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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLES

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Rays, 431:three glands - as is increasingly the case where disciples are concerned - a triangle ofRays, 436:and higher integration. The dual life which all disciples lead produces also a rapidity of mentalRays, 436:be seen in the fact that very few aspirants and disciples register the fact that they have alreadyRays, 439:form of self-centered attitude. Eventually - and disciples should take courage and hope from thisRays, 459:initiations. The goal towards which higher disciples are working involves not only soul contact asRays, 469:the result of right orientation, in the life of disciples today. [470] In the future, this ScienceRays, 473:for the comprehension of the above information. Disciples and aspirants grow through the means of aRays, 473:degree than ever before; there are many more disciples being prepared for the third initiation; andRays, 479:may be found in the lines from Stanzas for Disciples which I gave out some time ago (June 1930) andRays, 484:assumed that all earnest and true aspirants and disciples who work undeviatingly for spiritualRays, 484:as planned, and in this moving forward the disciples and aspirants must and do form the vanguard.Rays, 486:and bringing man nearer to his ultimate goal. Disciples must always remember that soulRays, 495:and proceed with the work. (In some Talks to Disciples, the Tibetan makes the following remarksRays, 496:one of the crises which come in the life of all disciples, wherein choices have to be made that areRays, 497:many strands of light, woven by the aspirants, disciples and initiates of the world, we can see theRays, 498:realizing also the fact that, for aspirants and disciples, the immediate task ahead is: To bringRays, 498:with a paralleling moving forward of accepted disciples. Once firmly established upon the Path, theRays, 500:and the beautiful. Aspirants and probationary disciples are occupied with a definite process ofRays, 501:on these six stages of the building process. All disciples on all these seven rays use the sameRays, 501:is reached, the methods employed by all disciples on all rays are identical. Their intention isRays, 505:of individual bridges, built by the many disciples. It is therefore formed eventually of sevenRays, 508:personality has to ascertain (as in fact do all disciples) which aspect he himself is of aRays, 510:from the "rainbow bridge" as built by all other disciples. Thus the work of constructing the racialRays, 511:towards the control of the personality, and the disciples in the world are now so numerous that theRays, 513:to be regarded of supreme importance. Today, disciples are being taught to work far more upon theRays, 518:into the consciousness of humanity, via its disciples and initiates. We have practically concludedRays, 522:and sought to obviate when He pointed out to His disciples that they could do "greater things" thanRays, 524:and to "go to the Father" (as He told His disciples), thus moving forward on to the first stage ofRays, 524:Evolution. The practical point for aspirants and disciples to remember is that the Science ofRays, 527:These epitomized the various tests to which all disciples are subjected, prior to the variousRays, 528:facilitated the work of all future aspirants and disciples. He made possible their unimpededRays, 530:states of being unknown to all except trained disciples and initiates. It has been my intentionRays, 531:its earlier stages. When an adequate number of disciples will have succeeded in relating theRays, 538:the Masters' Archives there are some Rules for Disciples of very ancient origin. Among them is oneRays, 540:focused energies produces a point of tension. Disciples should not focus their attention upon theRays, 545:fusion of consciousness. In group formation, disciples are gathered together at times to receiveRays, 545:to realize the necessity for this, yet even disciples themselves, and in the early stages of theirRays, 547:a part of the group Antahkarana, built by disciples (working in the three worlds but on mentalRays, 547:contact with the Ashram and with certain of the disciples, though not with those of very highRays, 548:interest. It is part of the dual life which all disciples must lead. It is that which intensifiesRays, 554:from the Spiritual Hierarchy, and experienced disciples made their appearance in the ranks of theRays, 586:sponsored by the New Group of World Servers. All disciples and initiates in physical manifestationRays, 589:- Ray V The Energy of Concrete Knowledge. As all disciples have to be focused on the mental planeRays, 589:It is glibly and most easily said that disciples and (necessarily so) initiates must use the mind,Rays, 596:humanity to consider; there are, however, senior disciples who are preparing for this initiation,Rays, 599:picturing of the third initiation, the three disciples (or the three vehicles of the personality)Rays, 605:nature, and there are - except in the ranks of disciples of the Great White Lodge - no fourth rayRays, 607:either individual or group. You will all, as disciples or aspirants, be able to interpret theRays, 615:By His over-shadowing of all initiates and disciples who are today, or will be at the time of HisRays, 616:[616] implemented from the mental plane by the disciples and initiates, over-shadowed by the mindRays, 616:of the Christ has already been set in motion; disciples and initiates in all lands are starting theRays, 616:The work and the teaching of the trained disciples and initiates, as each of them, in his own way,Rays, 616:minds of men." The influencing of the minds of disciples. The enlightening of intelligent humanity.Rays, 617:be the number and the ability and status of the disciples found active in the chosen field. More, IRays, 617:by these same factors. The over-shadowing of all disciples and initiates, and the consequentRays, 620:of love within the Hierarchy. The initiates, disciples and aspirants who form the New Group ofRays, 637:Ray Activity upon the individual Disciple The disciples of the world today are submerged in anRays, 637:in every land are roused by this conflict; the disciples on earth and the thinking peopleRays, 637:problem. The points of crisis in the lives of disciples have - during the past few decades - beenRays, 637:with the effect of this conflict in the life of disciples. It deals with the most familiar story toRays, 637:story to all of them; the aspirants and the disciples are, from the angle of evolution, the mostRays, 638:simple one. Let each disciple and all groups of disciples develop the ability to think sanely, withRays, 639:the over-shadowing, on the mental plane, of all disciples and aspirants. Through the pouring out ofRays, 642:will see a demonstrable orientation of trained disciples towards the higher perception. You mustRays, 667:which will weld into one cooperative band those disciples and initiates who should prepare the wayRays, 668:can contact the initiates and the accepted disciples in the world, and can discover those aspirantsRays, 678:and prior to its recognition of the probationary disciples as full initiates, the Society did goodRays, 689:- through the use of the will. Aspirants and disciples should remember that after the thirdRays, 694:and conditions the experiences of all disciples. Through the discipline and the experiences thusRays, 695:marks the career of all aspirants and disciples - renunciation, consciously faced, understood andRays, 697:So the two stories of these two great Disciples are parallel - One so obediently serving theRays, 699:below" and not (as is the case today with all disciples, though naturally not with the Masters) onRays, 705:body through which He can approach His incoming disciples and those who have not taken the higherRays, 705:Whom they wait will be one of Christ's senior disciples, but it will not be, as originallyRays, 707:of A Treatise on the Seven Rays is written for disciples and initiates. Disciples will see some ofRays, 707:Rays is written for disciples and initiates. Disciples will see some of the significances behindRays, 707:of the initiations and that there are great disciples, from all the rays, working on the physicalRays, 707:the Ashrams. The Masters feel that these senior disciples and initiates (being on the spot) shouldRays, 709:to serve with love and understanding. All disciples of any standing gather around them the few orRays, 712:These They transform into the Plan; then Their disciples - with their intuitional capacityRays, 713:concepts, the fleeting ideas of which all disciples are aware are at this initiation resolved intoRays, 715:confronts the Hierarchy as it seeks to prepare disciples for the successive initiations is theRays, 717:things" which hovers over the head of all disciples who can see somewhat in the Light. Just asRays, 717:of human thinking), so the lesser initiates and disciples within the Hierarchy can begin toRays, 717:Their Ashrams by the recipients: initiates and disciples. [718] Again we come back to the sameRays, 723:of a Master. Revelation is a progressive matter. Disciples are not really able to understand theRays, 723:comprehend that which lies plainly before Them. Disciples can, however, dimly sense the nature ofRays, 728:warmth." I am quoting some ancient aphorisms for disciples. At the ninth Initiation of Refusal, theRays, 742:and worldwide presentation. The aspirants, disciples and spiritual workers of the world are notRays, 757:They have achieved a goal towards which all true disciples and initiates are working. The GreatRays, 761:Rays and the Initiations - Appendix STANZAS FOR DISCIPLES The Path Seek not, O twice-blessed One,Reappearance, 10:demands which has led the Christ to let His disciples in every land know that He will reappear whenReappearance, 13:of the masses everywhere and the advice of His disciples of all faiths and of all world religions.Reappearance, 13:also upon the steadfastness of the Christ's disciples in the world at this time and HisReappearance, 16:if [16] it is a fact that He will bring His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, with Him, and ifReappearance, 19:who believe in the Masters of the Wisdom, the disciples of the Christ, and who will not beReappearance, 22:Before, however, Christ could come with His disciples, our present civilization had to die. DuringReappearance, 28:the divine will. Next comes His statement to His disciples: "I must go up to Jerusalem," afterReappearance, 30:spiritual Hierarchy and to all His servants and disciples on Earth that He had decided to emergeReappearance, 31:was pronounced by Him and taken down by His disciples. It has been translated as follows: From the
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