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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCOVER

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Astrology, 5:humanity), and that, through astrology, he can discover his destiny and know what he ought to do.Astrology, 7:may enable one of them at a later date to discover that key and then - turning it on behalf ofAstrology, 12:planet. As he seeks to do this, he will discover for himself the signs of the essential divinity ofAstrology, 18:with these ideas for a while. Astrologers might discover some most interesting and arrestingAstrology, 145:that is one of the best ways to learn and to discover that it is contrary to the laws of the soul)Astrology, 164:as the Angel of the Presence, and in so doing discover that both the Dweller and the Angel are thatAstrology, 183:an individual life. It might then be possible to discover whether the particular life in which aAstrology, 191:In Sagittarius, the disciple has two things to discover within himself; these are the power to makeAstrology, 222:man, the astrologer should endeavor to discover the personality ray from a study of character, ofAstrology, 222:disciple, he should do the same, endeavoring to discover the ray of the soul. The soul ray onlyAstrology, 226:is arising in this sign and it is for man to discover and rightly place it within the circumferenceAstrology, 259:in their interrelation; this we shall discover when we come to study with care their significance,Astrology, 356:the Zodiacal Constellations It is interesting to discover that the hierarchical ruler of Gemini isAstrology, 529:appeal will be studied, effort will be made to discover the soul quality and the personality natureAtom, 132:on to that plane now, so science is beginning to discover how to dominate the air, and as theAutobiography, 7:and find your soul in other people and so discover your own." What is going on in people's mindsAutobiography, 21:other efforts to put an end to things, only to discover it is a very difficult thing to commitAutobiography, 30:to her and told her what I had done, only to discover that she was more distressed at my readingAutobiography, 68:and that he had an idea that I would some day discover that I was a human being. He was at thatAutobiography, 103:with those not of my own caste. I had yet to discover that behind all the class distinctions of theAutobiography, 105:for happiness on either side. I was appalled to discover that under the American constitution weAutobiography, 108:for Walter Evans and it was then that I began to discover - living alone with him where we couldAutobiography, 112:that the members of the congregation would discover it, and that he would lose his post. As aAutobiography, 125:that would bring me a little money, only to discover that I was a perfectly useless person. I couldAutobiography, 133:that I had a mind which I began to use, to discover its flexibility and potency, and employ as aAutobiography, 141:shall he also reap," and it was a joy to me to discover [142] that I could call in St. Paul andAutobiography, 164:agree. But I record it all honestly and then discover it does make sense and evokes intuitiveAutobiography, 185:One of the most interesting things to me was to discover in what high esteem the negro troops wereAutobiography, 207:no means of knowing about them, later I would discover what it was all about and I am quiteAutobiography, 232:which is most helpful and with the effort to discover in what manner the horoscope of the soul canAutobiography, 303:that when the holocaust was over I would discover that the foundations, which had been so well andBethlehem, 78:where we are, [78] and in the place where we discover ourselves, no other opportunity will beBethlehem, 80:which is in Him is in us also. We need to discover that we can be as He is, because we have seenBethlehem, 93:hidden spiritual nature emerge, and we begin to discover in ourselves the delineation of a newBethlehem, 154:triplicities which we find in the Bible, we discover a symbolism which is vitally illuminating. TheBethlehem, 164:and there subject our knowledge to the test, discover its reality and truth, and find out alsoBethlehem, 239:that we shall eventually penetrate to it and discover that it has always been with us, but that weBethlehem, 270:the divine man." On the path of purification we discover how weak and faulty is the lower personalDestiny, 8:even the most recalcitrant of the nations has to discover some idealistic excuse to put before theDestiny, 36:This is a point which you should consider and discover the implications. Humanity itself is rapidlyDestiny, 44:reactions and their modes of working they would discover much about some of the natural and normalDestiny, 103:appeal will be studied, effort will be made to discover the soul quality and the personality natureDestiny, 110:this point to stop for a moment to enquire and discover whether he is working primarily under theDiscipleship1, 21:for group purposes. The Hierarchy seeks to discover how sensitive groups are, as a whole, toDiscipleship1, 63:when he chooses so to know. He can thus discover whether they are available or not for any specificDiscipleship1, 79:for that which I have to give and the sooner we discover this the better. If you are unable toDiscipleship1, 79:path of the devotee, it will be good for you to discover that tendency within yourself; if youDiscipleship1, 95:initiation. That is a matter for each of you to discover for himself. It is a matter of interiorDiscipleship1, 205:act precipitately. When this occurs, you later discover that you initiated conflict instead ofDiscipleship1, 207:and time in reference to the future, you will discover an emphasis which needs altering in yourDiscipleship1, 327:your lower nature which you may make. Should you discover lack of precision in relation to thoseDiscipleship1, 327:find yourself walking in a clearer world and discover that you will have potently increased yourDiscipleship1, 336:for initiation. Watch this with care and discover for yourself the situation. One clue toDiscipleship1, 385:you give to this symbolic work is for you to discover. You may ask: Of what use is this particularDiscipleship1, 394:of the dark light which reveals? How can I discover the agent which dispels illusion? DedicateDiscipleship1, 484:stabilize in you that which we have wrestled to discover and develop during many years ofDiscipleship1, 490:and your environment with care, you will discover the justification for my reasoning and myDiscipleship1, 509:it) that will be constructively useful. You will discover also that there has been real growth onDiscipleship1, 525:into your garden twice a week and meet me there. Discover first of all the point within the gardenDiscipleship1, 580:the difficulties of the Way and thus seek to discover what are the hindrances and the problemsDiscipleship1, 604:too, must be transmuted and it is for you to discover the method. I can but indicate need [605] andDiscipleship1, 628:fresh endeavor and enthusiasm, they will then discover what it is that the disciples in a Master'sDiscipleship1, 628:partially correct and partially wrong. If they discover what you are doing, you will find that theyDiscipleship1, 632:facts clearly and then acting upon what you discover or deduce. Your mental body (and this mayDiscipleship1, 640:and will account for the ability which you will discover in yourself to be a transmitter of lightDiscipleship1, 641:life and love in your second ray soul. Can you discover what it is, my brother, and during the nextDiscipleship1, 655:the first thing to be done is for you to discover yourself, and realize the impression you make onDiscipleship1, 697:[697] basically the same and their task is to discover the points of contact, the analogousDiscipleship1, 707:themselves into a Master's Ashram, they discover that the first thing they have to do is toDiscipleship1, 709:through which all must pass, we shall discover that one of the things which happens is theDiscipleship1, 711:and your personal demands, you will discover for yourselves how and in what manner the Master isDiscipleship1, 735:which releases. You would find it of value to discover where your "extensions" are and then retreatDiscipleship1, 735:of individual tension should be. Each has to discover that point of spiritual tension for himself.Discipleship1, 739:questions, in the answering of which they discover themselves and the scope and fruitfulness ofDiscipleship1, 769:you and your fellowmen? That is for you to discover. Have you the deep humility - based on aDiscipleship2, 43:to full service in the next; alibis are easy to discover, some of them even taking the form ofDiscipleship2, 44:thinking along lines of the true values, he will discover that his own private affairs are takenDiscipleship2, 94:of my Ashram. You will know also and discover the reasons for the experiment with these outerDiscipleship2, 96:its program and potency, and you may likewise discover yourselves being presented with theDiscipleship2, 187:have new and prophetic meanings and you must discover for yourselves what they are. This you haveDiscipleship2, 236:It is a form which each person has to find and discover for himself, because it must be theDiscipleship2, 237:the many books which I have written, you will discover that they have been basically occupied withDiscipleship2, 247:It is essential that the would-be initiate discover for himself the esoteric, inner and subjectiveDiscipleship2, 256:stage of development. Every disciple has to discover for himself and alone for which initiation heDiscipleship2, 282:new and difficult voyage of discovery; you will discover reality progressively and arrive at wholeDiscipleship2, 317:This is of importance for you to remember - or discover? The significance of sharing and theDiscipleship2, 319:in this paragraph and the one above; you can discover it if you take each phrase, release yourDiscipleship2, 360:material planning is an expression. He needs to discover how far human planning conforms to thatDiscipleship2, 389:revelation, but it remains for the disciple to discover that which the hint is intended to produce,Discipleship2, 411:it for what it was, and had then to proceed to discover its meaning and to find the significance ofDiscipleship2, 414:has to face, and therefore he must himself discover the hint which is related to his highest pointDiscipleship2, 414:Ashram in which he is now permitted to work, to discover for himself that hint or veiledDiscipleship2, 436:hidden. We create light; we employ light; we discover greater lights which serve to reveal to usDiscipleship2, 445:causes. Three in this group stand close to you. Discover who they are and know the reason why. AskDiscipleship2, 446:the nature of that world of causes, and how to discover whether you are not functioning as aDiscipleship2, 484:develops his own technique. You have yet to discover yours. As with some others, I give you threeDiscipleship2, 486:enable them to impress others with the desire to discover truth and to persevere until the end. ItDiscipleship2, 539:that it is essentially necessary that you discover - alone and by yourself - whether these fiveDiscipleship2, 569:morning and at night prior to sleeping, you will discover for yourself a renewed dedication and aDiscipleship2, 583:to study the group equipment as a whole, and discover where a potency of which they may be the
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