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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Rays, 214:the Ashram is under discussion, can we train our disciples to realize that, essentially, silence isRays, 214:silence is not refraining from speech. So many disciples seem to think that it is, and that theyRays, 218:between the pure Ashram and a group of disciples. It will undoubtedly mean, during the stagesRays, 219:with the Father or with the Monad. But disciples and aspirants are so intensely preoccupied withRays, 221:be transference and not union. Aspirants and disciples today are largely the result of the oldRays, 221:subjected. This is a vital transition period; disciples and aspirants in the world at this timeRays, 223:not to be inferred that all in the group must be disciples who are in process of taking the fourthRays, 224:[224] initiation. A group can be composed of disciples and initiates of all degrees, though thereRays, 224:the apparent finality of soul fusion faces disciples, among them some of you, at this time; andRays, 225:The three remaining rules for initiates and disciples are concerned with the work of the New AgeRays, 230:of World Servers that the training of the needed disciples for the Ashrams of the Masters takesRays, 230:venture. In this group also accepted disciples learn to work in the same manner as does theRays, 230:in order to study the caliber and quality of the disciples who are engaged in world salvage, for itRays, 230:in world salvage, for it is through these disciples that the Hierarchy carries out its plans.Rays, 230:of the world; They work entirely through Their disciples and initiates. It will, however, beRays, 231:is this which lies behind the training given to disciples, upon which I have already given you muchRays, 231:the new capacities which are emerging among disciples; it is this which enables disciples ofRays, 231:among disciples; it is this which enables disciples of experience to work at high speed and with aRays, 231:a life potency that is unusual. I would have all disciples begin to train themselves to respond toRays, 231:the Hierarchy. Some of you can do so as accepted disciples, and as members of my Ashram. TakeRays, 231:most newly accepted disciple. It is through the disciples that the New Group of World Servers areRays, 238:they are specifically for the more advanced disciples and for initiates. We have seen in many waysRays, 239:your minds: 1. The entire technique of training disciples for initiation and of absorbing them intoRays, 239:it thus provides a field of service for accepted disciples who are seeking service-expression, andRays, 240:to become "fishers of men." The relation of the disciples of the Christ was only secondarily toRays, 245:Minds, upon the mental substance of Their disciples than it will be for Them to work down upon theRays, 245:methods must be employed. As I write for disciples and initiates, I call this to their attention.Rays, 247:rule, as given to initiates and to advanced disciples. Rule XIII. For Applicants. Four things theRays, 250:esotericist and occult student though not new to disciples and initiates. It might be useful hereRays, 250:published before the formation in 1925 of the Disciples [251] Degree of the Arcane School willRays, 251:of the new attitude of the Masters to Their disciples, due to the rapid unfoldment of the mindRays, 253:with the horoscopes of advanced people and disciples will use the esoteric planets as given by me,Rays, 253:his horoscope. If they are themselves advanced disciples, they may have a tendency to set too rigidRays, 254:a [254] special group of aspirants and accepted disciples whose instructions, emanating from myRays, 254:Jesus as He over-shadowed one of His senior disciples, a very advanced initiate, Mahomet. A closeRays, 259:they are this time demonstrated by a group of disciples who have passed through certain initiationsRays, 260:can carry out and [260] conform to Rule XIII for disciples and initiates) have become so mergedRays, 262:for Applicants and in the Fourteen Rules for Disciples and Initiates you have the two greatRays, 263:in our studies. We shall only deal with those disciples who can work as a group [264] on theRays, 266:have said all that I can upon the theme. Only as disciples build the antahkarana and function asRays, 267:meaning is incomparably difficult for me where disciples such as you are concerned. All I can do isRays, 271:convey? There is an ashramic activity of which disciples know nothing in their brain consciousnessRays, 271:the triad formed by a Master and His two senior disciples, or it is formed by three Masters allRays, 274:which they are created. I have here given those disciples who are launching this new project whichRays, 274:in such highly esoteric sources that some disciples regard the work as exceedingly difficult andRays, 274:hinder the true type of triangle being created. Disciples need to be aware of the true proposedRays, 275:with the esoteric work. I am writing here for disciples, some of whom are members of my Ashram, andRays, 276:objective - worldwide and amazingly useful. Disciples need to learn to think in terms of groupRays, 281:and "may transmutation disappear" for all disciples as time elapses, and that with speed - owing toRays, 285:Initiation Rule Fourteen In this final rule for disciples and initiates, a great summation isRays, 286:Applicants: Listen. Touch. See. Apply. Know. For Disciples and Initiates: Know. Express. Reveal.Rays, 292:to the second word of the fourteenth rule for disciples and initiates - the word Express. ThisRays, 294:effort. The creative task, therefore, of working disciples and initiates is to produce thatRays, 295:and the work of all waiting and attentive disciples is to make that creative plan successfulRays, 296:Christ spirit through the medium of the world disciples and initiates; we shall then see the fullRays, 296:contacted upon the rest of the world. Knowers, disciples and initiates express that which HeRays, 297:indicated in the words for initiates and disciples. Until the earlier significances are mastered inRays, 299:immediate revelation which the initiates and the disciples of the world are seeking to bring toRays, 300:pouring in. Revelation will come when the world disciples and initiates have perfected the art ofRays, 301:"as He is, so should we be in the world." To disciples and initiates the call goes out to reveal toRays, 301:approach of divinity to humanity. These working disciples and initiates regard all as essentiallyRays, 305:as those implied in the rule for probationary disciples: Kill out desire. The deliberateRays, 314:yet inclusive of both. His statement to His disciples, "I must go up to Jerusalem," after which weRays, 323:together as a basis for the instruction of disciples in training for an initiation. In DiscipleshipRays, 328:of the Hierarchy, but only for aspirants and disciples and initiates below the grade of the thirdRays, 338:the angle of the seven rays. By this I mean that disciples upon the different rays will all haveRays, 338:ray, and this is one of the factors which disciples have to learn and grasp whilst preparing for anRays, 342:conditioning its formation. It is composed of disciples and initiates at various stages ofRays, 343:in which they find themselves, and those senior disciples to whose contact they are to be admitted,Rays, 346:to make clear. As you know, an Ashram has in it disciples and initiates at all points ofRays, 355:as indicated by: Christ walking with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus - a symbol of theRays, 355:in a world Savior. Christ appearing to the disciples in the upper room, [356] symbolizing theRays, 356:the sign at the time in power; the other eleven disciples representing the remaining signs throughRays, 362:with the Initiation of Decision. [362] Disciples are more apt to be interested in the Ashrams fromRays, 366:great interest for all aspirants and would-be disciples, but I am not at first going to deal withRays, 373:the esoteric enterprise and in the work done by disciples in the Ashrams, the Will is developed soRays, 374:On evolved men, aspirants, probationers and disciples, the effect is stimulating and magnetic. OnRays, 374:- human beings - are brought into the Ashram as disciples in preparation for initiation. People areRays, 383:the great Ashram is assured, and for it all true disciples are working. The world situation todayRays, 383:which will make it possible to admit disciples in large numbers into the great Ashram. This willRays, 384:three worlds. In the earliest times this flow of disciples was exceedingly small. One by one,Rays, 384:was in cyclic activity, a much greater number of disciples appeared, prepared for initiation; theRays, 389:just as you in the position of aspirants and disciples know much about the Hierarchy, its life,Rays, 389:them. Such people will necessarily be initiated disciples. Years ago (in 1922) when I gave theRays, 394:this manner They become aware of how many senior disciples will be needed to take over the headshipRays, 394:an Ashram, with a consequent admittance of many disciples to the initiation next in order for them.Rays, 395:as personalities, and with solar fire as disciples and lesser initiates. In this way, They becomeRays, 395:of the Ashram as well as the force which the disciples and initiates must use in their work in theRays, 396:deeper meanings, writing as I do for advanced disciples and for initiates who - reading between theRays, 398:branch of the Science of Impression, which disciples upon their lower level have to master. ThisRays, 401:create it. The force of those aspirants and disciples who are seeking to combat this in their ownRays, 404:hence the statement of the Master K.H. to His disciples that the occultist has to learn to masterRays, 410:Many initiates are becoming Masters, and many disciples are achieving the first initiation, andRays, 415:the Masters use this energy whilst training disciples for the second, the fourth and the sixthRays, 415:the large number of human beings who will become disciples in the Sirian Lodge. This [416] is theRays, 417:undertakes to do; and many initiates and senior disciples are becoming aware of the significance ofRays, 424:its consequent stepping up of the qualities of disciples, is the fact that no longer does theRays, 424:standard of the mental equipment of entering disciples is so much higher than it used to be, owingRays, 430:the Hierarchy knows. Humanity must (as must all disciples) be left entirely free to settle its ownRays, 430:not yet learned the difficult lesson which all disciples have to master: the lesson of the dual
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