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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLINE

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Discipleship1, 522:in the place of emotional crisis; and to discipline your lower life into ways of joy and of happyDiscipleship1, 533:therefore, through the right alignment and the discipline of the personality, will that love natureDiscipleship1, 570:to the life of full surrender, of discipline and of relinquishment. I could not put this to you soDiscipleship1, 570:terms or phrases: Relinquishment Silence Discipline Horizontal living Self-effacement Freedom fromDiscipleship1, 571:have mastered the science of detachment, and the discipline of relinquishment. This I have told youDiscipleship1, 620:working in the Ashram. His acceptance of the discipline and his steadfast faith, in spite ofDiscipleship1, 644:false values) and an organized active service. Discipline for yourself (and this you like not) andDiscipleship1, 683:soul contact. It is not a place where character discipline is imposed and right relationsDiscipleship1, 712:until the man has fitted himself through self-discipline to respond to it and is, therefore,Discipleship2, 13:I ask for your consecrated help. I ask you to discipline yourselves anew, to hold back nothing,Discipleship2, 27:of your success or failure to carry out this discipline, and note with exactitude all reactions,Discipleship2, 45:to cure if he employs the right measure of self-discipline. With these he must deal himself, forDiscipleship2, 48:they short-circuit the light; they do not discipline themselves; greedy desire and unlawfulDiscipleship2, 71:through right devotion, pure purpose and rigid discipline. The focused intent of the hard pressedDiscipleship2, 75:willingly you joined the groups for training, discipline and expansion. This involved the followingDiscipleship2, 82:personalities) to a drastically applied self-discipline, to a purifying process, and to effectDiscipleship2, 104:initiated into the mysteries of divinity through discipline, meditation and service. You need toDiscipleship2, 150:learn the lessons of the past, profit from the discipline of the war, and deal - each in his ownDiscipleship2, 269:since then, and the purpose of these changes in discipline and training have proved well warranted.Discipleship2, 376:teaching or of esoteric techniques, but the discipline of their lives and their realized fixedDiscipleship2, 408:leads all men into the vale of tears, of woe, of discipline and of loneliness, is rapidly beingDiscipleship2, 472:and most inaccurately depicted in the Christian discipline as the seven stations of the Cross. As IDiscipleship2, Esoter:brought together in a synthesis of service, of discipline and of unfoldment. All these factors haveDiscipleship2, 473:The work outlined for you will require only one discipline for you and that is a hard one. It isDiscipleship2, 529:- at the close of the period of self-imposed discipline - enter into a cycle of very greatDiscipleship2, 599:replied: "You trust in his understanding, self-discipline and consecration." She was right. I haveDiscipleship2, 601:you realize, my brother, that a week's perfected discipline would carry you further than a year'sDiscipleship2, 605:lines you have for so long desired, and make the discipline for which you have striven, no longer aDiscipleship2, 605:for which you have striven, no longer a discipline but a life of unconscious, automatic spiritualDiscipleship2, 608:to do as the future unrolls: Continue with the discipline and right control of the physical body soDiscipleship2, 611:to you that the vehicle which you should seek to discipline and subject to refinement was theDiscipleship2, 611:of both and offset the liabilities through discipline and employ the assets in active service.Discipleship2, 611:disciples are concerned. The emphasis laid upon discipline, upon purification, upon hard demandingDiscipleship2, 613:for you to apply that desired and recognized discipline - a discipline of such a practical natureDiscipleship2, 613:apply that desired and recognized discipline - a discipline of such a practical nature that youDiscipleship2, 614:I have begged you for nearly fifteen years to discipline your body, to attempt to refine it and toDiscipleship2, 642:to lay upon you any further burden of self-discipline or more of the life of introspection. YouDiscipleship2, 669:is to impose at least one life of most drastic discipline and difficult circumstances, notDiscipleship2, 671:thought, my brother, that just as there is a discipline of pain and of sorrow, there may also be aDiscipleship2, 671:of pain and of sorrow, there may also be a discipline of joy and of achievement? This is a thoughtDiscipleship2, 731:of three and one. For this the training, discipline and discoveries of the present incarnationEducation, 33:with the soul itself, through meditation, discipline, service and directed attention. When this hasExternalisation, 15:K.H., form one school and are part of one "discipline." There is therefore no essential conflict ofExternalisation, 16:frequent use of the words, "This is a different discipline," or, "Their work is not the same asExternalisation, 16:talk in terms of "our" and "your," of this "discipline" and that, and of this method being rightExternalisation, 148:has been indicated to them, or if they shirk the discipline implied and required by those who seekExternalisation, 226:submitting yourselves to an adequate temporary discipline. For the two days prior to the Full Moon,Externalisation, 228:if, in your own life of meditation [228] and of discipline, in your speech with others and in theExternalisation, 314:effort to invoke the spiritual will in self-discipline and persistence; it will show itself in theExternalisation, 353:bodies into one aspiring whole. I call you to discipline, for that is the meaning of fasting and toExternalisation, 433:guides [433] of youth, who see the need of discipline if their children are in the future to beExternalisation, 433:live correctly. The temporary discomfort of the discipline and the rebellion of the children do notExternalisation, 490:learn the lessons of the past, profit from the discipline of the war and deal - each in his ownExternalisation, 524:made with Them by those disciples who have, by discipline, development and service, fittedExternalisation, 559:in process of steady and increasing hierarchical discipline, training and instruction. Because theExternalisation, 658:spiritual import. The true monastic spirit and discipline will emerge later in the historicalExternalisation, 679:life. I said uniform, brother of mine, for the discipline is that of spiritual inclination and anFire, 139:dwells his immortal Spirit, and then by self-discipline, mind-control and a definite refining ofFire, 162:apply himself to a life of high altruism, to a discipline that will refine and bring his lowerFire, 162:therefore, has three things to do: Purify, discipline and transmute his threefold lower nature.Fire, 449:regulation of the breath is the chiefest tapas-discipline. Higher than the Savitri is no mantra.Fire, 759:Their chelas on earth who undergo the necessary discipline, opportunity will be offered to work onFire, 1012:gland is that which is the consequence of the discipline of the physical body, and its subjugationFire, 1015:he works, and this he accomplishes through discipline and strict purity. The magician guardsFire, 1123:plane will be willing to undergo the purifying discipline, and tread the Path whereby he finds hisFire, 1131:goal ahead for those who follow the necessary discipline of life, and the stages of unfoldmentFire, 1149:is the goal of his life of meditation and of discipline. This is in order that the Inner God mayFire, 1241:also be noted that the Adept Who undergoes the discipline and who passes through initiatory ritesGlamour, 5:to that training and to apply to yourselves that discipline which will work out in your life asGlamour, 20:of glamor, feeling that their demonstration of discipline has been so good that the black forcesGlamour, 49:razor-edged path," one learns to walk with discipline and discretion and [50] with theGlamour, 81:Yoga, and the cultivation of submission to its discipline. Only through Raja Yoga can a man standGlamour, 86:- either through oriented aspiration and mental discipline, or later as the result of soulGlamour, 87:this process, human beings act as the agents of discipline, and the domesticated animals, which areGlamour, 88:lowest pairs of opposites, and begins then to discipline his dense physical nature. Making a broadGlamour, 88:was the imposition of a tremendous test and discipline. Remember that our tests and disciplines areGlamour, 154:is recognized, subjected to a discriminating discipline and finally controlled and mastered, areGlamour, 179:are the first three stages of the Agni Yoga discipline or of the yoga of fire for which Raja YogaGlamour, 195:hierarchical contact, illumination, service and discipline are descriptive and, finally, the [196]Glamour, 205:written much upon the subject and the Raja Yoga discipline is well known. Mental concentration andGlamour, 211:process of gradually eradicating desire by stern discipline and hard trained work and this,Glamour, 214:of glamor by the power of clear thinking, stern discipline and common sense, and by a recordingHealing, 24:- and to which he gives obedience, through discipline and understanding. You will have noted that IHealing, 186:are normally dissipated as purity of life, the discipline of the emotions and the development ofHealing, 334:wherein an aspirant subjects himself to a discipline of food, just as there may be other phases orHealing, 365:life experience that is the school of drastic discipline. Let us not fear death, or that which liesHealing, 526:radiance." This involves great personal discipline in the daily life, and the habit of pure living.Healing, 579:bringing the body under control. These forms of discipline would be very good for the undevelopedHealing, 676:indicate a line of training or of self [676] discipline to which all should apply themselves. WhenHerculesDull is the understanding but in the Halls of Discipline, found in each section of the circle'sHercules, 5:nature in hand and willingly subjects it to the discipline which will eventually produce theHercules, 6:the result [6] of systematized application and discipline on the part of the aspirant, producing aHercules, 60:of the spiritual life, spasmodic efforts at self-discipline, at prayer and meditation, precede,Hercules, 75:and Masters of the Wisdom have trod, this is the discipline to which you must subject yourself; andHercules, 185:decanate of Aquarius is Saturn. Saturn gives us discipline; Saturn opens for us the door ofHercules, 202:dictated by the Tibetan, appeared in 1948, the discipline of the war, the destruction of materialHercules, 208:in hand and willingly subjects himself to the discipline which will eventually bring about theInitiation, viii:of attainment, and calls for a strenuous discipline of the entire lower nature, and a life ofInitiation, 34:family who were willing to undergo the necessary discipline and to make the required stupendousInitiation, 185:the treading of the Path of Initiation, by the discipline of the Probationary Path, by the careful
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