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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCIPLINE

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Psychology2, 528:stages of the Path of Discipleship. Keynote - Discipline. Objective - Idealism, plus personalityPsychology2, 545:case of the true aspirant who is endeavoring to discipline and control his life, they are often notPsychology2, 681:their past inclination, by enforced national discipline, by heredity, or by force of circumstances.Psychology2, 688:and intense aspirational longing) and by the discipline of the physical body for a short period andPsychology2, 696:certain human beings have, through meditation, discipline and service, most definitely made aRays, 8:the disciple learns that aspiration and self-discipline must proceed side by side, he will findRays, 30:will. It does not lie in purification or in self-discipline or in any of the expedients which haveRays, 36:oriented; that they are proposing to accept the discipline which will prepare them for the nextRays, 100:to processes of purification, of control or of discipline. These have been much earlier consideredRays, 125:the preparatory process. The reasons for such a discipline were two in number: purification and theRays, 125:ability to accept and adhere to a self-imposed discipline. Through the means of that discipline,Rays, 125:discipline. Through the means of that discipline, the control of the physical and astral naturesRays, 125:the applicant to himself, and the effect of the discipline is to reveal to him certain inevitableRays, 125:and separativeness. His ability to sustain the discipline and his appreciation of himself for soRays, 126:and sincerity of their aspiration by the discipline of substituting the produce "of the second,"Rays, 127:in their reactions to their self-imposed discipline or to their capacity to conform or theirRays, 127:to conform or their failure to accept the discipline, that the spiritual truths - seeking entranceRays, 128:understanding and service for physical discipline and the earlier, inevitable, selfish ends. Let meRays, 157:esotericist upon these points. They confuse the discipline to which the personality has to submitRays, 259:to be group-conscious and has to train and discipline himself to work in group formation and asRays, 312:nothing whatever to do with the training and the discipline to which he will (needless to say)Rays, 316:of view, because the relation of the man "under discipline and in training" is only a tendency;Rays, 347:of which is regarded by him as due reward for discipline and aspiration. That is largely anRays, 451:with the soul itself, through meditation, discipline, service and directed attention. When this hasRays, 576:is taking place; the disciple is learning to discipline his lower nature and to achieve a measureRays, 662:made possible because of the self-inspired discipline to which the disciple has forced himself toRays, 667:in the esoteric teaching, and who seek to discipline themselves in order to attain greater beautyRays, 685:Dispassion, and Discrimination. At the same time Discipline enforces and makes possible the hardRays, 694:the experiences of all disciples. Through the discipline and the experiences thus gained whilst onReappearance, 65:the light and attempting (through self-imposed discipline) to stand before the One Initiator; thisReappearance, 113:to establish right human relations. Hence the discipline of war, the torture of the forms, and theSoul, 21:be classified with the general sciences as a discipline laying bare the general traits of mind,Soul, 71:self-mastery, as the spiritual sense of such discipline as the Yoga joins with the sober elementsSoul, 132:and misused his body through fasting and over-discipline. He thus reduced the claims of the fleshlySoul, 135:until such time as he has learned, through discipline, the control of the animal nature, and has
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