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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLINE

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Astrology, 208:environment [208] wherein the trials and the discipline are unavoidable and inevitable. When theAstrology, 309:impulses, and this leads him to an imposed self-discipline - the thing the Leo subject sorely needsAstrology, 309:measures which others may seek to impose. Discipline imposed by people upon the Leo person leadsAstrology, 309:rebellion and the expression of that which the discipline is intended to eradicate. DisciplineAstrology, 309:which the discipline is intended to eradicate. Discipline imposed by himself leads to theAtom, 136:of our lives, and only as the result of long discipline and strenuous meditation does this occur.Autobiography, 10:our belief in the love of God. The second brings discipline and feeds our aspiration. The rapturousAutobiography, 24:till I was nearly thirteen) was one of great discipline. We had had lives of travel and change andAutobiography, 24:had lives of travel and change and I am sure the discipline was badly needed. The various governessAutobiography, 24:a maid were responsible for the two of us. The discipline, then applied, continued until I wasAutobiography, 26:individuals, might want to do. It was a life of discipline, rhythm and obedience, variedAutobiography, 30:and destroyed it but that - as a matter of discipline for herself and in order to help me - she wasAutobiography, 135:helped me to work hard was the extremely ordered discipline of my life when a girl. This developedAutobiography, 136:feed them and bathe them and, when necessary, discipline them. It was a lesson to me and a horribleAutobiography, 184:have very little sense of responsibility or self discipline whilst in Great Britain the disciplineAutobiography, 184:or self discipline whilst in Great Britain the discipline [185] and parental demands andAutobiography, 196:oriented human being requiring training and discipline. Autobiography, 238:God and consciously to take himself in hand for discipline and endurance, he finds himself at oneAutobiography, 259:more accustomed to this work, and when the discipline and diet necessarily began to take effect,Autobiography, 263:training. This they have not yet done. The discipline to which the neophyte in the future shouldAutobiography, 277:undertake the necessary training and submit to discipline. This must be self-imposed and adapted toAutobiography, 283:- with vision and with a self-imposed, spiritual discipline - through whom that work can be carriedBethlehem, 25:process, and through that process all who duly discipline themselves and voluntarily acquiesce mayBethlehem, 26:self-unfoldment, of self-effacement and of self-discipline. It is the way of mental illuminationBethlehem, 44:of a sound moral character and devotion. Through discipline he has coordinated his lower nature,Bethlehem, 73:gifts they brought teach us the specific type of discipline which must be undergone in order toBethlehem, 100:and as infants we just live and submit to discipline, gradually growing toward maturity. But thereBethlehem, 128:then by conscious effort and self-initiated discipline; and finally by the processes of integratingBethlehem, 235:that God is love, we have invented a place of discipline, called by many names, such as purgatory,Bethlehem, 249:he may regard death as the door into a place of discipline and development which he callsBethlehem, 260:who could fit themselves (through service and discipline) to pass out of the human kingdom into theBethlehem, 270:task of loving. This is not easy. It calls for discipline, for ceaseless effort and striving, forBethlehem, 276:task of discipleship and constitutes the arduous discipline of the fivefold way of initiation. TheDestiny, 109:experience gained under the sixth ray system of discipline is still his most precious possessionDestiny, 110:to compare the old and the new ways of discipline and of training, of attribute and quality, and ofDiscipleship1, X:and that the Way into the Hierarchy is a way of discipline, of increasing enlightenment, of serviceDiscipleship1, XI:on to the very end in spite of pain and sorrow, discipline, success, failure, joy and a spiritualDiscipleship1, 7:your patience, your exactness in detail, the discipline which you are willing to impose upon yourDiscipleship1, 14:and eventually - when your life and work and discipline warrant it - contact with one of theDiscipleship1, 21:made. For some people to conform to rule and discipline is not easy unless it is entirelyDiscipleship1, 47:adjustments and submit yourselves to the discipline and the training which will make greatlyDiscipleship1, 49:of the Hierarchy. Continue with your own soul discipline and leave your brothers to continueDiscipleship1, 99:of your earlier, spiritual aspiration and self-discipline. If you have never lost it (though manyDiscipleship1, 128:to the inevitable, even if voluntary, group discipline. I have also questioned it, not because IDiscipleship1, 128:of your type to enter upon a course of self-discipline under the suggestion of another, such asDiscipleship1, 136:group suggestion, with group rhythm or group discipline, or with united synchronized activity whichDiscipleship1, 140:of action will come. Your life has been a discipline, but the fruits of that discipline willDiscipleship1, 140:has been a discipline, but the fruits of that discipline will demonstrate as you open the doors andDiscipleship1, 142:is far greater. The decisions you make and the discipline to which you may voluntarily subjectDiscipleship1, 148:the essential and a certain measure of physical discipline) becomes possible to you. As I told youDiscipleship1, 149:my brother, is your task this life. How to discipline your physical body and how to strengthen itDiscipleship1, 153:clarity, to subject yourself to self-imposed discipline, and to heighten your magnetic vibration.Discipleship1, 162:access of power will come to you could you but discipline yourself into giving a dynamic twentyDiscipleship1, 175:produces thereby system, regularity, and good discipline. If this becomes the center ofDiscipleship1, 186:of strenuous activity and service, of personal discipline and difficulty and of hard work,Discipleship1, 209:the next group instruction, I would ask you to discipline your time, making each moment count; IDiscipleship1, 242:before each of you are to submit to such a discipline and to unfold your spiritual natures withDiscipleship1, 281:relations, my brother, is a needed growth, and discipline or ordered habit is of real usefulness toDiscipleship1, 285:of you submit intelligently to this training and discipline, it will be possible, later, to form aDiscipleship1, 286:Thus you will impose upon yourself that discipline which will not negate or inhibit your efforts,Discipleship1, 289:it is not a freedom demanded because the steady discipline of occult training frets a temperamentDiscipleship1, 295:That carries with it joy, but responsibility; discipline but realized gain. The work to be done byDiscipleship1, 295:gained and its consequence. The fruits of discipline have to be clearly understood by him withoutDiscipleship1, 295:exercise for all disciples and involves a self-discipline but little emphasized in the usual booksDiscipleship1, 296:W.D.B. February 1936 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: The discipline which always accompanies the acceptedDiscipleship1, 296:with you. Because you are a disciple, that discipline has taken hold of all aspects of the lowerDiscipleship1, 297:you all to a preparatory purification and mental discipline. It is the growing inner momentum ofDiscipleship1, 327:to true accuracy must be your most rigid discipline during the next year and, when success isDiscipleship1, 349:and selflessness, and by a determination to discipline the lower nature so that it may become aDiscipleship1, 361:except by tremendous effort and a self-imposed discipline of a drastic nature. Hence your soul'sDiscipleship1, 364:I have told you. Your keynote for the future is discipline and again discipline. The reduction ofDiscipleship1, 364:keynote for the future is discipline and again discipline. The reduction of the physical body toDiscipleship1, 366:learns not with ease the lesson of self-discipline, and the glamor of the fear of authority hasDiscipleship1, 367:set aside and must ultimately be worked out. The discipline of the group life is a higher livingDiscipleship1, 367:discipline of the group life is a higher living discipline than any self-imposed ideas of life andDiscipleship1, 368:by saying: Submit your physical plane life to discipline, self-imposed; adhere to that disciplineDiscipleship1, 368:life to discipline, self-imposed; adhere to that discipline at all costs. You can outline thatDiscipleship1, 368:discipline at all costs. You can outline that discipline adequately for yourself. There is no needDiscipleship1, 368:mould your life and its activities and let discipline produce the instrument [369] which is neededDiscipleship1, 370:need is for you to submit your lower nature to discipline, you would [371] have for me no respectDiscipleship1, 371:hindrance is in your physical body which refuses discipline and hitherto has bested all yourDiscipleship1, 383:force. Ponder on this. As an exercise of needed discipline, I would suggest that three times a dayDiscipleship1, 384:like all true aspirants, you have had much to discipline you lately, and many opportunities haveDiscipleship1, 387:life you will reap the results of your lifelong discipline. But for you, as a soul and as aDiscipleship1, 408:Here perhaps is a point where you could discipline yourself somewhat more effectively. You haveDiscipleship1, 441:and applying to your psychic nature. The first discipline you undertook willingly and understoodDiscipleship1, 457:Have you any idea how active has been the discipline to which they have all, including yourself,Discipleship1, 458:be of value to you all if I stated the type of discipline which has overtaken several of the group.Discipleship1, 458:the group. They were subjected severally to: The discipline of recovery. The discipline ofDiscipleship1, 458:severally to: The discipline of recovery. The discipline of adjustment. The discipline of physicalDiscipleship1, 458:of recovery. The discipline of adjustment. The discipline of physical disability. The discipline ofDiscipleship1, 458:The discipline of physical disability. The discipline of inner isolation. The discipline of astralDiscipleship1, 458:The discipline of inner isolation. The discipline of astral purification. The discipline ofDiscipleship1, 458:The discipline of astral purification. The discipline of recovery of truth. The discipline ofDiscipleship1, 458:The discipline of recovery of truth. The discipline of light. I have enumerated the aboveDiscipleship1, 458:in order to show three things: The variety of discipline to which an aspirant can be subjected. TheDiscipleship1, 459:your hands the high results of the process of discipline - if you approach your problems in theDiscipleship1, 461:the medium of the first two phrases. . . Let the discipline of light carry on its work with you.Discipleship1, 490:to Disciples - L.U.T. July 1939 MY BROTHER: The discipline of life has brought you far upon yourDiscipleship1, 498:unavoidable difficulties through a self-imposed discipline. I leave it to you to find the way. You
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