesePsychology2, 122:Awaken the heart center in all aspirants and disciples. Enable emotionally polarized humanity toPsychology2, 131:call forth the consecrated effort of the world disciples. Psychology2, 134:(on his behalf) by older, more experienced disciples. He becomes the victim, for the time, of hisPsychology2, 138:will work with greater facility than will the disciples and aspirants whose egoic ray is out ofPsychology2, 139:out of manifestation, and a recognition of the disciples and servers available on the physicalPsychology2, 139:light, scattered all over the world, and enough disciples and aspirants, that the little beams orPsychology2, 140:Ray I Servers on this ray, if they are trained disciples, work through what might be called the
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